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Paul Krugman has written an article in the "New York Times" which accuses Americans on the right of being addicted to Bush. What are your thoughts?

Awesome David Lawrence:

Paul Krugman has written an article in the "New York Times", "Addicted to Bush." He means it as an indictment of the Republicans but it is really a synopsis of the Democrats and himself. He is stuck in a cognitive set in which he can`t escape from his virulent disappointment with Bush. He has limited scope and is simple-mindedly redundant. It amazes me that he won a Nobel Prize. But then I am reminded that Yasser Arafat, the terrorist, Al Gore, the global warming alarmist and Barack Obama, the unrealized promise, also won such dubious distinctions. Krugman goes on to say that "Bush`s two signature initiatives were tax cuts and the invasion of Iraq; both, in the eyes of the public, were abject failures." Only a tone deaf left-wing Democrat could spew such nonsense. Bush`s tax cuts like Kennedy`s and Regan`s were deemed successful unlike Krugman`s naive Keynesian stimulus program. In fact the Obama administration has already agreed to extend the tax cuts. The only part of the cuts in doubt are for those who earn over two-hundred and fifty thousand and this is not because of their efficacy but because Obama is constantly engaged in class warfare. He doesn`t feel the rich should be rich. He hates them and is jealous of them despite his own millionaire status. Yet he knows that most small businesses are subchapter S and that an increase in their taxes will deplete hiring. No surprise, Obama`s and Krugman`s stimulus program has wrecked hiring and exacerbated the recession. Their promise of less than eight percent unemployment has become a failed joke. Unemployment has become worse.

Krugman goes on to miss the mark again when he pontificates that "by 2008 a majority of the public believed not just the invasion was a mistake but that the Bush administration deliberately misled the nation into war." In fact the attack on Iraq, despite the Democrats, turned out to be brilliant, deposing of one of the world`s worst dictators, Sadam Hussein, and creating a new Democratic Iraq, the only democracy in the Middle East outside of Israel. While the Democrats took the political position that Afghanistan was the right war, they have now mired us down in an unwinnable quagmire, supported by bitter fools like Obama and Krugman. If Bush had made a mistake in Iraq, which he didn`t, it would be permissible in that he had just been through 9-11 and there was a panic in the air. Obama has no such excuse for escalating the situation in Afghanistan.

Krugman goes on to say that Mr. Bush is responsible for the great bulk of our current deficit. Is he kidding? When Bush left office our deficit was 400 billion and now under Obama it is nearly 14 trillion. This man was elected to reduce the deficit and add jobs. What a total failure.

Krugman rants, "If you believe that (Republicans) learned something-say, about fiscal prudence or the importance of effective regulation-you`re kidding yourself. You might as well face it: they`re addicted to Bush."

Krugman is addicted to knocking Bush. He is cognitively set on diminishing Bush. He is in love with Bush`s negative image. Yet he praises Obama and the Democrats who have totally destroyed our economy and reignited an impossible war in Afghanistan. It amazes me that an economist like Krugman fails to recognize Obama`s economic failures. Krugman is so sickly prejudiced against Republicans that his fiscal theories are about as immature as a college sophomore`s. He is a dangerous man. Beneath his misguided concern for American society he is dismantling our future by backing outdated Keynesian theories. He is well educated man with a simple set of prejudices.

Alan Britt:

Robins announce darkness.
Punctuated by blue jays
on a rusted porch swing.
A manatee sheds its skin
and that`s dusk.

Andy Martin:

On the whole, I`d rather be addicted to something else.


Henry "Hank" Sosnowsk:

New Vada

Sage brushed
ore dusted
neon naked
in full sky paint
torrid landscape
barks to Luna


Free of day
life forces
spring from her
desert floor

Mike Burch:
Observations inspired by the title of Paul Krugman`s article "Addicted to Bush"

Americans often become addicted to harmful things: TV, junk food, booze, drugs, pornography, warmongering, etc. So why be surprised that Americans became addicted first to Bush, then to his sexier doppelgänger, Palin? After all, the more dangerous and less wholesome something is, the better we like it. Americans especially love nutritionless foods - white bread, white sugar, etc. - and unwinnable wars. Our government acts like Evel Knievel riding a supercharged Harley along a tightrope strung across the Grand Canyon, blindfolded, without a parachute. Look, Ma, no hands!

First our government preaches "democracy," "equal rights" and "justice" to all the world. Then it colludes with the government of Israel to deny self-determination, equal rights and justice to millions of Palestinians for sixty years. Then when all hell breaks loose, in the form of 9-11, rather than admitting its mistakes and correcting them, our government - led by its icon of brilliance, morality and courage, Bush - proceeds to start blowing up Afghanistan. When "Wrongway" Rumsfeld realizes we`re running out of "good" targets in Afghanistan, our so-called "government" decides to attack "target rich" Iraq on trumped-up premises. Look, Ma, no brains, no morals, nothing but alpha male machismo!

At no time did anyone venture to ask if, perhaps, it would have been better not to cause innocent Muslim women and children to suffer and die prematurely, since causing the premature deaths of innocents is, in a word, murder. Why, pray tell, were Palestinian women and children being murdered with our money and weapons, and therefore the complicity of our government? That question has never been addressed publicly by any American president or senior diplomat, even though Reza Aslan recently observed that 90% of the people in the State Department agree with Muslims who say our government was an accessory to 9-11.

So obviously American politicians know facts from fiction, but so far none have been willing to stick so much as a toe in the great ocean called Truth. It`s far easier to become addicted to dangerous things, than to admit we`ve been doing destructive things and change, so one can only assume our government will continue to act like the Crips & Bloods, while the American public cheers wildly from the sidelines. Look, Ma, no . . . Ooops!

~Mike Burch

Alan Britt:
Fee Fie Foe Fum

The US, an oil
sucking giant,
removes its dipstick
from the starving
throats of Afghan refugees,
whose necks
like hungry birds
from canvas huts.

We`re a quart and a half low,
says the President
(Republican or Democrat).

Must be time
to replace the King.


Awesome Lawrence comments

It is easy to vomit up the typical liberal crying points--Bush is bad, Israel is mean to the psychopathic Palestinian murderers who blow up their children, mutilate their women`s genitals and want to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

Many imply that the United States government colluded with Osama in 9-11. Give me a break. This tripe is pure prejudice hinding behind phoney liberal goodness and Obamenesque self-blame advocating admission to destructive things and change."

Change to what? Annihilating our allies and siding with perenially homicidal Moslems. I would feel sorry for simple-mindedness if it wasn`t so dangerous in undercutting American values and mocking the necessity of our restrained violence against barbaric peoples. Give all liberals a giant pair of rose colored glasses and enroll them in the Middle Eastern Department at reverse racist Columbia University.


People ask, "Do you have faith?"
Well, do you?
How do you know?
Do you even know the meaning of faith?

Can you comprehend "obligation?"
Do you understand "loyalty and fidelity"
to a person, promise, engagement, or a diety?
Can you accept the observance of your obligations,
the fidelity to your promises, oaths, and allegiances?
If so, you are blessed with faith.
If not, you are hopelessly devoid of faith`s essence.

The value of faith cannot be measured.
It is more precious then any commodity
and cannot be bought nor sold.
If you lack it, faith is only
accessible through prayer.
No one is worthy of faith
and faith is never based on proof.

Faith is a heavenly gift,
a gift from "The Holy Spirit."
Becuase is neither earned or deserved,
it ought never be taken for granted.
Faith permits acceptance of our "Lord and Savior"
and HIS "Holy Sacrifice"
that alone can save our souls.

Faith is your connection to the divine.
If you lack faith, pray for it.
If you have faith, cherish it.

Michael Burch: An Encouraging Dream

Last night I had a wonderfully encouraging dream, which I`d like to share it with others who could perhaps use a "lift." I sometimes have dreams that come true. I hope this is one of them. As an example of my "ability," in 2004 I had a dream in which the Tennessee Titans scored 48 points. This was during a season when the Titans struggled mightily on offense. The next Titans game was at Green Bay, where no road team had ever scored 48 points at Lambeau Field. But sure enough, the Titans scored exactly 48 points! They hadn`t scored 48 points combined in the previous three games, and they wouldn`t score 48 points combined in the next three games. So my dream coming true was highly unlikely. In any case, last night I dreamed that I was watching a competition between various American presidents. They were on an obstacle course, and many of them failed to navigate it successfully. But finally Barack Obama took his turn and performed like a virtuoso. He moved with great skill and dexterity, wowing the audience! I was very, very impressed. I certainly hope my dream comes true and that President Obama proves to be one of our greatest presidents. Perhaps the "smartest man in the room" may have figured out small things that can make a big difference, such as expressing American support for Israel while holding firm on the point that building settlements in Occupied Palestine is a major impediment to regional peace, and thus to world peace. Hopefully such small changes may pay big dividends in the near future.

Mike Burch

Hugo E DeSarro:
New England Autumn

Wind gusting through the shedding trees
and shrubs and saplings swaying;
hoary-headed golden rods
with courtly stiffness nodding;
tall and faded grasses leaning,
and dry and stiff-stemmed weeds clacking
neath hanging clouds in ragged bits and pieces.

A dual-minded welcome I give autumn:
days of reassuring harvest, and most
mellow of the seasons with pungent-odored
ripened fruit and musky squash and pumpkin,
and late tomatoes swelling on the vine in languid
sunshine; and honking geese above in sharp formation;
and everywhere scampering vivid-colored leaves.
And yet, nights of reflection and intrusive somber thoughts,
and gateway to the ice and cold and winter desolation.

Geoff Jackson:
Addicted to Bush

Some thoughts on the Bush years sparked off by an article in the New York Times (7/22/10) of the same name by Paul Krugman. It is well-known that tax-cuts can lift a country out of depression. People have more money in their pockets and, if they have confidence, they will spend. Suddenly demand –the desire for goods backed by the wherewithal to buy – increases. More goods will be produced to meet this extra demand. However, if the same amount of goods are present in the economy and demand rises, there will be inflation. A good will cost more money and money itself will reduce in value. An overheated economy, where the government is cutting taxes , increasing expenditure and printing extra money, will lead to stagflation or both stagnation and inflation. Judicious tax cutting should be accompanied by a curb in government spending.

Moreover, if the government decides to cut taxes, who should be the beneficiaries? The left say that the `ordinary` man should benefit. His pattern of consumption tends to be predictable so the economy expands from the bottom up. On the other hand, if the rich benefit, more cash is put into the hands of entrepreneurs. Initiative and hard work are rewarded. The rich are more likely to invest their money. It is logical to reward those, who create wealth. However, a desire to avoid an extreme cleft between different groups of tax-payers will lead a government to reward across the board. The Republican Party depends on blue-collar votes and the economy requires hands as well as captains, so it is logical to share `the cake`. In the Bush years, the government was forced to expand its demand. That means that the government was expanding its share of Gross Domestic Product. At the same time, it was offering tax cuts thereby increasing the share of citizens in the economy. If you have a pot of $200 and government takes $100 and private individuals take $100, this is called good housekeeping. It is not very exciting and if you can take $300 out of a pot of $200 by expanding the economy, the shortfall is covered by growth. Growth was not a feature of the Bush years. There was moderate growth but not enough to cover massive over expenditure both private and public instead of a program of austerity and belt-tightening to pay for the war. What is the government to do, if the pot is $200 and government and people want to take out $300 without expanding the economy by 50%? The answer is to borrow to cover the deficit. The Bush years saw over spending and over borrowing. At first this went unnoticed but when Lehman crashed, people realized that dream had turned nightmare. As if that were not enough, the US chief creditor was the Chinese. So much for national security.

The Obama solution was probably the only solution available namely the Keynesian. When in recession, spend your way out. Hope you can inflate that pot from $200 to $300. If you stop production, you could go from $200 to $100, which is what happened in The Great Depression. It is too early to see if President Obama`s solution has worked. The economy has grown somewhat and unemployment has fallen somewhat. Moreover, in Europe, Germany and Sweden are talking of growth. Asia, it seems, is faster than anyone at pulling out of the down spiral and starting to head for boom.

So far, so good. Recession has not been exactly staved off but we have won a breathing space due to confidence. The bubble broke but we refused to believe we were lost. It was probably the most important thing saving us. Not all the economy went broke at the same time and not every country was affected simultaneously so there was air enough to inflate again. However, we cannot go on at the same high level of government spending. It is essential that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq be wound up. Until government spending is cut, there is no place for tax cuts to the rich, the poor or any part of the private sector. Nonetheless, industry has to be stimulated and growth in the economy has to be generated. It is time for the Republican Party to come clean on the disasters of the Bush years. They must reform and regroup if they are to provide a viable alternative to the Democrats and Obama. By a quirk of fate, it is likely the electorate will blame Obama and the Democratic Party for the crash and the lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so the Republicans have a good chance in the elections to come. They must not come to the country as Bushites, however, but refute the folly of borrowing, the lack of growth and the misadventure in the Middle East in order to stand up and be counted and be accounted the Leader of the Free World again. `Addicted to Bush` is past. New policies are needed.

The Threat To Burn The Koran

Leading up to 911 in 2010 A Born Again Preacher in Florida threatened to burn the Koran. Born Again radio broadcast lengthy harangues on "the lie of Islam." The Preacher backed down after personal intervention of President Obama. Born Again radio has toned down its message.

Should the born-again Preachers be prohibited from burning the Koran andpreaching "the lie of Islam?"


The Koran burning might be a little extreme. The idiots rioted over cartoons. But the radio broadcasts sound like they are within the bounds of reasonable taste.

Awesome David Lawrence

Bradley Buchanan:
After the Emergency Room

The hardest thing about innocence
is watching it fail a human test
of meaning. A fulsome daybreak brings
news of a fresh pandemic killing
distant relatives of the birds
singing over her body. She is sleeping
now, for some strange reason, after
suffering pointlessly all night.

The fear in her screams kept her up so late
that it became our right to know
what pain was for, where peaceful dreams
go when they become impossible.

The doctors let her cry and doze
and cry again before they came
to tell us nothing here was new
except our surprise. So we went home
to the sound of flirting nightingales
or expiring crows; I could never tell
the difference. And yet their song
lulled her into lifelessness
that seems so much like death that sunlight
can't wake her up. This is how the mind
goes on, inviting the unknown
to fit a pattern, however tragic,
grateful when its nightmares turn
aside into unfinished, senseless concern.

Ginning Up Another War


Don`t fall for commercially-inspired and media-engineered hatred: Planned burning of Koran books and New York mosque "controversy" are parts of "Wag the Dog"-scenario being played out by New World Order establishment as prelude to another war; Pastor backs off his book-burning plan

Strike Two: Burning of Koran Books in Florida

A few days ago, the NWO drumbeat got louder. It was supposedly brought on by some evangelical pastor in Florida who announced plans to burn the Koran books on 9/11 (Koran or Quran, is the Islamic equivalent of a Bible, a holy book). Suddenly, you cannot help but hear about this madness everywhere you turn. Then just as I was about to tune out of such ridiculous stories about what some Floridian kook thinks (which is what I had initially discerned), I got this question from a New York TiM reader whom I respected:

The US government would like to ban the evangelical Christians from burning the Koran on 911 and from their radio broadcasts entitled THE LIE OF ISLAM. What are your thoughts?

As you know, I try not to get drawn into every controversy in the news, especially some that seemed as preposterous as this one, but I realized there was a larger issue at stake here. The NWO war drums are beating again. As the Truth in Media editor, I felt it was my responsibility to forewarn people again before they fall into under the spell of commercially-inspired hatred. So this is how I replied to that TiM reader:

"Any Book Worth Burning Is a Book Worth Reading"

J., what I have been wondering is why is our lamestream media giving so much coverage to a crazy UNchristian pastor from FL whose church following numbers 50 people? In other words, why is the NWO Establishment trying to inflame the anti-Muslim hatred? It makes no sense (if they are really for peace). Ditto re. that mosque deal in NY. It was blown out of all proportion.

Why not let the sleeping dog lie?

If you want me to speculate, it could be because they are priming the pump for a strike against Iran (on Israel`s behalf, of course... neither Iraq nor Iran have ever threatened OUR [American] security).

As for the book burning plan, I was reminded of two things: 1) Hitler (and the Inquisition); 2) A plaque someone once gave me in honor of my TiM work. It read: "Any book worth burning is a book worth reading."

So watch TRUTH IN MEDIA or more anti-Islamic rhetoric. And be mindful of the anti-Serbian rhetoric in the 1990s. It is the same poison. Don`t drink it.

Inspiring hatred of any religious sect or any ethic group for any reason is poison for the soul. The US government and the NWO media it controls are guilty of giving voice to, and propagating globally the views of an individual extremist who has a following of 50 people. Thereby, they are deliberately fostering hatred of and endangering all Americans, including you and I (see photo of anti-American demonstrations in Kabul, Afghanistan, for example, and the just-issued [09-Sep-2010 09:15:45 PM GMT] warning: Global: Official Travel Advice: U.S. warns of potential for violent response to burning of Quran.). If our government and the major media really cared about peace and the security of American people, they would have simply ignored this crazy Florida plan to burn holy books, just as they pay no heed to any other nonsensical ideas. But this pastor`s rants obviously served their purposes of whipping up hatred of Islam in America, using that pastor as a mouthpiece. So Washington politicians and the major media are guilty of complicity of helping the spread the poison of hatred and intolerance while ostensibly preaching against it. That`s a typical NWO double-talk and "Wag the Dog"-scenario. Our Forefathers understood the dangers that come from hatred when they wrote in the The Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...

It would appear that our Washington government has learned nothing from its own history. And people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Let us not join them in their dirty games. Let`s not drink their anti-Islamic poison. Come November, let`s elect politicians who preach and PRACTICE tolerance and peace, not hatred and aggression. And let`s always remember that, "any book worth burning is a book worth reading."

P.S.: Florida Pastor Backs Off, Rails against Muslim Crimes in Former Yugoslavia

Shortly after our above editorial was published, the Florida pastor backed off his book-burning plans. But in a televised statement earlier in the day, he railed against the Muslim crimes against the Christians in former Yugoslavia. Check out this MSNBC video: Then the pastor proceeded to cancel the burning of the Koran. This is what we said about the latest developments to the TRUTH IN MEDIA reader who sent us the above video:

Two wrongs don`t make a right. If the pastor wanted to protest crimes against the Christians in Serbia or Bosnia, he should have done that rather than mess with other people`s holy books. Of course, then the establishment media would have ignored him as they ignored the crimes against the Serbs on the ground in former Yugoslavia. Everybody who has been following TiM should know by now about the 150 destroyed Christian churches and various other atrocities that the Muslims committed against the Serbs in Kosovo. I suspect that this Green Beret was talking about Kosovo. Wish that people like that would come out of the shadows and publicly name names and places of what they saw. Otherwise, their information is worthless gossip. I have also had information like that given to me over the years by our CIA and Special Forces people, but none of them would go on the record about it. I find that almost as disgusting as the government cover up of these events. Be that as it may, back to the pastor, he never mentioned either Kosovo or the Serbs during his long TV tirade. He kept on mentioning the non-existent country `Yugoslavia." Which goes to show us how ignorant he is of the subject he chose to discuss as diversion from his crazy book-burning idea.

Anyway, this writer, for one, is glad that this Koran charade is over. At least for now.

Bradley Buchanan:

this unabated
breathing fills
my ears and lungs
with what you’re reading
blocks out
any indication
if it can
that the baby is crying
or, worse yet
crowing with delight
at three a.m.
the tenuous
tenacious rhythm
of a poem
consumes distractions
parts to find
a new direction
the baby has won out
feeds in whispers—
and I sing along

Dr. Charles Frederickson:

Abraham Lincoln suggested: "What kills the skunk is the publicity it gives itself." Narrow-minded bigots who odorously reek of bullyrag sintolerance and see the world in terms of black and white refuse to change their warped, bleached mindset stripes. An outcast sect pastor intent on desecrating another religion’s holy book while ignoring the Bible’s compassionate teachings is nothing more than an insecure, media-maniac lacing spitfire rhetoric with venom to attract attention and biased pink sheep followers using and abusing publicity stunt hoopla hype. Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk, especially a bushy-tailed cretin craving perverse self-serving sinfamy, lacking any semblance of dignity or respect.

Dr. Charles Frederickson

Dr James Davies:

Subject: Evangelical Christians : Should the government ban the Born Again from burning the Koran

Greetings, Dean!

The proper course would be for the local fire department to stand by with charged hoses, and immediately extinguish any unpermitted open flame.

With regards, M



If a Soviet spy was working at the CIA and wanted to reduce our nuclear weapons so that we would be less able to defend ourselves, he would be arrested and tried for treason. How is it that Obama is proudly reducing our nuclear arsenal and he is ceremonialized as a peacemaker rather than an enemy?

Cheeney was one hundred per cent correct—Obama is constantly making America less secure. The best defense is an adequate offense. The reason World War III never occurred is because America was armed to the hilt and Russia couldn’t afford to keep up with our defenses.

The most embarrassing strategic blunder is Obama’s announcement that the United States will not respond with a nuclear weapons if another nation attacks us with biological or chemical weapons or a cyber attack. Why don’t we just tell our enemies that they can mass murder us with relative impunity? Why don’t we encourage our demise rather than warn our enemies that if they hit us with WMD’s we will escalate and nuke them off the map.

The other day Obama decided we could no longer call Islamist terrorists “Islamist terrorists.” That would be like not being able to call the Gestapo the Gestapo. How would we identify them or defend ourselves against them? Wouldn’t our timidity with regard to name-calling encourage them to attack us, to regard us as weaklings? When the Commander in Chief won’t call the enemy the enemy he becomes our Commander Thief who has stolen our integrity and turned us into girly men.

How much longer can we have a cowardly president who fails to stand up against Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Iran and China? Why doesn’t he make more of an effort to dismantle their nuclear weapons? "The chickens will come home to roost." We can not continue to fight from a distance behind Predators. We will have to confront our enemies with boots on the ground rather than speeches in the air. The disgruntled protestors used to call Bush a cowboy. Well, I’d rather be protected by a cowboy than a cowgirl, like Obama, if it comes down to a nuclear showdown at the OK corral. I wouldn’t want to be defended by Dale Evans with an empty holster.

Geoff Jackson:
George Orwell

When Orwell`s father retired from the Opium Service in India, where he had been responsible for selling opium to the Chinese, the family moved to Henley, England. Henley lies on the Thames, famous as the home of the Oxford and Cambridge boat race and close to the home of the Queen at Windsor Castle. Then, as now, it was smart, well-heeled and home to the middle classes.It was from here that Orwell after having failed to get a scholarship to Cambridge got a place in the Civil Service in Burma as a policeman. He was one of a tiny group of Brit`s administering a province the size of Texas with thirteen million people. At the first opportunity, which was after five years, he quit his job during his first leave home.

Orwell or Blair mingled with the tramps and shared their lives. It made `copy` for `Down and Out` and `The Road to Wigan Pier` while his own background was more appropriate for `Keep the Aspidistra Flying`. Orwell loved the working man and in 1984 for instance the `proles` are the only ones partially free and the hope of society for the future, while in `Animal Farm`, the workhorse (working class) Boxer "I must work harder" is the clear hero and also a tear-jerker and a source of laughs in his escapades and ultimate demise to the Knackers` Yard of one Jones (Orwell himself at age 46, played out and finished?)

cont'd col 2 =

Should a mosque be permitted near the site of ground zero?

Michael R Burch:

Yes, because we are Americans, not Americants. Our Founding Fathers didn`t say we would be free if we acted like cowards. Cowards cower. Free men and women cannot cower and surrender their freedoms the first time someone tries to cow them into submission. Are we cowardly cows to be stampeded by a pack of wily wolves? American Muslims who abide by the law of the land should be equal with Christians (and Wiccans and atheists) who abide by the law of the land. The only people to lose their rights should be those who relinquish them by breaking the law. If we don`t know this, we are "Know Nutthinks" like Sergeant Schultz, and we belong in the Stalag of our own making. - Michael R. Burch

Michael Lee Johnson:
California Summer

Coastal warm breeze
off Santa Monica, California
the sun turns salt
shaker upside down
and it rains white smog, humid mist.
No thunder, no lightening,
nothing else to do
except sashay
forward into liquid
and swim
into eternal days
like this.


Awesome David Lawrence

Edward E. Curtis is a multicultural idiot in his article in "Daily News" `Islam has long history downtown: Why the `Ground Zero mosque` belongs in lower Manhattan." He is beyond insensitive to the realities of the horrendous act committed on 9-11. How could he fail to see that a mosque should not be posted at Ground Zero. It would be like placing a memorial to Nazis at Auschwitz. And what about the garbage Curtis spews about Moslems` gigantic part in lower Manhattan. They have always been a tiny minority. And even if they were more than that, they have lost their place by murdering three thousand people there. Their history is sullied. They have a permanent stain that will take centuries to out. And that is only if they make an attempt. At this point they have never really apologized for 9-11. They are still hiding their great hero, Osama bin Laden. They are trying to build a mosque to the greater glory of their violence for Allah. Perhaps they should be building a Tomb of Apology.

Why does the left wing always side with those who destroy us? At least the right wing can recognize their enemies unlike the left who are weaklings and cravenly identify with their killers.

Idiot child Curtis tells how the Muslims in New York "Have embraced the city`s belief in freedom of religion." That`s why Muslims embrace Sharia with the combining of state and religion. That`s why they execute their own kind for apostasy or honor kill their daughters for dating non-Moslems. Curtis exaggerate the number of Muslims living in New York City. Their place in New York history is minimal and horrendous so I don`t see why he feels that they deserve a "stake not only in New York`s history but in its future, too."

After Pearl Harbor Americans put the Japanese in internment camps. Pearl Harbor was a military joke compared to the civilian atrocities at Ground Zero. Muslims should be in internment camps. We should put them like the Arabs do in refugee camps. They are still running around the world blowing civilians up. They have earned nothing whereas the Japanese have totally assimilated. They do not deserve another squeamish apologist like Edward E. Curtis. He is a fool. A dangerous, self-destructive fool.

Michael R. Burch: Some 9-11 poetry

Because Her Heart Is Tender,

for Beth

She scrawled soft words in soap: "Never Forget,"
Dove-white on her car`s window, and the wren,
because her heart is tender, might regret
it called the sun to wake her.

As I slept,
she heard lost names recounted, one by one.
She wrote in sidewalk chalk: "Never Forget,"
and kept her heart`s own counsel.

No rain swept
away those words, no tear leaves them undone.
Because her heart is tender with regret,
bruised by razed towers` glass and steel and stone
that shatter on and on and on and on ...
she stitches in damp linen: "NEVER FORGET,"
and listens to her heart`s emphatic song.

The wren might tilt its head and sing along
because its heart once understood regret
when fledglings fell beyond, beyond, beyond
its reach, and still the boot-heeled world strode on.
She writes in adamant: "NEVER FORGET"
because her heart is tender with regret.

911 Carousel

"And what rough beast ... slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"—W. B. Yeats

They laugh and do not comprehend, nor ask
which way the wind is blowing, no, nor why
the reeling azure fixture of the sky
grows pale with ash, and whispers "Holocaust."

They think to seize the ring, life`s tinfoil prize,
and, breathless with endeavor, shriek aloud.
The voice of terror thunders from a cloud
that darkens over children adult-wise,
far less inclined to error, when a step
in any wrong direction is to fall
a JDAM short of heaven. Decoys call,
their voices plangent, honking to be shot . . .

Here, childish dreams and nightmares whirl, collide,
as East and West, on slouching beasts, they ride.

Bob Djurdjevic:
TiM Readers Forum re. Kosovo: "Might Is Right" UN Court Rules (July 25)

Hi, John. I was unaware of this ground zero mosque controversy until a friend sent me an email 10 days ago, saying no media had covered it. But upon a quick research on the web, I saw that some of the major media did cover it (Fox News, for example, which is certainly a major network). As a Christian whose family and ancestors had suffered more than 500 years of Muslim oppression and terror (in Serbia), and having seen examples of their brutality as a war correspondent in Bosnia or Kosovo, I should probably be the last one to say anything positive about them. Yet, I can see examples of bigotry and intolerance in the banners and among people below, and calls for condemnation of terrorism by the Muslim leaders who want to build that mosque/cultural center in that Fox News story.

Are we to blame all Muslims, including these American citizens, for what foreign Islamic terrorists have done? If so, are we also going to hold all Christians responsible for the crimes committed during the Crusades or by the Nazis? (don`t forget that Hitler and Mussolini thought they were advancing a Christian cause and had full support of the Vatican). Intolerance is what led the pilgrims to leave England in pursuit of religious freedom. This country (America) is founded in part on guarantees of religious freedom. Of course, I understand the raw emotions of the families of the 9/11 victims as I do of those who oppose an individual`s right to burn an American flag, for example. But once you start restricting people`s freedoms, where do you stop? Hopefully before you wake up one day in a Nazi America run by white supremacists or Judeo-Christian zealots.

For what it`s worth... since you asked for a comment.

Bob Dj.

Jim Brearton:

Everybuddy needs
this new invention.
Emits beeping,
like truck backing up,
or, mood muzik--
waves crashing on beach--
ambient sounds of
city traffic-
sirens, jackhammers--
heavy metal.

Glows in the dark,
plus, has flashing,
multi-colored lights.

Doubles as wi-fi
cellphone tower.
Put yer body to work


power underwear: PRESIDENT BUSH`s attire after secret service hosed him down on 9 - 11- 01 at about 11 am

Dr James Davies:
9-11 Mentorial:

Greetings, Dean !

I do think I`ve managed to penetrate the electronic armor to leave this audiogramme. I do believe lord dean that my hurculean efforts trudging through scorching heat or monsoon rains uphill all the way in my questfor the ever decreasing stocks of working pay telephones in safe areas of suitable lighting are scarcely appreciated by the society which endlessly beseeches me nay commands me to deliver oratory ofciceronian proprotions.

Yet I find in the news little of cheer. A major state has directed a final exam as a condition for graduation from high school. The exam consists of simple arithmetic problems worthy of a 4th or 5th grader in an earlier age. The english portion I say in defence of the youth of today is so simplistic it may be ambiguous in places and misleadingin others. Dumbification has set in so deep that even a genius might be fooled by some of the questions on English and I did enjoy the society`s robust debate over the answer key.

For this reason the mentor has long championed immigration as the only means to get people capable of running the machinery of the ship of state and private industry. In this society I stand virtually alone on this point at times I interpret the dean`s views after 911 as holding for a 24 hour grace period in which all islamics could have departed the country and the dean makes no distinction between arabs and other islamics. Yet I tell you Dean if the average US person cannot perform simple grade school mathematics and the state universities can not write a comprehensible exam in English, who elese can become the doctors, lawyers, scientists, technicans, engineers, and other professionals needed to run the machine?

Thus it is necessary for US to promote moderate Islam. I know the Dean does not believe there is such a thing. Yet in the younger days of my seamanship I did encounter moderate islam in indonesia and malaysia. Those countries have drifted farther into the islamistic column than once was. I dare say Lord Dean that the Dean has much in common withe the Islamicists when he calls moderate Islam a US invention. I do believe the Islamist calls moderate Islam neo-colonialism.

I am mindful of the Dean`s position that in the byzantine historical cycle in which the us and uk arelocked on the road to state suicide the building of the mosque in the capitol was an important milestone along with betrayal of the serbs at kosovo, admission of mouslems into the vagarian guard and marriage of the princess to the sultan. Yet I believe if we cannot distill an Episcopalian garden and country club version of islam the machine itself will sputter and fail.

It is for that reason i say aye to the 911 mosque a cheery cherio
dr james davies lord woodberry

Michael Lee Johnson
Electric in the Sun

I`m electric in the spring sun
nomad in the summer dust
my lantern burns
without fuel,
I lie in the deep grass
with microphones tossed
over my ears-
and feel like I`m on a high-
blue-green grass
pink sunglasses in my left hand,
teeth pearly white ivory tusks,
muscle tee shirt, with brown sash
from shoulder to hip,
crazy beads around my neck
yellow-orange shaped like
candy corn-
life is but a blitz,
I`m electric in the sun,
and there is no cell phone
by my side.

Geoff Jackson:

Mutually Assured Non-Negotiable Ideologically Against Compromise

I think we`re going to see the clash of two intolerant groups and see no good coming of it. It`s a bit like what you told me about divorces: it helps a lot if both parties can settle their differences out of court. Both the born again and the moslems are limbering up for a fight. Otherwise it puts me in mind of the Danes during the Mohammed crisis, who wanted no compromise and shouted `freedom of speech` while being themselves intolerant.

Dale Craven

You were a brave and honorable man,and
You should have received a hero`s welcome
For you fought noble battles in your Great
Patriotic War

But,you confided your opinion of a cruel and perverse
Dictator to a so-called friend
And you were named an enemy of the people
Exiled to Siberia,abandoned in the true middle
Of nowhere


You endured nearly unimaginable bitter
Stinging cold
And survived the painful agony of starvation
But,still you carried on

Despite hopeless separation from the ones you loved
And even your captors could not steal your humanity
For your strength in spirit was given to you
By our creator,so that you would always carry on
And live to tell the truth

Bravely and honorably

WRITTEN 8-3-08
© 2008 Dale Craven
Awesomer David Lawrence:

President Obama`s and Mayor Bloomberg`s liberal support of building a mosque at Ground Zero is not the question. It is despicable and cowardly but it does not tell us anything about our enemies. What is indicative of the vitriol of Moslems against us is that the imam, Feisal Abdul Raif, would be so insensitive as to insist on a mosque at the sight where three thousand Americans were slaughtered by Saudi Arabian Moslems. Is he totally without empathy or sensitivity towards American`s feelings? Is he only interested in having a pseudo religious representation of Moslems at an American gravesite? Or is he making fun of us, indicating that Americans are so stupid and lacking in courage that we allow a mosque at a battle cite where they murdered us? How dare Raif ask us to respect the introduction of his mosque at our funeral ground when he does not recognize that his insistence is an insult to our people? It`s time he, Bloomberg and Obama quit asking us for concessions and started having the Moslems make them on their own. Where are their apologies? Maybe they should fund a church or a temple at Ground Zero to facilitate our prayers to our dead? Maybe they should apologize to the Judeo-Christian tradition of peace and love? Perhaps they should convert to our religion out of shame? Oh, that`s right, they couldn`t, Moslems decapitate apostates. Bloomberg and Obama have been backsliding again. They now state that building the mosque is legal, whether or not it is appropriate. But if you can`t appreciate appropriate, then legal is an aside. It is a way of avoiding the real issue which is that building a mosque at Ground Zero is an insult to dead and their remaining relatives. Unfortunately, politicians only appreciate votes and not emotions or identifying with victims. It`s because Obama and Bloomberg can`t feel or emotionally understand anything that they lead the country against itself.

Michael Lee Johnson:
Electric in the Sun

I`m electric in the spring sun
nomad in the summer dust
my lantern burns
without fuel,
I lie in the deep grass
with microphones tossed
over my ears-
and feel like I`m on a high-
blue-green grass
pink sunglasses in my left hand,
teeth pearly white ivory tusks,
muscle tee shirt, with brown sash
from shoulder to hip,
crazy beads around my neck
yellow-orange shaped like
candy corn-
life is but a blitz,
I`m electric in the sun,
and there is no cell phone
by my side.


jd collins:
Historical cycles

Most American could not put Yugoslavia on the map, don`t have the foggiest idea of what Kosovo means to Serbs, Orthodox Christianity or Christianity as a whole. There was a Renaissance because the two battles at kosovo kept the Turks out of Italy. Yet insomuch as Britain and US and all the countries of Europe are modeled on different aspects or attributes of the Christian Empire at Constantinople, betrayal of the serb at kosovo was one of the three most significant events of the last 100 years of the Christian Empire.

If a true cynic were a vindictive person he`d relish the thought of collapse of urbane liberality and welcome the turban so that he could become an iman and bend liberals over to pray to mecca and boot them in the ram-a-dan

salam a-leu-kim


Charles Fredrickson:

Wise people are made not born, learning when and how to make spit-polished exceptions to tarnished golden rules.
Practical wisdom improvises repaved ways to steer around imposed detours.
No Holds Bard

Charles Fredrickson

Actions give life its vital strength; moderation gives it its enticing charm. Nothing succeeds or impresses like excess, never too much in moderation. In others-oriented charity, there is no self-indulgent excess.
No Holds Bard

Charles Fredrickson
Andy Martin: Rebuts The Proposition "Muslim life is cheap"

Martin says that "life is never cheap" for anyone who retains their humanity and love of God

(NEW YORK)(September 17, 2010) I grew up in the 1950`s. In those years Americans did not respect Asia. We spoke about "hordes" of Chinese, depersonalizing people for political reasons. Why would we compare Chinese to a "horde" of locusts? It`s easier to train people to kill locusts than to convince them to kill fellow human beings.

Perhaps the most damning libel of that era was that to "Chinese" or to Asians in general, "life is cheap." I thought we had grown out of such racist pretensions. No one today would seriously believe or publicly state that "To Chinese [or Asians] life is cheap." The remarks would be unthinkable. So how could the publisher of the NewRepublic, Martin Peretz, make the claim that "But frankly, Muslim life is cheap..." and wait almost ten days to apologize: Peretz`s remarks have created a controversy:

I am in the process of writing some very critical remarks about the Islamic world, about the Ground Zero mosque, and about the aftermath of what happened recently in Gainesville, Florida and the Muslim reaction around the world. I believe we are entitled to make critical comments about religion, especially when those remarks bear some relationship to political or legal matters encompassed in religious activity. Religious beliefs or actions should no more be immune to criticism and controversy than any other beliefs. On this I clearly disagree with Mohammedans, who seek to ascribe talismanic significance to documents and pieces of paper as "sacred." But "Muslim life is cheap?" To make such a remark, or even to contemplate such thoughts, is hideous. Today we are engaged in a growing nostalgia about President George Bush and his actions after 9/11. Bush clearly delineated "Islam is not the enemy." Bush, of course, did the right thing. [One of my upcoming columns will be titled "Maybe Islam is the enemy" so stay tuned for that one. But I challenge beliefs, not the sanctity of human life in the Muslim world.]

I don`t want to rile up by Jewish friends or readers, but here are some thoughts that may rile. Mr. Peretz is a strong supporter of Israel. I happen to love Israelis and I certainly respect their grieving for the Holocaust. I went to a Jewish funeral in Boynton Beach, Florida earlier this month for the wonderful mother of a close friend in West Palm Beach. I was early for the funeral and wandered through the cemetery. I was reminded again by the inscriptions in the Jewish cemetery of the horrors that have been inflicted on innocent people based on anti-Semitism. But I have also seen Israelis and pro-Israel supporters in the United States dehumanize Palestinians. A particularly outrageous lie was Golda Meir`s: she denied that Palestinians even existed. All the easier to kill them and occupy their land. Through the decades Israelis have treated Palestinians as sub-humans. I have always known that eventually the true victims of Israel`s Holocaust against the Palestinians, beginning in 1948 and continuing to this date, would be the Israelis themselves and their supporters. That is why I pray the current peace negotiations will succeed, although I am very skeptical they will.

Mr. Peretz`s attempts to delegitimize the entire Muslim world should cause him, and every supporter of Israel, to ponder the question of why peace never comes while Palestinian lands are expropriated and Palestinian wells are reserved for Israeli use. While he has apologized, and we should accept his apology, his original remarks were an insight into Peretz` soul. Perhaps Peretz` support for Israelis has led him to dehumanize and demonize not only their Palestinian adversaries but all Muslims in general. When babies are left to die at Israeli checkpoints, when women are clubbed, when children are bombed with white phosphorous, when prisoners are tortured, every Israeli dies a little death as such practices are tolerated and passed on to the next generation through compulsory military service. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, O Israel, it tolls for thee. Ultimately, whatever our political beliefs, "our enemies are always human." Life is never cheap as I learned on the flight line at Dong Ha and with an unexpected revelation in the U Minh Forest. I am delighted Mr. Peretz has apologized, and I hope he will ponder my broader thoughts on the issue. As for my Muslim friends, they can expect my criticism in the next few days. I love them equally with my Israeli friends. But I will be as unsparing of my criticism for Muslims and Muslim-majority nations as I am with Israelis. I will never believe, however, that "life is cheap" for either side or any side in the Middle East or anywhere else in this life. "The enemy is always human."

I am a Christian of the twenty-first century, for whom life is never cheap.

Michael R. Burch: "pls refudiate!"

"Refudiate" this,
sweet Alaska-baked miss!—
Shakespeare, you`re not
(more like Yoda, but hot).
Your grammar`s atrocious;
a Great Poet would know this.

You lack any plan
save to flatten Iran
like some cute Mini-Me
cloned from G. W. B.

Admit it, Miss Palin!,
stop your winkin` and wailin`—
only "heroes" like Nero
fiddle sparks at Ground Zero.

© 2012 by Michael R. Burch
from Signs of the Apocalypse
all Rights and Violent Shudderings Reserved

Jack Rang:
Mouslem Moderate: Shiran Bishara Shiran

Reading Andy brought tears to my eyes. Indeed there is much to thank Mouslem for. An example comes to mind: Shiran Bishara Shiran. Was he not the saviour of the American Republic?

Jack Rang
Jack Rang is FP crime analyst and commentator.
Henry "Hank" Sosnowski:
Night Owl Special

I came to Vegas
for the ham steak,
Seigfreid und Roy be damned.
Black pyramid, fake Chrysler building,
Eiffel tower, San Marcos plaza,
exploding pirate ships,
these are all fine – all good –
but ham`s what drove me here.


Awesome Dave answers Andy Martin

Ever time I hear that Moslems are good moderate people I get sick. I remember George Bush saying that Obsama had hijacked a great religion. Did he ever read about Mohammed murdering whole Jewish tribes in the Koran or about Mohammed`s having sex at fifty-three with his nine year old wife Aisha? Real nice people them Moslems. Does pedophilia sound like moderation to you? And what about Obama who was born a Moslem and then converted to some anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church-The Trinity United Church of Christ. The American voters were so worried about not seeming anti-black racists that they selected an anti-white, anti-Jew, anti-American member of a racist church for their president--Obama. What fools, what dolts. I am embarrassed by the stupidity of my country. I will never forgive the Democrats for pushing this naïve evil upon us. Does the evidence of some good Moslems eradicate the millions who support suicide bombing. Now that`s moderate-blowing up women and children at bus stops. Or lunatics stealing our planes and exploding little office workers on Wall Street.

The Moslem religion is a derivative religion formed hundreds of years after Christianity and thousands of years after Judaism. It`s originality is suspect. It bloodthirstiness is not. Appeasing Moslems facilitates their monstrosities and is irresponsible. They have been guilty for almost all the women-exploding, children blasting, heartless acts in the modern world. They have no shame. It is a joke to let them build a mosque at Ground Zero when they don`t even allow Jews and Christians to visit Mecca or Medina. And I don`t remember us blowing up either of those places. The lawyers dither that not allowing the mosque is unconstitutional. It is also not constitutional to fail to defend your country. We have an obligation to stop foreign invasions either through suicide bombings or celebrations of foreign hostiles. The mosque is a potential symbol of their conquest and it must be stopped before they realize their sick fantasies.

Even if there are a few hundred million moderate Moslems, that does not make up for the millions of potential Islamic terrorists. It`s so obvious that they shouldn`t be allowed to build a mosque at Ground Zero that it defies description. Imagine that they call it the Cordoba project which is a reference to when the Moslems conquered Spain. What conquest are they celebrating at Ground Zero? The murder of a few thousand innocent civilians. Just for the rudeness and thoughtlessness of the suggestion that they deserve a mosque, the Moslems should be limited in their immigration to this country. They should be thrown to the back of the list. They are obviously poor fodder for the melting pot and tend to kick and scream in favor of their own degraded culture. All Moslems countries are perverse, backward and injurious to women`s health. Moslems have contributed nothing to the United States. They were even greater slave traders than we were. They honor-kill their daughters and suicide bomb their sons. They believe in the merging of state and religion under Sharia. They deny the holocaust and believe that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map. Women are treated like dirt, have to hide behind robes and can only accuse men of rape with four witnesses. They can be divorced at a man`s whim. Many women are circumcised so that they can`t experience sexual pleasure.

It amazes me that America has been shaped by women`s lib ever since the sixties and now we have female liberals supporting cross-cultural Moslems who treat women a thousand times worse than the American men of the fifties did. It almost discredits women`s lib. It makes them look like whiners who didn`t know what they wanted. Most Moslems are brutal people who practice a primitive religion and should not be given easy access to this country. This does not make us Nazis committing genocide. We are good people trying to protect our country from mentally disturbed killers and misogynists. We don`t want to hurt them, unless necessary. We just want to keep them from polluting our modern society. Prejudice and profiling against them is not only right, it is necessary.

We put the Japanese in internment camps for far less. The Moslems do not deserve equal rites because they have not proven themselves to be equal. They excel in the killing of the innocent. Look around the world. Wherever civilians have been blown up it has been the fault of Islam. For example, London, Madrid, New York, Bali, Mombai, Iraq, Yeman, Israel, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, etc. What about all the recent attempts in America, after Cheney and Joe Biden, warned that there would be attacks under Obama-the subways in New York, the underwear bomber, the Times Square bomber and Ft. Hood. Anybody who doesn`t feel the Moslems in New York should be profiled is either a fool or a traitor. Let the Moslems go back to their tented intellects and come back to us with a plan as to how they will police themselves and stop their consistent attacks. If they don`t want to fit in with this country and help watchdog it against terror then they should get out of the country. Let them practice their primitive customs like stoning adulterers upon themselves. Moslems rape little boys in Pakistan with one hand and execute homosexuals with the other. If you can`t call killers killers then you become an embarrassing victim. Spare us from the New York liberals who aid and abet and appease our enemies. Spare us from female libbers who inadvertently condone stoning women, honor killings and a society where women have less rights than camels.

Spare us from the mosque at Ground Zero. It is so wrong that only self-popularizing, narcissistic cowards like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama would cravenly support it.

ORWELL cont'd

`Down and Out in Paris and London`, `Keep the Aspidistra Flying` and `The Road to Wigan Pier` form a sort of trilogy, too. The first, `Down and Out`, looks at the world through the eyes of a tramp. The `Road to Wigan` commissioned by left –wing publisher, Victor Gollancz, examines the plight of the working class, especially mine workers in the industrial north of England, namely Lancashire and Yorkshire (specifically a small town in mid-Lancashire just north of Manchester and Liverpool without a pier because it is not a scenic town like Southwold on the Sussex south coast, where the Orwell family by that time had moved to.) `Keep the Aspidistra Flying` looks at society through the eyes of the lower middle class. However `Down and Out`, `Wigan Pier` and `Homage to Catalonia` are, looked at in another way, also a trilogy. They are not novels but pieces of journalism, first-hand accounts, describing what Orwell had seen and experienced. "I sketch this scene, just to convey something of the spirit of the rue du Coq d`Or" he wrote in `Down and Out`. So far is Orwell`s narrative fictitious for there was no rue du Coq d`Or but yet it was based solidly on experiences with the lower class on both sides of the Channel.

cont'd col 3


Alan Britt: Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre, to say the least!

Alan Britt

Tumbling Towers

10. HOW EVER* * *?
How could the
Twin Towers
Ever fall
Bringing Middle East
Death and revenge
To no purpose


The sun shone from a blue heaven
As planes struck the Twin Towers
Bringing death
On sun smitten wings


Like carious teeth removed
Ground Zero is a gaping hole
Plucked out by needless terrorism
A tribute to nothingness


Destruction of the Twin Towers
Mass death
And self-immolation of
Those striking terror


Flames and smoke and ash
As the Twin Towers
Along with American pride


Grief of widows mourning
Terror to no purpose
Ground Zero remains a fitting tribute
An empty hole
In the sky-scraper universe of New York

16. Words

Unspoken words
Speak more
Than spoken words
They fly to heaven
And unite
A couple

john duncklee: Constitutional Mosque

A mosque for religious purposes is constitutional. Questionable for other purposes.

john duncklee
Website: Blog:

Harrison Alfred Andrews:
Profound US Stupidity

Dear Bob Dj(Our favourite Serb):

Thank you for your candid comment.

The Society distinguishes an American from a US citizen; the former is a nationality the latter is a merely legal fiction, a piece of paper. The terms are not congruent. The Society does not equate Mouslems with Christian Orthodox or Protestants or Christians of any description. In the Christian faith the concept of nation and religion is separate. Not so with Islam which runs priest prophet king satraps.

Yet The Society takes no position on the mosque. The Society regards the whole affair as preposterous US stupidity equivalent to allowing Herman Goering to come here on a lecture tour in 1942 or putting the nazi party in the cabinet that year. Mouslems of today should thank allah that no US official measures up to the Americans of FDR`s day. us people should not waste the few real Americans left by sending them 3000 miles away to fight mouslems if US people are not tough enough to keep them out.

Harrison Alfred Andrews, former Captain USA

Sir Harry is commandant of the RPPS Military Science Department.

Awesome David Lawrence:

Should a mosque be permitted near the site of ground zero? I believe that I already answered this. If you need more, please let me know. I`d like to see what would happen if a bunch of JDL blew up Mecca and I went there and tried to build a Jewish temple.

Shame on Mayor Bloomberg. In his huge financial brain but tiny literary mind he does not understand that freedom of religion has nothing to do with the desecration of a holy spot by relatives of fanatics. With Bloomberg as an example of illiteracy, I feel proud to be poor, seeing that wealth is obviously not accompanied by intelligence. Let him have his money. At least I am not an idiot who misinterprets faux Islamic tolerance as humanitarianism.

Dr. Charles Frederickson
No Holds Bard On Mosque

The establishment of a Muslim Community Center and mosque in Lower Manhattan is intended as a guaranteed no-exceptions equal opportunities provider to serve the socio-cultural-religious wants and needs of more than 500,000 Muslims who live, work and study in their adopted hometown, New York City. Xenophobic opposition is yet another example of the misguided wormy apple anti-Muslim subway fervor which has surfaced since 9/11. Biased discrimination is contrary to all-American-can do, will do wronged Bill of Rights precepts. Hostility to foreigners and immigrants and myopic Status Quo Vadis US versus THEM button down mindsets must be ultimately replaced by a new global generation of farsighted visionaries, focusing on respectful tolerant multiversity and compassionate understanding for one and all. No Holds Bard Dr. Charles Frederickson




Awesome David Lawrence:

Finally, moderate Moslems have been speaking out against the Mosque at Ground Zero. You couldn`t get them to speak out against Osama bin Laden and honor killings but they have at least enough cultural sensitivity to realize that the Mosque at Ground Zero flies in the face of rapprochement with western civilization, that it exacerbates the anger between the two societies. The only people who don`t understand this are the jihadists and the white liberals like Mayor Bloomberg. He deals out the old racist card and the freedom of religion shibboleth to defend building the Cordoba Mosque in the hallowed ground where three thousand Americans were decimated.

In actuality the radical Islamists and the American left are similar extremists. They can`t feel the wrongness of construction at Ground Zero because they are ideologues and have no real emotions. They are fanatics who defend silly prejudiced ideas and look down at the rest of the world for having real principles. The jihadists are laughing at Bloomberg and making fun of his support of their directly insulting Mosque. Bloomberg is so desirous of being politically correct that he has sold all his principles to be loved by our enemies. Could it be that he is thinking of running for a fourth term? How much more can New York tolerate from this simple-minded, pretentious, fake humanitarian?

Bloomberg is a short man standing on a pile of money. He can`t buy his way into greatness because greatness involves making difficult, strict, sometimes cruel, decisions against your enemies for the sake of your friends and your people. Bloomberg, remember that you are a Jew. Moslems speak badly about Jews all day long. Why do you have to stand at Ground Zero with a megaphone and praise them? Do you think they will respect you for playing the fool?


Mike Burch : Can the Tea Party save us from new American Monarchy?

Here are my thoughts on the article:

Rick Lazio, the gubernatorial candidate from Suffolk County, doesn`t like it. Sarah Palin, though not exactly a New Yorker, has resoundingly "refudiated" it. More importantly, plenty of ordinary citizens vocally oppose the establishment of a Muslim community center and mosque near the World Trade Center site. But no matter how offensive their presence may be to some people, Muslims have always been a part of lower Manhattan`s past. In fact, Islam in New York began near Ground Zero. From an historical perspective, there could hardly be a better place for a mosque. Perhaps it`s time to "refudiate" racism and religious intolerance, once and for all. Sarah Palin is a fundamentalist, so even fundamentalists have rights, until they break the law of the land. A religious fundamentalist who obeys the law should be free to practice his or her chosen religion, warts and all. Christian fundamentalists believe all sorts of irrational things, such as that the Jesus of the gospels and the monstrous Jesus of Revelation are the same person, and that King David was "the man after God`s own heart" even though he had a man-sized idol in his own house (a Teraphim), and killed every woman when he "smote the land," and ordered the slaughter of the lame and blind when Jerusalem was taken from the Jebusites. Jesus had compassion for the lame and the blind. David said that he "hated" the handicapped and ordered Joab to murder them. Ah, the sweet joys of fundamentalism, which allows anyone to believe anything! We allow Baptist churches and synagogues to be built anywhere, so why not mosques? Should we prefer one brand of fundamentalism to another?

One of the first Arab-American enclaves in New York City was located on Washington St. in lower Manhattan - the very area in which the World Trade Center was later built. Founded by Arabic-speaking Christians and Muslims from Ottoman Syria in the 1880s, it was called Little Syria. The heart of Little Syria was full of outdoor cafes where non-Arab visitors sometimes gawked at men smoking hookahs and trading gossip about the Ottoman Empire. In a 1903 article, the New York Times called the neighborhood "quaint," noting the "uniform politeness" of its inhabitants. Just about everyone who has travelled among Muslims has noted their politeness and hospitality to strangers. The Palestinians are noted for their hospitality to Americans, even though our government has poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the government of Israel, which uses the windfall to herd Palestinians into giant open-air corrals like animals, so their land and water can be stolen by Jewish "settlers" unmolested. Of course this was the primary cause of 9-11 and the subsequent wars. And yet 80% of Muslims profess to like the American people. It is only our government they despise, and it`s hard not to agree with them. Is American and Israeli hubris and hypocrisy preferable to Arab quaintness and politeness? Perhaps not. Lower Manhattan is also the final resting place of Muslims and other Africans, often slaves, who were forcibly resettled in New York when it was still New Amsterdam. The African Burial Ground, discovered in 1991, is six blocks away from the proposed Muslim community center. Scholars continue to debate the religious identity of the hundreds buried there, but the fact that some of the dead wore shrouds and were interred with strings of blue beads, frequently used as Islamic talismans, suggests Muslim were among the enslaved people who helped build Manhattan into a bustling city.

Mark Twain once pointed out that one of the greatest lies is the one about the white man being less savage than the men of other races. Perhaps Bubba needs to follow the advice of the Hebrew prophets, Jesus Christ and Michael Jackson, and confront the "man in the mirror." Of course, this history of Islam in lower Manhattan means little to the families of 9/11 victims who are protesting the proposed center. Far more troubling than their protest is how readily some political groups have used this issue to advance their own anti-Muslim agendas. Comments by Lazio and Palin are mere drops in an ocean of right-wing vitriol. In one outright lie, the Web site of the National Republican Trusthas declared that the organizers of the mosque "intend to erect a shrine to the 9/11 terrorists." Is there any doubt that Palin is the anti-Christ and that George W. Bush was her John the Baptist, making America`s crooked paths straight on the path to Armageddon?

Rhetoric that treats Muslim-Americans like hostile foreigners fundamentally - and intentionally - skews the story of New York and its Muslim community. Racism and intolerance are anti-American, but of course the anti-Christ is hardly in favor of such negligible as compassion and justice. For most of American history, Muslims have come to New York seeking freedom and opportunity - like every other group of immigrants. In 1847, for example, sailor and slave Mahommah Baquaqua escaped from the Brazilian ship Lembranca, docked in Manhattan. He went on to co-write one of most important African-American memoirs of the 1800s. "The Biography of Mahommah G. Baquaqua" poignantly describes the moment when, confined to a cell in the bow of his ship, Baquaqua broke down the door, bowed to his master`s wife, and ran away. Once on the docks, he managed to utter the only English word he knew: "free." What could be more quintessentially American than that?

I am reminded of Joseph fleeing the wife of Potiphar. All human beings want to be free, and to be treated justly. Why do white Conservative Christians insist that they are the Chosen Few, the way the Pharisees did? Muslims in New York have also embraced the city`s belief in freedom of religion.

Perhaps they are the only true Americans remaining. Everyone else wants to be "more equal" than Muslims.

In 1893, John Lant, a white convert to Islam, performed what was celebrated as the city`s first public adhan, or call to prayer, from a third-floor window in Union Square. "The melodious call of the Muezzin," the Times deemed it. Why not let everyone pray as they please, and only infringe on the liberties of people who break the law of the land?

Today, more than half a million Muslims live in New York City, including 10% of all public school children. According to one informed estimate, there are roughly 1,000 Muslim officers in the NYPD. Their historical birthplace is near Ground Zero. Trying to prevent them from building a community center there denies their stake not only in New York`s history but in its future, too. If Americans want to live in peace with their neighbors, perhaps it`s time to reconsider living by the Golden Rule. That would mean not contributing to the suffering and premature deaths (i.e., murders) of completely innocent Palestinian women and children. If we only chose to stop abusing innocent women and children, we might find peace is not so elusive, after all. Would 9-11 have happened if Americans had practiced what they preached? In a word, no. So all the fears really are irrational fears. If I keep abusing my neighbor`s mother, wife, sisters and children, of course we are going to have a very rocky relationship. White racists were always sure blacks were, by nature, inferior and dangerous. But guess what happened when white racists finally stopped abusing black women and children? We finally began to achieve racial harmony. The real problem is not mosques being built "too close" to Ground Zero. The real problem is the daily abuse of Muslim women and children at the hands of the government of Israel, with the blessing (in the form of advanced weapons and tons of cash) of the government of the United States. If we want peace, for once we should use our hearts and our brains.


ANDY MARTIN: MOSQUE MADNESS: a "fatal attraction"

Andy Martin claims to have been the first writer or investigator to question Barack Obama`s "Christian" narrative and focus attention on Obama`s Muslim family history. Martin`s first column on Obama appeared six years ago in August 2004. Martin now explains why Obama`s "mosque madness" over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan has become Obama`s "fatal attraction." Martin says Senator Harry Reid`s divorce from Obama`s mosque statements is the best evidence Obama will destroy the Democratic Party before he is forced to leave the White House.

"Five days that dismembered Barack Obama"

SYNOPSIS: Andy Martin says Barack Hussein Obama`s stumble on the Manhattan mosque issue has transformed the 2010 election from a mid-term contest into a referendum on the president Andy Martin says that in 45 years of political involvement he has never seen anything similar to Barack Obama`s self-inflicted wound over the New York City mosque Andy asks "Who Pays and Who Prays?" at the proposed Lower Manhattan mosque; we still don`t know

(CHICAGO)(August 17, 2010) By nature I`m not someone who hides his views; I don`t like keeping my feelings a secret. When you put on a false face and lie to people it eventually catches up with you. I sleep well at night. I`m not perfect but I try to be honest. I would rather be liked or disliked for what I really believe that have people attracted to me because of my "pretend" opinions. That`s why I`m not such a good political candidate but a much better analyst and columnist. I was the first name on Barack Obama` enemies list because I was the first writer to start asking the hard questions about Obama`s mysterious family tree. This month we "celebrate" exactly six years since I wrote my first column on Obama and exposed that he was a Muslim. That column is one of the seminal pieces of recent American politics: Nevertheless, in 45 years of political experience I have never seen anything quite like the past five days. I`m out of breath. I saw the stories on Barack Obama`s "endorsement" of the controversial Manhattan mosque Friday evening August 13th. I said to myself, "This is explosive." Because I had a court hearing to prepare for on August 16th I could not sit down and write. Saturday the 14th, another explosion. Obama "reversed" his endorsement and said his Friday night support was "inoperative." Monday the 16th while I was in Springfield, U. S. Senator Harry Reid sneak-attacked. Reid gave no warning that he was about to drop a bomb on Mr. Obama.

Where do I begin? Let me start at the beginning. Rush Limbaugh calls his occasional retrospectives "caller clinics." Because I am a writer we`ll call phase one of this column "Reader Rehab." When I wrote the first critical story on Barack Obama in August 2004, my research and analysis was initially ignored by the liberal media elites. We did a lot of investigative work on the story, checking African tribal lore, Islamic traditions, the Arabic language and the practices and history of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. Out of that effort came the view that Obama was a closeted Muslim, and that he was hiding his religion in plain sight. As Obama became the subject of increasing scrutiny my original column became his opponents` Rosetta Stone. My analysis was the prism through which Obama`s opposition sought to unlock his hidden past. In retaliation, Obama`s campaign team launched relentless attacks on me. By 2008 Obama had a full-fledged dirty tricks operation focused on discrediting my work. Then Obama moved into the White House. I kept searching for Obama`s "roots;" his supporters kept up their war to discredit my writing. Obamabots are still attacking me, still posting lies, still trying to deceive the media and the public. Why is Obama obsessed with me? It`s obvious. I`m still trying to find the facts and search for the truth about who he really is.

Somewhere along the way my early columns on Barack Hussein Obama became a book (see below) and the book in turn became the first "Bible" of the "Birther" movement.

Although the liberal media invented the term "Birther" to ridicule Obama`s opponents, I turned the tables on the media elite and accepted the derogatory description. When they called me the "King of the Birthers" I said "Call me `Your majesty.`" So what if they call us "Birthers?" I still keep trying to find the facts and search for the truth about the mysterious Mr. Obama. Where is his original, typewritten birth certificate? Still hidden in Hawai`i. Why is he hiding it? I should point out that "Birthers" are a coat of many colors. At one end of the spectrum is my work. I scrupulously stick to the facts. Just the facts. At the other end of the spectrum are people who peddle unprincipled lies about Obama. Yet, as bad as Barry Obama is, I still do not condone lying about him. Why lie about Obama when the truth is more than bad enough? And so we arrive at August 17, 2010. The great Ozymandias "Barack Obama" lies in ruins. All for nothing. Or, rather, all for a mosque near ground zero? Unbelievable.

First, my overall opinion. (This not the "full truth" because we have a real treat for the Birthers coming in a few days.) Obama is not going to recover from this wound. His self-inflicted wound. There have been a lot of people still sitting on the fence so to speak. They had doubts about Obama`s religion, and they were prepared to believe he was a Muslim, but they still held back looking for the missing nail in Obama`s coffin. Amazingly, Obama put the final nail in his own coffin in the past five days.

Since Friday, Obama has tried to confuse and defuse the mosque issue. But seasoned politicians like Senator Harry Reid know a dead duck when they see one. Obama is a dead duck. Obama has converted the 2010 election from a "mid-term election" into a referendum on him. He. The One. He has lost control of his message.

What do you say when your own senate majority leader sticks the fork in you? You say nothing. You`re toast.

The only chain of events remotely comparable is President Lyndon Johnson`s realization early in 1968 that he was politically dead. He had lost the Democratic Party. Johnson quit a few days later.

On Friday Obama defended the so-called "Mosque at Ground Zero." He unequivocally stated "That includes the right to build..in Lower Manhattan." The Washington Post said that Obama had "forcefully joined the national debate." The Post`s headline was "Obama defends plan for Ground Zero mosque." The New York Times headlined that "Obama strongly endorses Islam Center Near 9/11 Site," and stated that "Obama delivered a strong defense Friday night of a proposed...mosque near ground zero in Manhattan..." Were all these people wrong? Don`t they speak English? Don`t they understand???

By Saturday Obama had retracted his statements (in Watergate-speak Obama`s Friday night remarks became "inoperative") and claimed that his Friday night remarks were not an endorsement on the "wisdom" of building at ground zero. In 18 hours the "endorsement" had shifted into a non-endorsement. Obama had routed himself. Muslims could not have been happy at the way they were quickly thrown under the bus. If Obama hoped to curry favor with Islamists, he shot himself in the foot with his overnight flip-flop.

By Monday, yesterday, we had a full-fledged supernova exploding across the political world. A senate candidate in Florida started running an anti-Obama ad criticizing BHO`s endorsement of the mosque: The liberal news media are in greater disarray than Napoleon`s army retreating from Moscow. What can they do? Harry Reid shanked his maximum leader. The New York Times and Washington Post are trying to dilute the impact of Reid`s reversal by shifting the blame to "Republicans" and amorphous "Democrats." Reid`s anti-mosque statement was immediately watered down by liberal journalists:

But was Reid`s act of self-preservation really a "betrayal?" I don`t think so. Reid simply wants to save his seat. He saw where voter sentiment was going. Reid`s stab in the back anticipated public opinion in September and October. Liberal media will not be writing about Obama and the mosque in September and October. Obama can silence the liberal media, and he does. But the "word of mouth" in the aftermath of Obama`s remarks is going to be fatal. "Word of mouth" can make a movie, or break a president. "Obama is a Muslim; pass it on." What possessed the man? Integrity? Honesty? He hasn`t had any of these for 49 years. Why suddenly did Obama become a man of honor on this obscure local issue? One writer suggested it was because "Obama is now president." But being president hasn`t activated Obama`s integrity gene before. He`s been lying from the day he moved in to the White House and started gorging himself on Waygu (Kobe) beef at the taxpayers` expense ($75 a pound!).

I think Obama simply slipped. Without realizing it, he let his guard down. He`s tired. He has begun to realize he`s going to be a one-term president and he has started factoring that awareness into his mental state and political discourse. King Andy Martin is preparing to lead his "Birther Brigades" against the evil occupant of the White House in 2012. The outcome is not in doubt. Let me illustrate the media`s Big Lie in the mosque controversy with a small truth. My mom (yes, she loves me) lived for many years in Alexandria, Virginia. Her home was a block away from a church. The neighbors raised "holy hell" when the church wanted to expand (I tied to find the church on the Internet, but couldn`t; it was just past Vernon View Drive on the George Washington Memorial Parkway heading towards Mount Vernon). With all due respect to my Muslim brothers, and my Episcopal friends who support the mosque, opposition to church building and church expansion is nothing new. But not until the Manhattan Mosque did we find opposition to a religious facility transformed into a holy war by the liberal media. Most of us have probably heard at some time of a controversy involving expansion of a church. You would think that no one had ever objected to construction of a church the way opponents of the Manhattan Mosque are being portrayed as racist morons.

One of the great moments in Shakespeare is Caesar`s dying declaration "Et tu, Brute," "even thou, Brutus." I`m sure that if Shakespeare were around today he would write "Et tu, Harry." Without realizing it, Harry Reid may have doomed Barry Obama. Reid`s dagger is the one that Obama will not be able to remove. Unconsciously, perhaps, Harry Reid`s decoupling from Obama on the mosque issue was the moment when Obama`s downfall crystalized. The political fallout from Obama`s obsession with Islam has become his fatal attraction. Anyone seen Obama near a Christian church recently? Doubtful. I am sure you will in the days ahead. But it will be too late. It`s been an unbelievable five days. And the deconstruction of Mullah Obama because of his "mosque madness" is just beginning.


Dear Sir or Madam:

The Gentlemen of the Society bid you greetings. Our members often read USA Today for inspiration before preparing their most scholarly tracts. One of our members raised your front page article on Islamics on 9 - 11 who are said to be related to persons lost on 9 -11.

Since 9 -11 there has been a prevailing schitzophrenia in the US. On one hand the US feels rather free to bomb and invade Arab lands and expects them to love the US for the US`s trouble. On the other hand, the US unlike Britain France or Germany proved unable to take a single day of a strong dose of its own medicine. The US saw its roly-poly president George W Bush leave the 6th Great Lake on the floor of a Florida classroom and run off into Canada from an attack aleady over. For that we call him "The Voice of Courage." In the interests of combating terrorism, we labor under a Patriot Act which restricts the rights of all real Americans so that the Islamics don`t feel bad. They sell drugs and deal in cash so they`re not affected. And then there is US propaganda which posit such a thing as "Islamic Moderate."

The entire concept of a Mouslem moderate is an invention of The Establishment Press, particularly The New York Times whose writers are all on the US CIA`s payroll. Before the Arab attacks of 9 - 11 word spread amongst the Mouslems of the upcoming event and the kisoks in NYC where they worked were closed that morning. As the towers fell, the Arabs in Jersey City went to the roof tops to cheer. Arab children along Queens Boulevard cheered as the charred wreckage of NYC Fire Trucks was hauled back to the shops.

Now they want a mosque for the musulman to worship at the site they destroyed! Don`t [urinate] in my face and call it rain.

My word to the sad and fictious cases you speak of is that if they are that chagrined with the real Americans they should move back where they come from. They should thank their god that they had that cute roly-poly president Bush to treat with them instead of FDR.

Salam Alleukim
EDWARD L. SOMMERSETT, Lord President of The Society

Edward L Sommersett, Lord President of The Society, responds to bleeding heart pleas of Mouslems in USA Today`s 9-11 issiue
ORWELL cont'd

In `Homage` we have an eye-witness account of what was taking place in Barcelona and Catalonia right down to the details that many Brit`s took to the bath houses to clean up after spending the night unable to go to a hotel for fear of detention. It is an insightful account of what was going on and can fit the same genre as Hemmingway `Death in the Afternoon` rather than `Across the River and Into the Trees`, which was Hemmingway`s novel based on the Civil War.

Orwell put himself on the side against General Franco, the totalitarian dictator, but the P.O.U.M. were too left wing and Orwell became more mature and rejected this standpoint. Even in `Homage`, where he is a member of the P.O.U.M, he is busy rejecting Communists, Anarchists etc., although the right does not attract him either.In `Keep the Aspidistra Flying`, Gordon, the protagonist, lives with a landlady as George Orwell himself had often had to. Here is his description of what the English call a boarding house or cheap hotel. "There were more aspidistras in it than Gordon had ever accurately counted. They were all over the place* * *on the sideboard, on the floor, on "occasional" tables. In the half-darkness with all the aspidistras about you, you had the feeling of being in some sunless aquarium amid dreary foliage of water flowers." Orwell in `Keep the Aspidistra Flying`.

My own impressions of a boarding house or cheap hotel were of one semester as a BA student in Morecombe (not far from Wigan) just north of Manchester and Liverpool, where I was billeted along with other students. One day, for some reason, the landlord or proprietor, took up the floorboards. We were eating breakfast, when a leg – short and hairy so plainly Charles` – came through the ceiling. We watched mesmerized as mice as the leg shook and threshed like a demented boa constrictor and finally with a great effort withdrew. We looked at the landlord over bacon and eggs and toast and marmalade – his face was white and drawn and we dared not laugh. Charles, who hailed from Malaya - a Brit with a plumy accent - had come to England to pursue his studies but otherwise followed lovesick a Californian student round who was only over in exchange for a year and seemed not to take love with a midget seriously. It may be remarked en passant that my landlady did not cultivate aspidistras but rather a quiet Irish brogue, she being from that country and it therefore being difficult to talk about `The Troubles` that had started two years previously. We talked about Vietnam instead. It was far off and there was no draft.

`Burmese Days`, when it was finished was no great success. Victor Gollancz, the left-wing publisher, would not look at it because he thought it would lend itself to libel. Eventually, a few years later, Orwell revised all the names with the help of the Burmese Civil List (to expunge the names of all the Brit`s working in Burma) and even a trip to the British Museum for help with Sanskrit names. Then the book could be published.

Orwell`s two best-known books are `Animal Farm` and 1984, books written as an attack on totalitarianism. `Animal Farm` has enjoyed the fate of `Gulliver`s Travels` and become a kid`s book. All lose sight of how the Lilliputians bind Gulliver down and what that means. Moses, the Raven, harbinger of God and Sugar Candy Mountain in the afterlife, the loveable but stupid sheep, who can be taught to bleat anything, "Four legs good, two legs better" Boxer, the work-horse and the other heroes are all seen as child-like stories, whereas they chronicle the Russian Revolution.

1984 (written mostly in 1948) is similarly seen as a science fiction classic. It is, in the sense that it is about the Second World War in England. It projects forward to an imaginary world of want in which the protagonist, Winston Smith, is a lower middle-class character. It, too, seems to have lost its urgency with the death of Stalin and especially the end of the Cold War. As the world awoke to `Swinging Britain` in the 1960s, bleaker times were forgotten.

What about George Orwell`s hought, his philosophy of life? "Mr. Orwell* * *said that many people were apt to regard a destitute man as a rogue who needed discouraging and he did not think much could be done in the way of improvement until people realized that they were human beings like the rest of the community, driven by force of circumstances to tread this wretched life* * *" Michael Sheldon: `George Orwell: The Official Biography`Orwell was a `revolutionary socialist`. That was why he eschewed imperialism in Burma and gave up a good job and position. In 1936, he joined the P.O.U.M., who were a revolutionary group in Spain. However, his political position probably shifted. During the War, he worked as Editor for the Labour magazine, `Tribune` as well as for the BBC. This is not evidence of revolutionary deeds. Orwell may perhaps better be classed as a Humanist. Many people were revolutionary during the wars and the upshot was a revolution in Europe in 1946. In Britain, when Labour came to power, they revolutionized the country with popular education until 15 (cheap school dinners, free school milk etc.) free public health, and the Welfare State with all its ramifications and bureaucracy. It was democratic socialism based on social democracy. Throughout Europe e.g. Holland, Denmark and West Germany, there were parties calling themselves `social democrats` or `democratic socialists`. They took care to distance themselves from the State Socialism of Eastern Europe. This was the dead hand of totalitarianism.

The Leitmotiv in Orwell`s work is that he attacked totalitarianism. He threw overboard a good job, when he left Burma. He risked his life in Catalonia. Finally `Animal Farm` and 1984 were written against Communism. Essentially, Orwell believed in the decency of ordinary people. That is the message of `Keep the Aspidistra Flying`. Orwell in the end was a typical Brit who wanted (r)evolution without the `r`. His books now chronicle by-gone times namely the 1930s, the time of the Great Depression and like Steinbeck, he seeks his message in the common people. Orwell died of tuberculosis at an early age. Otherwise, it would have been fascinating to see what direction his novelist craft and political thought would have taken him in the 1950s and perhaps 1960s.

~ Geoff Jackson
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