Rockaway Park NY 11694 * September 11 2001 * * in the 32nd year of the Society "For God Republic and Society
AWESOME David Lawrence:


Ahmadijinad is speaking at the UN telling the world that it was an inside job by the U.S. to protect Israel. If you believe this you might as well believe Tom Cruise was born on Mars. The scientologists will tell you so. To allow Ahmadijinad to speak is to put on a dunce cap, a clown`s outfit, to juggle and to sing a requiem while the short Iranian prepares to nuke your children. A United Nations who allows him to show up is an organization of surrender and discord. It is a potentially strong body who allows a weak mouse to destroy it. Cheese please. Where is the cat or the trap when we need it?

Self-hating Catholics often complain about the Crusades and how the Christians were barbaric to the Muslims. They forget that the Muslims were heading west, sacking the Holy Land and killing Christians. They would rather blame themselves because confronting others involves courage and admitting that the Muslims were vicious people would make it incumbent on them to confront them. Unfortunately, modern Christians and Jews find cowardice more comfortable than confrontation. Then self-hating Catholics say that Catholics are as bad as Muslims because the Catholic Church has pedophilic priests. What about the Muslim teenage suicide bombers? At least the Catholics are ashamed of their pedophiles and kick them out of the church whereas the Muslims make their suicide bombers into heroes and martyrs, paint their pictures on Palestinian walls and promise them seventy-two virgins in heaven. Not to mention that suicide bombers blow innocent people into smithereens whereas Catholic priests wrongly apply some misplaced perverted affection. Worse than the self-hating Catholics is the self-hating Jews who agree that the world should destroy them because they are afraid to confront those who demean them. They can`t work it into their logic that the whole world unfairly detests them. By a form of reaction formation they begin to hate themselves too.


Ralph Lauren builds a new store across the street from his other store and my apartment on Madison Avenue. It is modeled on a house in Paris. I feel like flipping a crepe and announcing, "Je suis Francais. Oui. Oui." The new building is as beautiful as the "Jardin de Luxembourg." It is tight like a French girl`s waist. It is as sophisticated as a joke before the Reign of Terror. It is as beautiful as the profit on a marked up garment. To build such a store Ralph must keep three hundred and ninety dollars on every four hundred dollar sweater. Cheap fabric, rich life. He is as pilled as his polo skills. I see him walking out of his limo to examine his new store. He is about five feet tall. Quite handsome. An imposing miniature. Is he a Staffordshire porcelain? Or just another piece of evidence that the public buys style over substance and elects Presidents for their teleprompted speeches rather than their camouflaged values. Ralph Lauren should dress Obama in his suits. They both are overvalued. How did Obama get a Nobel Prize before he stopped one war? How was he elected to fix the economy without ever having had a job in private enterprise? We are already getting less than a penny on every stimulus dollar. Obama costs too much.

Mon Cher Effarant David Laurence Peut-etre il ne faut que M Obama s'habiler comme un President; il faut qu'il se conduit comme un President.

(My Dear Awesome David Lawrence. It is not necessary for Mr Obama to dress like a President; it is necessary for him to act like one.


I am not surprised that Americans listen to the joker Feisal Abdul Rauf and believe that he is a moderate when his father was a booster of the hate-preaching Moslem Brotherhood. After all, didn`t Americans listen to a novice senator, Obama, who had obvious leanings towards socialism and was born a Moslem to a Moslem father and a hippy mother? Didn`t they jig and jag him into the Presidency? Generous, naïve Americans elected Obama, a member of the anti-Semitic, anti-American Trinity United Church to eradicate racism. Bravo, fools. Welcome back unprosecuted Black Panthers. They overwhelmingly supported an ideologue, Obama, with zero business experience to run the largest business in the world—The United States. It`s a shame what things Americans do in the name of open-mindedness and humanitarianism. They are so willing to overlook the boundaries of common sense that they become mindless and empty headed. They elect a puppet, a wooden head, and watch him dance on the stage to his own reviews and fulfill their own adolescent fantasies. Pinocchio, at least you tried not to lie.


I am tired of the accusation of racism. It is boring. It is no big deal. When a coop in New York turned me away because I was Jewish, I didn`t care. I went on and found another building that was even nicer. I didn`t picket the tenants for being bigoted against Jews. I didn`t wring my hands and cry about the cruelty of the world. What do I care if the other tenants didn`t like me for whatever reasons? When a kid from Maine called me a "Dirty Hebe"
in summer camp, I punched him in the nose and forgot about it. It was resolved. I could have cared less. I couldn`t even read Hebrew but I defended it because it seemed like the right thing to do. For some reason racism has become a bigger crime than breaking and entering or harassment. The blacks earn their livings off affirmative action and demanding recompense for things that happened to their dead great grandparents. Al Sharpton has built his Action Network around possible grievances. He is an ambulance chaser of racism. Whenever there`s a Shawn Bell out there, he peddles up and mourns vociferously as if he were family. God, if this pastrami eating blimp showed up at one of my family funerals I`d kick him in his fat butt.

The liberals, who hate everything including themselves, point at you with their inflammatory fingers and accuse you of unfairness to another race. Boo hoo. Get on with it. If you are stopped dead in your tracks by another`s unfair disapproval than perhaps you were always frozen in the footsteps of fear. I am not afraid of being called a racist. It`s a lot better than being called a rapist.

You can`t legislate against racism when it is natural. Let`s face it, right or wrong, we feel it. I look at a woman and think that`s she soft; I look at a black and see simian features; I look at a Wasp and see puritanical stiffness; I listen to a Jew and hear a squeaky voice; I see a priest and imagine pedophilia. To pretend I don`t see these things is to deny reality. To behave badly because of these intuitions is to demoralize humanity.

What`s the big deal. It`s all part of the puzzle. It is true and not true and irrelevant and dismissive. But let`s not reduce reality to what is politically permissive. Let`s not look at the sun falling on people and forget that there is a shadow on the other side.

If we accept and embrace racism than we can stop the corollary of racism which is attacking the objects of our confusion. It`s not the racism in our hearts that hurts but the stupid carrying out of violence towards those who we regard as different. A friend of mine thinks that fat people in swim suits look ridiculous. I agree. Does that make me a fattist? Should I be ashamed because I think an anchor woman on the news shouldn`t lisp? And what about standards of beauty in stewardesses? Is there anything wrong with pretty young girls rather than fat older women squeezing down the plane aisles. Let`s get real. Let`s return to a world where government doesn`t try to dictate our behavior, our emotions and our taste. Let`s avoid the concerned road to fascism. Let`s call mentally challenged people retards and man made disasters terrorists. If you obfuscate language you distort reality. And let`s get away from stupid clichés like we are all created equal. No one is created equal. All we can do is give people equal rights and equal opportunities to succeed or fail. I`m neither Einstein nor a member of the Special Olympics.

Aside: We should all have the right to earn our own health insurance through work. We should not be given socialist health insurance that we didn`t earn at the expense of those who did. Grow up. You know who. Obama and his clan of mushy, Ivy League faux intellects. They are blinding us, poking out our eyes like Oedipus because a liberal obsession with racism is screwing the mother country.

The main reasons we like Awesome Dave is not merely the lessons he teaches but the way he teaches them. Just think of the important lesson he taught up there in Maine.

Well, spoiled women are at it again at Goldman Sachs. They accuse the management of sexual discrimination, underpayment to women and unfair treatment. It doesn`t bother them that they walk off with the lion`s share of the assets and the control of the children in a divorce case. Most of them voted for Obama, whose dad was Moslem, and who wanted to have negotiations with Ahmadijined. They don`t care that Moslem men make their women wear burqas, that they honor kill them for adultery, that they sometimes circumcise and mutilate their clitorises and treat them like third class citizens. They`d rather selfishly complain that Goldman Sachs pays them thirty cents less an hour than their male counterparts. What kind of selfish women are these? Are they the daughters of the women of the female liberation movement that evolved in the sixties? Instead of joining Code Pink and protesting wars against the Moslems they should march for male castration in the Middle East.

Ever time I hear that Moslems are good moderate people I get sick. I remember George Bush saying that Osama had hijacked a great religion. Did he ever read about Mohammed murdering whole Jewish tribes in the Koran or about Mohammed`s having sex at fifty-three with his nine year old wife Aisha? Real nice people them Moslems. Does pedophilia sound like moderation to you? And what about Obama who was born a Moslem and then converted to some anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church—The Trinity United Church of Christ. The American voters were so worried about not seeming anti-black racists that they selected an anti-white, anti-Jew, anti-American member of a racist church for their president--Obama. What fools, what dolts. I am embarrassed by the stupidity of my country. I will never forgive the Democrats for pushing this naïve evil upon us. Does the evidence of some good Moslems eradicate the millions who support suicide bombing. Now that`s moderate—blowing up women and children at bus stops. Or lunatics stealing our planes and exploding little office workers on Wall Street.

The Moslem religion is a derivative religion formed hundreds of years after Christianity and thousands of years after Judaism. It`s originality is suspect. It bloodthirstiness is not. Appeasing Moslems facilitates their monstrosities and is irresponsible. They have been guilty for almost all the women-exploding, children blasting, heartless acts in the modern world. They have no shame. It is a joke to let them build a mosque at Ground Zero when they don`t even allow Jews and Christians to visit Mecca or Medina. And I don`t remember us blowing up either of those places.

The lawyers dither that not allowing the mosque is unconstitutional. It is also not constitutional to fail to defend your country. We have an obligation to stop foreign invasions either through suicide bombings or celebrations of foreign hostiles. The mosque is a potential symbol of their conquest and it must be stopped before they realize their sick fantasies.

Even if there are a few hundred million moderate Moslems, that does not make up for the millions of potential Islamic terrorists. It`s so obvious that they shouldn`t be allowed to build a mosque at Ground Zero that it defies description. Imagine that they call it the Cordoba project which is a reference to when the Moslems conquered Spain. What conquest are they celebrating at Ground Zero? The murder of a few thousand innocent civilians. Just for the rudeness and thoughtlessness of the suggestion that they deserve a mosque, the Moslems should be limited in their immigration to this country. They should be thrown to the back of the list. They are obviously poor fodder for the melting pot and tend to kick and scream in favor of their own degraded culture. All Moslems countries are perverse, backward and injurious to women`s health.

Moslems have contributed nothing to the United States. They were even greater slave traders than we were. They honor-kill their daughters and suicide bomb their sons. They believe in the merging of state and religion under Sharia. They deny the holocaust and believe that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map. Women are treated like dirt, have to hide behind robes and can only accuse men of rape with four witnesses. They can be divorced at a man`s whim. Many women are circumcised so that they can`t experience sexual pleasure. It amazes me that America has been shaped by women`s lib ever since the sixties and now we have female liberals supporting cross-cultural Moslems who treat women a thousand times worse than the American men of the fifties did. It almost discredits women`s lib. It makes them look like whiners who didn`t know what they wanted.

Moslems are brutal people who practice a primitive religion and should not be given easy access to this country. This does not make us Nazis committing genocide. We are good people trying to protect our country from mentally disturbed killers and misogynists. We don`t want to hurt them, unless necessary. We just want to keep them from polluting our modern society. Prejudice and profiling against them is not only right, it is necessary. We put the Japanese in internment camps for far less. The Moslems do not deserve equal rites because they have not proven themselves to be equal. They excel in the killing of the innocent. Look around the world. Wherever civilians have been blown up it has been the fault of Islam. For example, London, Madrid, New York, Bali, Mombai, Iraq, Yeman, Israel, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan, etc. What about all the recent attempts in America, after Cheney and Joe Biden, warned that there would be attacks under Obama—the subways in New York, the underwear bomber, the Times Square bomber and Ft. Hood. Anybody who doesn`t feel the Moslems in New York should be profiled is either a fool or a traitor. Let the Moslems go back to their tented intellects and come back to us with a plan as to how they will police themselves and stop their consistent attacks. If they don`t want to fit in with this country and help watchdog it against terror then they should get out of the country. Let them practice their primitive customs like stoning adulterers upon themselves.

Moslems rape little boys in Pakistan with one hand and execute homosexuals with the other. If you can`t call killers killers then you become an embarrassing victim. Spare us from the New York liberals who aid and abet and appease our enemies. Spare us from female libbers who inadvertently condone stoning women, honor killings and a society where women have less rights than camels.

Spare us from the mosque at Ground Zero. It is so wrong that only self-popularizing, narcissistic cowards like Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama would cravenly support it.

Awesome Dave Around The Globe Cont'd col 2
Bob Djurdjevic

Reprinted from TRUTH IN MEDIA - TiM with permission

A crude hand-painted sign on a run-down building in East Berlin, not far from the former "Checkpoint Charlie" crossing which once divided the West and the East, read as follows in July 1995:

"The border runs not between the peoples, but between top and bottom."

The implication? The Wall may be down, but the class differences remain.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the U.S. This is where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the Great American Divide between the relative "haves" and "have nots" has been growing wider and deeper in the last 30 years. The share of the national wealth owned by the top 1 percent of Americans increased from 22 percent to 42 percent between 1979 and 1996, according to Rep. David Obey, Wisconsin Democrat. The top half percent of the U.S. population saw their wealth surge by 24 percent during the 1980s deregulation period - the so-called "Reaganomics" era. The top 1 percent gained 12 percent; the top 5 percent increased 9 percent, while the bottom 60 percent of Americans experienced an overall decline in their net worth. The total compensation of about 30 CEOs of major U.S. corporations surged from 44 times an average worker's wage in 1965, to 212 times in 1995, closely tracking the stock market's spectacular rise, according to a Wall Street Journal survey in April 1996.

So while Wall Street is partying, Main Street is staggering under the weight of corporate downsizing. No wonder the U.S. now leads all developed countries in terms of the top 20 percent of households' income to the bottom 20 percent ratio (11), according to K.K. Ashusito. Japan, on the other hand, has the lowest ratio (4) among the industrialized countries, implying a more equitable sharing of national wealth.

What does such an increased concentration of the U.S. wealth mean? In a word - trouble!

First, it suggests that our society is more a plutocracy than a democracy. Second, it means that history is repeating itself. And those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it - at their peril.

History repeating itself?

Yes. Several times. Arnold Toynbee, a British historian, was perhaps the first person to clearly define the Industrial Revolution in a series of lectures delivered at Oxford University in 1880-1881. His thoughts were posthumously published in 1884, in a book entitled "Lectures on the Industrial Revolution in England." Much of what had taken place in Britain in the 18th and 19th century is now happening in the U.S. under the New World Order banner. A century ago, the rich got richer; the poor got poorer, and the resulting social injustices gave birth to such ideologies as Marxism and Communism, among others. They also led to several revolutions and two World Wars. We are facing the same prospects today. The reason? Take the concentration of wealth, for example. In 1881, 2,512 Englishmen owned half the land in the United Kingdom, says Toynbee. During the 1980s, the top 2.5 million Americans earned as much as the bottom 100 million.

In 1696, about a quarter of England's population lived in the cities, while three quarters were the rural dwellers. As agriculture was the dominant economic activity prior to the Industrial Revolution, this also meant that three-quarters of Englishmen were able to support themselves off the land on which they lived. By 1760, however, only half of the population lived in the countryside. And in 1881, with the Industrial Revolution in full swing, only one-third lived in rural areas, with two-thirds of England's 9 million people residing in the cities. Nor was this necessarily a natural or a voluntary shift of population. In his lectures, Toynbee described the dark side of the revolution. Using their economic wealth to buy political clout in Britain's parliamentary system, a tiny minority of powerful landowners and the newly-minted industrialists, drove the farmers off the land, forcing them into virtual slave labor in their factories. They did it by, either buying up the impoverished farmers' land at fire sale prices, and/or by passing the laws in Parliament which led to a break up of the common ("freeholders") land.

Toynbee contrasts this process with the situation in France and Prussia, neither of which had a parliamentary democracy. The landowners and/or industrialists of the time, therefore, had little political power. Now, let's pause for a moment with the history lesson, and consider what happened in Britain under Margaret Thatcher's celebrated privatization process in the 1980s. And what is currently under way in France, Germany and several other industrial countries. The public is being told how privatization is all goodness, because private enterprises can supposedly manage these companies more efficiently than the governments. Maybe. But at what price? And more importantly - to whose benefit? Obviously to the benefit of these private enterprises' NEW shareholders. But what about the interests of the former owners - the public? One doesn't hear much of a debate on that topic, does one?

Considering that prior to the Industrial Revolution, land was the equivalent of today's industrial assets, isn't then the current privatization wave in industrial societies similar to what had happened in England during the Industrial Revolution? Industrial workers in developed countries are getting impoverished as the English farmers had been, as industrial production shifts to lower labor rate markets. So it seems that the New World Order, and the worst of England's 19th century Industrial Revolution, are a "déjà vu all over again," in the words of Yogi Berra.

Oh, but the public now gets a chance to buy shares in the companies being privatized, some will argue.

True. But even then, mostly at inflated prices. For, the stockmarket trading, where the NWO architects "coincidentally" chose to place our privatized public assets, is being done by institutions the very NWO elites own. But an even better bargain is the fact that they get the first crack to buy OUR PUBLIC ASSETS at low prices. By the time we, the PUBLIC, the FORMER owners - now disowned by our bought politicians - get to bid on such privatized assets, it is usually at inflated prices. Plus the commissions, of course, which we have to pay to the NWO-owned institutions which got in on the ground floor of these deals.

Sound familiar, in view of what you now know about what happened in England in the last century?

"The more things change, the more they are the same," Alphonse Karr wrote in 1849.

Not quite. Sometimes they get worse... In Russia, for example, the American elites'-imposed privatization resulted in a massive plundering of the Russian peoples' property by the Boris Yeltsin mafia, Russia's new quislings. Some $350 billion dollars were transferred into the Western banks by the Yeltsin NWO plutocrats, according to Moscow media sources. Meanwhile, how much did the West invest into its much-heralded "democratization of Russia?" A grand total of $2.7 billion since the end of the Cold War, according to the United Nations and the World Bank reports. Even the tiny Hungary, 1/14th of the Russian population and 1/184th of its land, got $10 billion during the same period.

In other words, if the public in the West is being ripped off by its ruling elites, just as the poor English farmers were in the last century - and unquestionably we are - then what the NWO plutocrats, the "Princes of the 20th Century," have done to Russia, is the most egregious case of colonial exploitation since the British rule ended in India.

Unlike the poor English farmers, or the colonized British Empire subjects, today's Homo Sapiens has some means of its own salvation without necessarily starting world wars. It's called the PC and the Internet. In its quests for global profits, the industrialist world has also invented the tools of its own destruction.

"The Internet is very bad for you. Anyone with a PC and an 800-number can become a worldwide distributor," Mike Zisman, a former IBM executive, warned a valued large corporate customer in 1996. That's the good news. The bad news, however, is that even the PC and the Internet cannot save America from falling apart. In fact, they may speed up its disintegration.

"What`s happening in Bosnia is going to happen in the United States," a highly decorated American veteran told this writer in November 1995. Why would the U.S. break up?

Two reasons: First, demographic forces similar to those which have torn Bosnia asunder are present in the United States. Second, a technological revolution is under way which will accelerate the process, changing forever change the way we think and work. Only one kind of a country is secession-proof - a homogeneous single-ethnic state. The U.S. isn't it. Deliberately not, as it turns out.

The American plutocrats have injected potentially incendiary elements into the nation's ethnic mix. The destructive effects of this 30-year process was described in an excellent book on the subject of U.S. immigration, "Alien Nation," by the British-born editor of the Forbes magazine, Peter Brimelow. The author explains very clearly why the immigration explosion since 1965 has led to, what he calls, the "browning of America," a "demographic event of seismic proportions." And why the roots of the immigration lie in the liberal elite`s economic interests. Namely, the lower-paid immigrants not just displace the indigenous workers; they help lower the overall wages of the local people by merely competing for jobs. The winners, of course, are the business and government elites who own and run large corporations. The "Princes of the 20th Century" are the New World Order's new aristocracy. The losers, of course, are the "ordinary Americans." They are the "plebes" of the New World Order. They are the ones whom the elites have saddled with the largest national debt in the history of the world in an effort to create an illusion of prosperity and well-being.

Once this "pyramid scheme" collapses, as it inevitably must, the recent citizen protests in Albania will look like child's play compared to the might with which the "ordinary Americans" will strike the NWO aristocracy's version of "taxation without the representation."


It is a mystery
yet it is real,
confused with the desire
to be made new
or to camouflage the old.
It is satisfied
with what began,
with preference for
the original plan.

It only desires
to be made whole,
to restore energy,
hope, and soul.

It is phenomenal
this restoration goal


cont'd from col 1


How does Obama sign the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulatory Reform Bill when Dodd shopped for friendly, dishonest mortgages from Countrywide and Frank was largely responsible for the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Not to mention he was caught sponsoring a homosexual lover who ran a prostitution ring out of his apartment. Does Obama specialize in approving of low lives including communists – Marshall; terrorists—Ayers; and racists—Reverend Wright. Does he think that he is clever in standing in opposition to all of America’s Judeo-Christian values? Is a man born of a Moslem father forever Moslem? Why does Obama, a clear irrational winner, side with all the losers of the world and hire them to do his bidding? Is he insane or just so arrogant that he feels he can do whatever he will and that we are too stupid or cowardly to object?
Alan Britt:
On Dealing with Fate

It’s like you’re holding a poker hand
and fate suddenly snatches
your wild card
and there’s nothing
you can do about it!

So, right then,
slip into your most comfortable
whether naked
or drenched
in fireplace light licking a champagne glass
causing you to resemble
a healthy young jaguar,
and cinch your soul
tightly above despair.

Next, I would invite this fate
over for a meal
consisting of mango, pistachio, Swiss chocolates,
and heavily-doctored Jamaican coffee.

Then quickly press
your warm, quivering lips

This is no time to be coy!
Geoff Jackson:
A Slap on the Wrist to Moslems

The seventeenth century, which saw the wars of religion, was a great age of burning books. ‘Fahrenheit 451` (the temperature at which paper burns) was Ray Bradbury`s science fiction view of a world in which literature was destroyed but where a dedicated few learned books by heart to preserve them and thereby became ‘living books`. Now there is a proposal by a preacher in the Deep South to burn the Koran. What are we to think of that?

First, the preacher has the right under the American Constitution and in every free democratic society to do as he wishes and to burn the Koran or use it as toilet paper as he sees fit. Second, it is an expression of intolerance toward American Moslems and Moslems abroad. Third, can it be the case that one man can jeopardize the American military and diplomatic efforts in the Middle East but most especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, where American lives have been offered to further peace and conciliation. As a middle-of-the-road Episcopalian Christian, I would not think highly of someone, who burned the Bible. However, blasphemy is not a crime under American law nor under the Constitution, which guarantees religious liberties. Similarly, anyone has the right to burn the Koran without going to jail. What, however, would we think of someone, who burned the Torah or Jewish religious book? We would think they were anti-Semitic and since the Nazi crimes during the Second World War, we have become sensitive to Jewish feelings and Jewish rights and, quite rightly, we do not tolerate anti-Semitism.

It is said that Islam is a religion spread by fire and sword. Historically seen, the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire had virtually fought themselves to a standstill and almost all the Middle East fell like a ripe plum to the freshly united Arab tribes. Soon these tribes, however, adopted the luxuries and civilization of the lands they had conquered and became tolerant and cultivated. Sadly in the nineteenth century, they fell long behind the West and became backward economically stagnant areas. Such is the breeding ground for radical Islam and the Taliban. They are prepared to blow themselves and their children up as suicide bombers and the Iranian Army has, as its crack force, a regiment of suicide bombers prepared to die for God and the fatherland. It is plain that we must fight the war against terror. But surely it is a puerile action to burn the Koran or broadcast hate messages against Islam and Arabs on evangelical radio. Christianity, unfortunately, also has its darker side. Catholics burned Protestants and Protestants tortured Catholics. How is this reconcilable with a Message of Love and Redemption through Grace and Forgiveness?

However, politics is rather more (or less?) than a Message of Love. The actions of this lowly preacher could set the whole Moslem world ablaze. Only a short time ago, a Danish cartoonist published ten cartoons, one of which was supposed to be Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and the world was torn between ‘Freedom of Speech` (for cartoons?) and blaspheming the Prophet of Allah. A couple of weeks ago, the cartoonist received a prize from the German Chancellor for his contribution to freedom of speech. In the same way, this little act by a preacher in the Deep South may ignite a tinder box. I see no law to stop him. Intolerant people cannot tolerate being called intolerant. However, I hope that Common Sense will prevail among both Christians and Arabs and if the preacher in question carries out his threat, that it will be eschewed by men and women of Good Will everywhere.


Geoff Jackson: The Eternal Clockmaker

The clockmaker
Winds his clocks
So the sun rises
Moons and stars
Mark months and years

But Einstein smashed
Through the window of time
To the universe
And galaxies span outwards
At millions of light years
Of time

So that the human race
Will be long forgotten
Our science and presumption
Our godliness and God fearing
Just the Swiss clock goes
And tells the hours of our little lives.


Political analyst Andy Martin says that the Clinton wedding was nothing more than a thinly disguised rollout of Hillary Clinton's 2012 presidential campaign. Hillary can't campaign openly now, because she is in Obama's cabinet. But the Clintons see Obama's blood in the water. They are rallying the same base that abandoned them in 2007-2008, and promoting the restoration of Clinton "royalty" to the White House. "Just wait and see," Andy says. "Chelsea's wedding was 'Clintonesque.'" Internet powerhouse Andy Martin goes behind the façade of Chelsea Clinton's "Bubbalot" wedding


Andy Martin says Bill and Hillary Clinton used Chelsea's wedding to launch Hillary's 2012 presidential campaign Just wait and see Where were the Mezvinskys? Certainly not in the media-released "family" pictures; the wedding was "All Clinton, all the time" Obama got the message of his "non"-invitation; he better start packing to move out of the White House in 2013. The Clintons are planning to move back in. VernonJordan is "the man," not Barack Obama

(NEW YORK)(August 1, 2010) Well, Chelsea Clinton's "Bubbalot" wedding has come and gone. Now we analyze the political significance of this massive pseudo-event.

First, this was not a "royal" wedding as Clinton spinmeisters have suggested. Bill Clinton came out of Arkansas trailer trash, and Hillary is good Park Ridge, Illinois Midwestern Republican stock. Royalty, they ain't. We normally think of the occupants of the White House as temporary American "royalty." That illusion was shattered during the Clinton years. They did not act royally. Luckily, "Bubbalot"-on-the-Hudson reminds critics why the Clintons were so despised when they vacated the White House in 2001.

If Al Gore had been elected, the Clintons today would be a sideshow, maybe even a freak show.

It was George Bush's senseless war in Iraq that undermined the United States and made the Clintons look good by comparison. Today we have the disastrous Obama administration, which makes Bush look even better by comparison. Leading to a ham-handed Republican "restoration" in 2010. Clinton, Bush and Obama were all in their own way failed leaders. Truth be told, however, Bill Clinton was probably the best president of this trio, or at least the luckiest. Putting aside Billy Boy's sexual peccadilloes, thanks to a Republican congress Clinton presided over a golden age for the U. S. economy. Clinton had the sense not to launch a war in southwest Asia. Bill Clinton might have been an above-average or even a near-great president if had been able to keep his zipper up. He wasn't. It took George Bush's disastrous leadership to rehabilitate the impeached President Bubba. And that's why we had to endure "Bubbalot" on Saturday. Chelsea's wedding was a political and media event, not a marriage.

Bubbalot was a heat-seeking missile pointed right at the current occupants of the White House. Barack Obama was not invited for a reason. The Clintons laid down the marker to the self-proclaimed "mongrel" in occupancy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We, the Clintons, are the real royalty; you Obamas are not royalty or much of anything else. We don't need you to legitimize and publicize our "royal wedding." Stay home. Enjoy the free living at taxpayer expense while you can, sucker. If anyone should have been invited to the wedding it was Barack Hussein himself. BHO did more to rehabilitate Hillary than anyone, after she ran an abysmal presidential campaign and blew tens of millions of dollars in the process. Obama saw that he needed the Clintons to win, so he quickly buried the hatchet and used them in 2008. Then, following classic Chicago Mafia "rules," to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Obama put Hillary in his cabinet.

Barack resuscitated Hillary. He gave her an airplane to fly around the world and billions in largess to distribute to our frenemies. And Saturday the Clinton's launched their 2012 presidential campaign to depose Obama and enthrone the Clintons back in the White House. Talk about frenemies.

Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily bright woman. She no longer has the "street smarts" of a street fighter; she has been in a Bubba bubble too long for that. But she still knows how to scheme. I don't think she would have gotten to the White House on her own, or to the U. S. Senate, or to Secretary of State, but I respect her intelligence. She has all the public spontaneity of Richard Nixon. But she literally made a pact with the devil when she threw in with Bill, and it has made all the difference. They are a team. She has lived in "public housing," from governor's mansions to the White House, most of her adult life. Servants, limos, power, prestige, Bill delivered everything. And more. She and Bubba have a powerful attraction for each other. It's there. It's strange, but it's there. And she is smart enough to realize Obama is dead meat. I don't expect a revolution in the streets, but the campaign to remove Obama from the White House in 2012 won't fall far short. Our economy has been devastated, first by Bush and then Obama. But Obama will catch the blame in 2012. He promised to do better, and he hasn't. The one leadership quality he could provide, confidence, he hasn't. Wars? Don't ask. Afghanistan is surely "Obama's War" after the McChrystal defenestration. In Iraq, they can't even choose a government. These people are going to act civilized once the Americans are gone next year? I expect a bloodbath in Iraq. A big bloodbath. Once again, Obama will get the blame.

We devastated our economy to "liberate" Iraq. Tens of thousands of Americans died and were maimed. But the bloodbath will unfold on Obama's watch. After he bragged he had transitioned to peace.

I want to be clear that America's decline and disastrous foreign policy were and are a joint Republican-Democrat effort. But Obama promised to solve the problems, and he is a failed leader. His vaudeville act is in its last days. Bill and Hillary know that. And so the Clintons decided to stage Chelsea's "Bubbalot" wedding, to promote the idea she is a "princess," thereby suggesting, of course, that her parents are the genuine royalty. Since Chelsea has never accomplished anything on her own, other than being the pleasant daughter of wealthy and successful parents, if her wedding was the "wedding of the century" or of even "human history," the credit for her status must reflect back on mom and dad, not her.

Bubbalot-on-the-Hudson was the lunch of Hillary Clinton's 2012 presidential camping. Nothing less.

The wedding itself was weird. The only "family" shown in official pictures released to the media was the Clintons. The Mezvinskys were at the event but they were nowhere to be seen in the media. Pictures of the Clintons and Mezvinskys, if they exist (I doubt it) have not been released. Too controversial. Too risky. The wedding was "all Clinton, all the time." Eddie Mez was just a prop in the production. That's because the wedding was a political orchestration, not a wedding event.

Is Chelsea in on the joke? I doubt it. Two people got married for the greater glory and restoration of Hillary and Bill Clinton. That's the real story of Bubbalot. The Clintons have used everyone else; why not their daughter? Lines were drawn at Rhinebeck. The "favored 400" Clinton supporters were identified. All others were told to work harder. Barack Obama was missing, but VernonJordan was there. Who he? (Just kidding.) Jordan is the go-to African-American, not Barry Hussein Chicago.

The Kennedys had Camelot. The Clintons now have Bubbalot. Everything was done to excess, over-the-top, gross excess. It was a version of trailer trash does elegance. Did they spend $5 million or $2 million or $1 million on the wedding? Once the Clintons poll on the aftermath and realize their vulgar excesses were counterproductive they will leak that the wedding actually cost a lot less. One thing about Bill and Hillary, they poll and they take action. Damage control is everything. The speculation over the spending was gross. It was enough to make the Bushes look like real royalty by comparison and no, I won't go there.

Those who remember the Clinton years will remember the term "Clintonesque." What appeared on the surface during the Clinton presidency never reflected the inner reality of their machinations. Bill and Hillary are one of the most extraordinary "couplings," apparently without copulating, in political history. I am not sure William Shakespeare could have portrayed them in a play. They are too complex, too loyal to each other and just too "Clintonesque." During the 2008 campaign I wrote months of favorable coverage about Hillary. I picked up her option at the nadir of her campaign in January and wrote encouragingly as she started fighting and winning. So, no, I don't hate the Clintons. The Clintons are great entertainment. Hillary is a Park Ridge (Illinois) girl that made good. What's not like? Hey, I have a sense of humor. But Hillary is now running for president, and she used her daughter's wedding to launch the 2012 campaign. She and Bill sent the Obama's a direct message: we are bigger than you, Barack Hussein, we don't need you to host the wedding of the century, or Bubbalot or Obamalot or whatever. We are the Clinton's, and you ain't s-t. So start packing, and get ready to move. The Obamas' 15 minutes of fame are ending. The countdown has begun for Bubbalot II.

If Americans are dumb enough to vote for the Clintons again, well, American voters are steadily and systematically destroying this great nation. So it might as well be the Clintons in the White House as the Palins. During the 2008 campaign Hillary was ridiculed for claiming she had Jewish antecedents. Now she has a Jewish son-in-law. Oy vey. Mazel tov. And all that. Ed is a nice kid. He'll do what he's told. The kids will probably pop out a grandchild for the campaign. After Bill, I probably know Hillary as well as anyone. I've seen this script before. I'm in on the joke.

Bubbalot. It was all very Clintonesque. Now wait for the official campaign to begin. You heard it first at ContrarianCommentary.com.

Footnote: on the same day (today, Sunday) that the New York Times carried the news of the Bubbalot wedding, the paper also carried a story that Obama is so damaged as a leader, he is going on hiatus for the campaign:

Or as Glenn Beck would say, "Pay attention, America."

Hillary and Bill see what's happening. Obama's slowly bleeding to death. She's out and running. Bubbalot was her launching pad, a "soft" rollout of the 2012 campaign.

- - -

Hugh Desarro:
Inconstant Heart

The heart can be hardheaded
and listen not to you and me.
It labors on its way,
both wise and foolish
and wearing many hats.

Blind at times,
at times perceptive;
a rash and reckless fool,
an acrobat without a net
impervious to heat and cold
and deaf to argument.

But then—a shy and tender waif
of utter innocence,
falling open-eyed and headlong
into utter chaos.

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