New Years Day 2010

Rockaway Park NY In the 38th Year of the Society Since 1971 "Betwixt and Between"
The Society has proposed ethical questions:


On December 8 2009 the day after Pearl Harbor Day, President Barak Hussein Obama of the United States accepted the Nobel Peace Prize vowing in his acceptance speech to continue the war in Afghanistan.

Was the award of a peace prize appropriate?

Awesome David Lawrence replies

Question One: No. Although Obama`s decision to continue the war in Afghanistan might indeed lead to eventual peace, the Nobel Peace Prize should not allow the ends to justify the means. It is a pacifistic prize that is often unrealistic. But it`s importance is that it is spiritual and meant to allow no violence, no matter the reason. While the Nobel Peace Prize is a naïve award, it should not include warfare as an antidote to warfare. It is not practical. It should probably be given out by the church rather than Norway. And Obama doesn`t deserve it even though underneath it all he is a pacifist hiding as a warmonger in order to fulfill his election promise that Afghanistan is the right war and that Bush was wrong to fight in Iraq.



The hawk plunges
for the mourning dove at my backyard feeder.
Blood on snow, a sudden cloud of feathers.
Who would have thought that dove
would be mourning for itself?

I`m at the window.
I saw it coming.
The predator circled high
above the rooftops.
Its prey fed unaware.

I`m thinking surely I
could have done something.
But then it occurs to me
how, in nature,
even death is a splendor.
Besides, hawk and family have to eat.

Still, there`s a terror
to a huge bird pressing down
on a smaller one,
its claws cracking open
the rib cage,
as both soar back
to the nest.

Yes, death left the snowfield
astonished and shrieking.
But life flew
higher and higher.

Michael Burch replies:

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack "Insane" Obama was not appropriate, but an act of appeasement. Should a Nobel Peace Prize have been given to Hitler, in the hope that he might become a man of peace, if only he received tribute, cash and a medal? Nobel Peace Prizes should go to people who act in the cause of world peace, not to those who merely speak about peace, while waging war illegally. George Santayana said those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Should Nobel Peace Prizes go to morons? President Barack "Insane" Obama has learned nothing from history. Like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and various other tyrants who failed to conquer Afghanistan, he has read too many of his own press clippings, listened to too many of his own sermons, and foolishly appointed himself the latest, greatest Messiah. But history has already spoken. Nations like Vietnam and Afghanistan cannot be "conquered" by invaders. They can only be subdued, at best, for brief periods of time. They will always outlast the invader, who lacks commitment and staying power. No matter how many thousands of American troops die in Afghanistan, or how many trillions of American taxpayer dollars are squandered there, the end result will be the same: the Afghani people will decide their own course of action. This is because they live there, and Americans don`t. Barack "Insane" Obama is just another political creature (i.e., a charismatic moron who`s good at getting elected). If he really was the "smartest man in the room," he would study history, then get our troops and money out of Afghanistan and Iraq at lightspeed. – Michael R. Burch

Michael Levy:
The Philo Officer

The philo officer, seeking wisdom,
shook the prickly cactus by the hand,
by determining the painful, silent truth of the matter,
he reaffirmed, the most powerful,
intelligent, ingredient of life,
which continues to elude,
the smooth, intellectual surface of mortality,
since the birth of time.

In Love & Joy
Michael Levy. Professional Optimist

"Let Joy be your feelings, Love your attire, Peace your guide and you will discover a mystical paradise here on earth."

~ Michael Levy

An Editorial Comment on Obama`s Peace Farce by Bob Djurdjevic

Nobel Committee metaphorically inducts rookie into Hall of Fame after first incomplete inning

O Tempora O Mores...

If Obama were a leader with grace and dignity, he should have refused the undeserved prize

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 11 - "O tempora o mores" is the famous sentence uttered by one of Rome`s greatest orators, philosophers and statesmen, Cicero (106BC-43BC). Cicero used it in 63BC, when he was the Consul of Rome, as he denounced the corrupt Senator Cataline. More than two millennia later, Cicero`s "oh the times, oh the customs"-cry for fairness and decency still echoes. We were reminded of it after the decision of the Nobel Committee to award its Peace Prize to the American president Obama. For, the decision has about as much merit as inducting a rookie pitcher into the Hall of Fame after his first incomplete inning. Or awarding an Olympic gold medal to a marathon runner after the first 270 yards of the race. An exaggeration? Actually, maybe even an understatement. For, this Nobel laureate won his award on the basis of a nine-day track record. (Nominations for the Nobel Prize reportedly closed only nine days after Obama`s inauguration ceremony).

Anyone with a sense of fairness and decency, regardless of his/her political persuasion, nationality or race, should be shocked to learn that someone with no tangible results would receive such a "prestigious" reward. Obama himself was quoted as saying that he was "surprised" and "humbled." And he donated the $1.4 million cash prize to charity, sources say. Actually, if this American President were a true leader with grace and dignity, someone who leads by example not just empty rhetoric, he should have refused the undeserved award. As it were, he accepted it. Which not only cheapens the Nobel Prize itself, but it opens Obama to widespread ridicule, both at home and abroad. In turn, this will make his job more difficult in the future. After the first nine months in office, this Nobel Prize "Peacenik" is still fighting two overseas wars he said he would end, not to mention allowing scores of "black ops" around the world to continue. And he seems on the verge of escalating our troop deployment in Afghanistan. No surprise there, of course. It took less than three months for President Obama to reverse himself on more of his campaign promises than you can shake a stick at. And it took only six months for the awake among the American public to see that the U.S. presidential elections are no more than a very expensive "Demo Farce," as I wrote in a Washington Times column in Nov 1996 (see "Demo Farce and the American Century," Nov 1996). When it comes to politicians, one must watch what they do, not what they say. "Read my lips; no new taxes" (a famous line uttered by Bush Sr in 1988) was also a decoy statement. Once Bush became president, he raised taxes in order to reduce the budget deficit.

"Words are cheap; action speaks louder that words," is another old adage. And Obama`s moves since taking office have shown that he is no different than Bush Jr. Or Clinton. Or Bush Sr. Four years from now, what`s left of the world after 2012 will be able to see in stark colors how ridiculous and meaningless this Nobel Peace Farce was (see 2012: Toward a New Breed of Man, Jan 2009). By the way, this is not the first time the Nobel Committee embarrassed itself in the 113-year history of the Peace Prize. Hitler was nominated for it in 1939. Stalin and Mussolini have also been proposed, among some famous "peacemakers." And Henry Kissinger actually won it while the Vietnam war was still raging on. So did Yasser Arafat and Mikhael Gorbachev. On the other hand, peacemaking giants, such as Mahatma Gandhi, were never even nominated. Guess the British Empire was still too powerful back then. In short, unlike the scientific Nobel Prize awards which are based on merit and actual achievements, the Peace Prize is evidently a political football. It has little to do with peace and much more with appeasing the powers that be. Peace? It`s what politicians promise before sending soldiers into battle. "I`m not sure I understand -- this isn`t for peace here, is it?" Homaira Reza, an Afghan bank teller from Kabul told a Los Angeles Times reporter. "Because we haven`t got any."

Neither do the Iraqis. Nor the Palestinians. Nor the Israelis. Nor do we in America, a country that is increasingly becoming a police state. I am not sure if even the Nobel Committee know what it was for. For laughs, perhaps? Obama should have refused the Nobel Peace Farce until such time he delivered real peace and not just promises. As it turns out, by accepting it, the American President has become the main character in a farce. Not a promising career start for a great leader. Oh well... there`s always the World Series to distract a disheartened nation`s attention from global affairs. Panem et circences... (Latin... see the "PS" below).


Bob Djurdjevic is a writer and consultant based in Haiku (Maui), Hawaii. He is a free thinking humanist. Which means he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. You can find more of his research and columns at Truth In Media
P.S. "Panem et circenses" (Latin) - "bread and games," distract the masses with free food and gladiator games while the (Roman) empire withers.


It seems two opposite lonely poles of the Earth,
With their magnetic force, drew us away from each other,
Creating an ocean of tears in between us,
And a painful desert that thirsts for mercy
Higher and higher does not mean happier and happier
Sometimes, distance is a sorrowful space
The farther we elevate away from our roots,
The more we taste the blandness of the sky

We used to share a world, a bittersweet one
Now, a universe has formed to our partition
Looking back on yesteryears, I truly already had it all;
But that all was ever undervalued, with undeserved worth
Maybe, some have to take a flight. Some have to sail miles
To have a genuine appreciation for their origin -
The family, the friendship, both the greatest wealth
That I turned against from in the name of self-glory

Regret teaches me to return, to come in full circle,
Bridge the gaps, and deplete the vacuity of alienism
In forgiveness, there is no two or more entities,
But a single one fused with no tinge of strangeness
Tolerance, patience, understanding -
Just what a short life needs to be able to
Nourish something unconditional for beloved ones,
The ones wounded by my aversion. I am sorry

The Society received the following from a reader who identifies himself as a "Noted Liberal". Given the grammar and usage he appears to be of great age.Beyond that I have no further information on the author.

The Letter follows:

Dear Dean:

I am a liberal and proud of it. Yet, I have been reading Fullosia Press for some time. While I can not agree with most of what is written there, I am cheered that The Society did not engage in Bush – worship during the eight long years of his over-lordship. I did detect a certain coolness to President Barack Hussein Obama that deviated from the general euphoria which accompanied his election.

However this coolness does not devolve into the ridicule of right wing talk show, those disgusting "30 minute hates."

Now we come to the Nobel Prize for Peace generously awarded to our dear President. The Society in its 911 issue of FP merely asks "for what?" This is a far less extreme position than that taken elsewhere on the right wing. I am disturbed by reports that The Society intends to issue a Modest Proposal to grant President Obama the Baseball MVP award as well as the Congressional Medal of Honor and to induct President Obama into Le Temple de la renommée du hockey (The Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame) on the same criterion by which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

I can not say I wholly approve.

The right wing must come to grips with the [Afro-American] Presidency. When I looked at the glow in the faces of the little [Afro-American] school children watching the president`s televised greetings on the opening day of school, I saw the importance of President Barack Hussein Obama as a role model, an example to be followed to encourage little [Afro-American children] to pursue greater heights and attain higher goals. The advent of the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama was the most significant event in US history next to [Afro-American] Emancipation and [Afro-American] suffrage. Given the long history of oppression of the [Afro-American] race, slavery, colonisation and neo-colonialism, one cannot judge President Barack Hussein Obama by the same standards as white men.

A Noted Liberal

John Grey:
By The Side of The Road


So this is your corner of the world.
A comfortable chair. A blanket for your knees.
A space heater pointed toward you
in the winter months.
It`s an entire country with you as its capital.

Do I need to show my passport
or can I just speak?
Does knowing your name count for a visa?
You smile to greet me so there must be
someone living there.

I bring you news like food
that you can take back inside you
to nibble on later.
Stones of old friends taste better
than the newspaper I`m sure.

Strange how no one has withdrawn
as consummately as you
and yet, people still reach you,
even if all they can do
is stand at your border and shout.

The world`s designed for isolation.
And yet, here we are, talking over old times.
But that`s time for you.
It breaches your defenses where they`re at their weakest...
like every other time but this.


Days are like candles
burning at both ends with dark.
Shortening sunlight panics
the apples into ripening.
Those that don`t fall
are plucked, fill buckets,
are trafficked from orchard
to ramshackle road-side shack
where scrawled sign and cheap scales
make for a fleeting Autumn store.

While some rake leaves into
mounds of pastel uselessness,
this one taps slow-motion seasons
for their cash: bright red Washington
fruit traded for crisp green Washington
money, a plush, juicy Granny Smith
sold to a bent, age-tarnished Granny Smith.

This makeshift merchant does her business
from ancient lawn-chair while noisy children
race in and out of her legs chasing dogs.
A guy in a Mercedes drives up, is checking
through a bushel so fresh, the smell of tree`s
still on their skin. He scowls at the spots,
the bruises. The first law of apples is that
nothing ever tastes like what it looks.
The second is that she in rumpled dress,
unwashed hair, a thick wad of dollar notes
oozing from her fist, is the law-giver.

Carefully taught biased hatred and deeply ingrained collective fear are sizzler brands of herd instinct which stampede animosity toward those not considered part of the herd. Negative perceptions breed contempt for others as well as ourselves. A self-respecting positive energy consciousness will enable us to become as accepting of our neighbor`s shortcomings as we are of our own. The aims of multiversity involve freely sharing information and facts; advancing theoretical wisdom and practical know-how; disseminating verifiable truths via logical reasoning; as well as cooperatively and collectively solving socio-cultural hostile misunderstandings and problematic enigmas. Our global family must appreciate individual differences, wants, desires and needs related to basic humanistic values – fairness, compassion, kindness, patience, dignity and generosity. If applied correctly, education can actually lead to learning something. Free-thinking tolerance and good-humored flexibility are required for open hearts and minds to better comprehend each other`s beliefs, traditions, practices, behaviors and habits without necessarily sharing or accepting them. World peace means living together with mutual tolerance, mutual understanding and mutual respect.

Dr. Charles Frederickson

QUESTION TWO: Mr Mallik Hassan

On November 5 2009, a week short of Veterans Day, Mr Malik Hasan, purportedly a Major in The US Army Medical Corps opened fire on Army Personnel deploying for the war zone. Reports in the Establishment Press reveal that Mr Hasan was deeply disaffected by the President Barak Hussein Obama`s vow to continue the war. The incident followed by days President Barak Hussein Obama`s declaration that Mouslems inside the United States should not be given extraordinary attention. Leading up to the incident, Mr Hasan, an alleged psychiatrist, was reputedly counseling soldiers returning from the war zone and engaging in frequent arguments with colleagues over war crimes committed in the US cause. Official US propaganda posits that Mouslem is a religion of peace welcomed in the United States.

What impact will Mr Hasan`s actions have on the official line?


Major Hasan kills thirteen people at Ft. Hood and the mainstream media calls it an act of insanity rather than jihad. We call this political correctness on the part of the media. But it is something more than political correctness. It is society`s effeminate desire to identify with the enemy and empathize with his positions. This is a throwback to the sixties when feminism became chic and the masculine white male was swept into the dust heap. This is the self-hatred of women caught between their feminine and masculine identities. Empathy has become self-destruction. It is inverse Darwinism, survival of the weakest, the desire to let evil conquer good.

Political correctness has morphed into societal destruction. It is led by female thanatos and the masochistic desire of society to be raped. It takes courage to call a spade a spade, to denounce your enemy for what he is-in this case, Major Hasan, a Moslem fanatic who also happens to be warped. The media doesn`t like to be direct and honest; it is afraid of repercussions, it is afraid of the sound of truth. Hasan is not a criminal. He is a Moslem soldier in the war against western civilization. He does not deserve a trial and twenty years of appeals on death row. He should be killed instantly. He is in the battlefield of jihad and if we don`t shoot back, even while he`s in the hospital, we are cowards who besmirch innocent victims, insulting and not backing up the dead.

War is designed to shoot enemy soldiers. Hasan is an enemy soldier. There are no trials on the battlefield. Political correctness is not a cute little term. It is sanctioning treason, ignoring our dead and celebrating our enemies. It is a form of effeminate suicide; it is the pain of birth in the womb while resulting in the death of its victims.

To forgive is to forget. Terrorists must be remembered if only to stop subsequent horrors. Calling Hasan a nut rather than a terrorist is to cancel out the lessons of history. When are we going to stop calling terror by other names? When are we going to stand up against the Moslem plague? When are we going to stop history from repeating itself?

Fritz Hamilton: Well, what you expect?

an Army shrink where the norm is to be
mad/ they train you to be mad so you can kill &
feel good about it/ Hassan is a Muslim man of
peace who never should have been in the
U.S. Army, & once in, he showed
every reason to be out/ he doesn`t believe
in our wars in Iraq & Afghanistan/ he
thinks killing other Muslims evil &
tells everyone about it/ he
tries to contact Al Qaeda to express his
support/ just the right man for us to deploy to
Iraq or Afghanistan, & he receives his
orders that he`s about to go; so
are we surprised that he flips &
shoots down l3 in Ft Hood &
wounds 38 more as an expression of
his insanity & a prostest against are own?
Yes, we are surprised because
the Army at Ft Hood is incredibly dense/ how
can a nice, quiet guy like Hassan do such a thing?
He telegraphed everything he might do to
tried to get help before he did it/ Hassan
also tried to give help - but to the Islam Mideast!
Are we to pretend this couldn`t happen? Well
it did! Welcome to the
real world, America/
welcome ...

Bob Djurdjevic responded:

What`s there new to say? Reread my 9/11 editorial "Collateral Damage" Hits Home

Nothing new there, John. Look at Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden. First we create a monster, then we fight it.

You should also read my 1999-piece WASHINGTON`S CRISIS FACTORY, written before the Kosovo war. You can see why the New World Order`s self-appointed "elite" need crises and wars to justify their control over the population. To do that, they need both the mechanical and civil engineers. As I`ve also written before, that`s because the mechanical engineers build the weapons. Civil engineers build the target. And so it goes, over and over again. As you said quoting King Solomon from 4,000 years ago, "there is nothing new under the sun." So why bother repeating it over and over again in articles?

Bob Dj.


We are from the same family
Of fast kill pussycats-
You, the puma; I, the cheetah,
Strutting together on a catwalk world,
Sharing and purrrfecting schemes,
And survival tactics in this life
Of cat-and-mouse chase
And in this declaration of war,
None of us is a scaredy-cat
On a hot tin roof

We are from the same alley
Of scrap-scavengers and ferocity-
You, the lion; I, the tiger,
Scratching each other`s back
With feline paws, warming each other
With our black fur of bad luck
And in this declaration of war,
None of us is backing out,
With each of us having 9 lives,

We are each other`s copycat,
Wearing the same charming cat`s eyes,,
Kitty whiskers, leopard prints
In the dead of night,
We wake up from our catnap,
Testing if our curiosity will kill us,
And in this declaration of war,
None of us is catatonic
Both are just about ready to strike


U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin accuses Barack Obama of a "cover-up" in the killing spree of Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood. Martin says Obama`s Muslim family history and overtures to the Muslim world may be endangering America`s national security. "Our first priority must be to protect our men and women in uniform from domestic extremists," Martin says. "Period. Army intelligence failed. The FBI failed. We need leadership, not evasion and stand pat excuses, from the Army and from the Obama administration." Martin, who supports Palestinian rights and condemns anti-Muslim scapegoating, is saddened by the fact that a Palestinian-American committed the terrorist acts at Fort Hood. U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls Obama/US Army response to FortHood massacre a "cover-up" Martin says the evidence is inescapable that Nidal Malik Hasan was a terrorist


Andy Martin says Barack Obama is seeking to cover-up the FortHood massacre because of Obama`s own Muslim family roots Martin backs Senator Joe Lieberman`s Fort Hood investigation, says the Army is failing to get at the truth, seeking to shield the facts "Why is the massacre reporting better in a London newspaper, than in U. S. newspapers?" Martin asks.

(CHICAGO)(November 9, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent "Internet Powerhouse" Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Monday, November 9th to accuse President Barack Obama of orchestrating a cover-up of the FortHood massacre to cover-up Obama`s embarrassment because of his Muslim overtures and Muslim family background.

Martin backs an independent investigation of the FortHood terrorist attack. Martin was in Baghdad in 2003 and has traveled widely through the Middle East and Afghanistan for forty years.

"I am amazed at the way the Obama administration and the U. S. Army are trying to cover-up the investigation," Martin will state. "In fact, in the name of avoiding an `anti-Muslim backlash,` the Army and proto-Muslim Mr. Obama are creating an anti-Muslim backlash. Theirs is a self-defeating approach. "We know all Muslims are not anti-American. But we need to identify the small number that harbor extremist tendencies to protect the millions of peaceful practitioners. If we refuse to hunt down the bad apples, we endanger the entire orchard. That`s what happened with Hasan. We can`t allow it to happen again. "It is time for Barry Obama to allow an independent and impartial investigation of Hasan`s terrorist attack. "It is pathetic that we can obtain more accurate/factual reporting in London than we can here in the United States:

"U. S. media have been intimidated by the Obama administration from reporting the truth and digging for the facts. All we get is pro-Obama propaganda from Obama`s media megaphones. "The claim that a `deployment` triggered Hasan`s mass murder is nonsense. There is overwhelming evidence that Hasan had previously become an enemy of the American people. "As a military and Middle East expert I am troubled by the lackadaisical response to Hasan`s history of unstable behavior. "There was embarrassing failure of internal Army investigative units to evaluate Hasan before he launched his one-man war. There appears to have been a failure at the FBI as well. Obama & Co. are calling for `patience` while they cover up their own incompetence.

"Unfortunately, I do not trust Barack Obama to investigate terrorists inside the United States. He has undermined the `war against terror` and corroded our national security with political correctness. His war against Fox News is a war against the unpleasant truths he wants us to ignore. "Hasan manifested anti-American attitudes for a long time. His violent, oppositional ideation was a threat for an extended period. Why did no one notice? Reports and warnings were ignored. For fear of invoking Obama`s wrath and violating political correctness? Is `fear of Obama retaliation` compromising our national defense and intelligence capabilities? "The FortHood massacre is a bitter pill for me, because I support Palestinian rights. That a member of a Palestinian family would attack this nation is sad. But I would never allow my personal feelings to get in the way of the truth or the facts. Protecting our men and women in uniform from fanatics and terrorists must come first, last and always. "Hasan was obviously a terrorist, whether he was ignited by outsiders or acted on his own. The `act` does not become less `terrorist` merely because it is committed by one person. "If we do not stop the Obama/Army game of `pretend,` the ultimate anti-Muslim backlash will be worse, not better. The Army should be leading the search for truth, not impeding an expedited inquiry and seeking to shield Hasan`s actions and prior history from searching inquiry. "I don`t know whether to call Joe Lieberman a Democrat or a `Republican` or what. But Lieberman is a loyal American and I salute him for that. As a U. S. Senate candidate I am completely committed to a nonpartisan foreign policy that puts America first and politics last.

"Sadly, Obama is putting his proto-Muslim family history ahead of our national security. I am not surprised. Obama has been excessively solicitous to Muslims. It is time for Mr. Obama to put America first or move out of the White House.

"The military also needs to reassess its internal security procedures and scrape away any political correctness or `fear of Obama.` Too many of our men and women in uniform have recently died at the hands of so-called `one-man` killing sprees motivated by religious extremists.

Andy Martin, author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask Is now a candidate for US Senate. He tells us to save up our soda cans to buy the train tickey to his swearing in next yea. A fair, impartial and independent investigation would prevent Barack Obama from orchestrating a cover-up because of his Muslim family roots.

Kill the Demon

Run, run furiously and hide
Beneath dark shadows of lustful flesh
Am I healing or aggravating my wounds
In this temporary comfort of a drug?
I have seen that place free of poverty,
A neutral world less the savage societies,
I trade a reality of cold shoulders
For an illusion of warm embrace
To live is to be a warrior
To love is to risk the pain of loss -
This is every man`s common ghost
Maybe I am justifying my own demons,
Submitting to their promises of bliss;
But they are wavering vows bound to break,
That only intensify my recklessness, my despair
Where is it written - the wisdom, the courage
To point my finger at me?
If this unfair life is a stage divided into 2 sides,
Only a single curtain comes
Between destruction and progression
I would like to learn to stand on the right side
Before it gets gloomier than gloomy

John Starrs replied:

Dear Deano. I know that Buddhists are prone to meditation and Islamists to the Hagg or visitation to Mecca by the millions, Christians to prayer, Jews to messages in the Wailing Wall, and fundamentalists of all kinds of persuasion to all sorts of things.

John Starrs.
(the largest religion on earth).


These first few chapters of my journal
Mostly speak of adversity in a tropical isle
I have reserved blank pages
For a favorable new pattern of events,
A stimulating odyssey
To where they think grass is at its greenest
Imagining the overflow of milk and honey,
Enthralled by diversity, lifestyles,
Freeways and a fresher breeze of the Pacific,
My body, mind, hands are filled with desires,
Leap, with no doubt, to a better change,
Propelled by ambitions,
By qualities that qualify me

This is not about patriotism nor betrayal,
But the progression of a life
From the stability and the love adventures
That have all hidden from me
This time, I hide that truth of my past
Let me uncover and grasp at the reasons
Why everybody gives & gives up everything
Just to make it in here
No easy ride, no easy road,
But with my appetite for cultures,
I suppose it will seem easier, or will it?

David Lawrence:
"Allahu Akbar."

Well, here it goes again, a Moslem killing innocent people, screaming "Allahu Akbar." His name is Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. He stands for another million homicides waiting to happen.

And the liberals want to pretend that these killings are not religiously motivated. They can`t face facts because it would force them to look at their forgiving positions and realize that they are wrong. It is not politically correct to see reality as it is.

Some of the ignorati even think that these killings are stress related, that Hasan suffers from traumatic war anxiety even though he has never been to war.

He is the typical tortured psychiatrist. A madman who hides behind the sheep`s clothing of helping others.

How many more people have to die at the hands of theocratic, Moslem lunatics before the borders shut down? Moslems should be confined to their own Moslem countries. I am sick of them killing women and children in Madrid, London, New York, Bali, etc., ad infinitum.

Give them the right to return to their own lands. Buy them plane tickets instead of giving them visas. Get them out of here.

But you say, not all Moslems are bad. Not all Nazis were bad either. Some just got swept up in it. In fact a lot of Moslems were Nazis, even Arafat`s uncle Al-Husseinie.

And when there are 1.8 billion Moslems in the world how are we to police the ten per cent who are murderous, who admire suicide bombers? That`s 180.000.000 potential suicide bombers amongst us. That`s more than half the population of the United States.

Send them home to their Mid-east enclaves. Let their people go home to the promise of their lands-death and seventy-two virgins.

Never have such violent people existed. The Koran is filled with murder and executions. Allah looks favorably on killing gays, apostates and women who show their faces.

They call murdering your daughter an honor killing. What honor in family genocide?

Killings are not typical in other cultures. They are in the Moslem culture. Send them home. They do not contribute enough to our culture to make it worth the risk of keeping them here. In fact, if you look scientifically, artistically or culturally, they have contributed nothing to the modern world. They are an embarrassment of violence. Let them embarrass themselves further by blowing themselves us in their own countries.

Vivekanand Jha:
11. Intolerance

There was a world
When pen was mightier than the sword
This is now the world
Of the sword
Giving the degree third
To the scholar writing foreword

Men fight over nonsense
They know no tolerance
As they colour their hands with blood stains
For a penny and pence.

Men are ready to murder
Without thinking what will happen further
They defy the almighty`s order
Of living all together

Now man is measured by a different parameter
Radius is no more half of the diameter
One is known by how much he earns
Not by how much he learns.

Thank God! God is really clever
Not to allow anybody to live for ever
So it is time to mend our ways
Let good sense prevail now or never.

David Lawrence:

This morning I saw Obama making a speech to the families of the dead soldiers at Fort Hood. If I were Obama I would not have recited the speech. I wouldn`t have felt that I had earned the right to pontificate. It would be like me giving out an award for opera when I can`t sing on key. After all, he never served in the army; he has done everything to diminish the importance of the wars we are fighting; he has reduced our weapons and missile supplies, making us more susceptible to enemy attacks. And he wants to decrease our nuclear superiority so we can be weakened. In short, he stands for everything against what soldiers are for-a strong military. His salute is a flag of surrender.

A funeral for those killed by Hasan is not a place for an anti-militarite like Obama to speak. If he had any integrity or sense of self he would not have been there. It was disingenuous for him to fake being pro military when he is so obviously against the army.

It is completely narcissistic to not look at himself through others` eyes as a poseur.

I couldn`t have done it. I couldn`t have blessed the dead knowing that I was a faker, a phony, a man like John Kerry who consistently disliked and denounced the military. I couldn`t have accepted the title, "Commander in Chief" when I was an antagonist of the army and a naïve believer in pacifism. I would have had one of my generals speak. I would not have insulted the dead by pretending I was part of their soldierly brotherhood. I would not have disguised myself as a mourner when I was such an obvious antagonist.

Dr. Charles Frederickson:

Praying to whatever God listens
Keep the faith universal salvation
Christmas Kwanzaa Ramadan Hanukkah Solstice
Offering compassionate kindness tender mercy
Prickly holly sneaky mistletoe kisses
`Elf conscious North Pole meltdown
Yuletide carols harmonized Silent Night
Star of Bethlehem Nativity creche
Kwanzaa Swahili for First Fruits
African harvest bountiful taproot blessings
Uplifting spirit marching ever onward
Kinara candles red black green
Fasting from dawn to sunset
Obligation demands appetite denial continence
Eid-ul-Fitre feast shared willful charity
Thanking Allah for blessed mercyStill believing in wondrous miracles
Temple flame burned eight days
Illuminating everlasting light rekindled daily
Menorah candles votive lamp remembrances
Celebrating Tree of Life diversity
Evergreen bodhi cedar baobab pine
All children indiscriminately presented greatest
Gift Peace on Earth TLC

No Holds Bard Dr. Charles Frederickson

Question 2: con`t

Dr James Davies Lord Woodburry, Mentor of the Society replied in Mentorial:

Greetings Dean Greetings:

I did enjoy the recent mathematical sessions of The Society in which I was privileged to be invited and to take part. I thank the Dean not only for the bestowal of the anual Rene Descartes Beleaguered Philosopher Award but also for the new title of August and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics an honor I do not feel I entirely deserve. I study mathematics for its dispassionate logic and unerring conclusions leaving no room for debate in the pursuit of the one true and beautiful. Naturally we would hope to employ the logic of mathematics to the pursuit of political solutions.

The Dean has often cautioned me against sweeping social, political and historical conclusions based upon sidebars in mathematical texts and a smattering of anecdotal information as I did recently when I concluded that Turkey had religious freedom based upon the secular nature of the state. How was I to know of the Greco-Turkish war of 1919 - 1922 or the exchange of populations? What was its importance in the scheme of things? I do note that Modern Turkey is now 99% Mouslem, a secular state without the need for a state religion because there is no minority religion.

This shall not stay me from offering my opinion on the Major Malik Hassan incident. Bye the bye Dean is a Major a field grade officer? Generals are of course flag grade officers; colonels they would be field grade; but what about Majors, are they field grade? Let us see Captain and Lieutenant, now they are company grade officers, aren`t they? You were the officer, a Captain no less, I was only enlisted and I was taught to salute or sweep it up depending on whether it moved.

Oh yes the Major Hassan incident. There are indications that Major Hassan or as the Society calls him Mr Hassan, a purported Major in the US Army Medical Corps, took advantage of a drill of an attack on a POR line at Fort Hood to wreck havoc. I do believe that the Dean has written an entire unpublished book on how an Army exercise could go awrt. There are also indications that he timed the attack for a change of command when the new commanding General would be fumbling around in uncertainty. These elements show preplanning.

However using the device of Occam`s razor, I conclude that the simplest conclusion is the best: That Major Hassan or as the Society calls him Mr Hassan, a purported Major in the US Army Medical Corps, was simply nuts.

I rebel against the suggestion made byAwesome David Lawrence that Mouslems are genetically predisposed to violence. Originally when I read Mr Lawrence`s remarks I would have attributed them to the Dean. I fear the Dean`s views are not far off and the Dean regards all Islam as his enemy. I am inclined to hold toward the official view that the US is the great and the only superpower capable of combining with those inclined to be amiable and pliable in the Islamic world and of dealing with those most harshly who are not.

I do state these words with a great deal of reluctance. I have watched the Dean accurately predict the rise of the PRC and seen the blandishment of the US officialdom prove false. Of course it is my hope that if the torch must be passed among the colonies over the sea, it fall to India, the world`s largest democracy, diverse enough to support the traditions of the British standard.

On that note The Mentor bids the Dean a Most Cheery Cherio
Cherio, Dean, Cherio,
Dr James Davies, Lord Woodburry,
Mentor of The Society

Frank De Canio:
Approaching Port

This schooner`s getting tedious to steer.
But even though my briny hands still clutch
the tiller firmly, making it appear
I`m in control, it took no sailor`s touch
to navigate across the narrow shoal.
What option here to choose another course
or ply deep waters with some earnest goal
in mind? I move as though propelled by force
before a summons I can plainly hear
near shores emerging ominously stark.
I recognize with unaccustomed fear,
as my ship lists, that soon I`ll disembark
in cold, uncharted regions, so bereft,
not even murmurs of the sea are left.

The Dean replied to the Mentor in His New Years Eve Address:

The Dean`s Speech:
Bitter Irony

The Chair: The Society will come to order. Regretfully the Mentor has chosen once again to extend remarks. Please be brief as the proper place for the Mentor to extend remarks is the Mentorial.

The Mentor: Ah yes Chair and thank you for allowing me to extend remarks. There are many areas of disagreement between Dean and Mentor and I think the biggest source is hope. The Mentor still searches for the magic arrow that will set everything aright. Despite the dreary auguries of the Dean and the sing song warnings of the Indian money vendors, the Mentor accepts the Official view that the US will outlast Terrorism as it did Nazism and Communism. On the former, the Dean asserts that the US had the advantage of remoteness and a good leader; with regard to the latter the Dean states that the only thing that kept the US afloat was that the Reds stumbled first. Perhaps I conclude we needed the Reds to keep our system afloat.

The Chair: Thank you Mentor for your remarks. Dean pray proceed uninterrupted we hope.

The Dean: Greetings Lords President, Honorable Gentlemen and fellow Fullosians. The Society prides itself as the Mentor has stated on applying the logic of mathematics and the dispassion of science to political solutions. And of course since 9 - 11 we have lived not so much in terror of a second Arab attack as we have in irony.

First Cowardice became courage. Beginning with 9 - 11, we saw the US President called the voice of courage when he slinked off into hiding from an attack that was already over, but not before he left the sixth great lake on the floor of a Florida classrom. Flags went up but enlistments went down.

It is not to far from that to stretch war into peace with a war declaration by his legitimately elected successor delivered on the occasion of the Award of The Nobel Prize for Peace.

Then beginning with the patriot act, we abolished civil rights. In the interest of avoiding offence to the likely problem, the Mouslem immigrants we have the government spying on everybody. Thus to preserve the sensabilities of foreigners unwelcome in many quarters, we have the government spying on the peaceful American who has nothing to do with the terrorists. And somehow this made sense abolishing civil rights in order to preserve them to the neo-cons surrounding the Voice of Courage.

Next our official propaganda was that Islam was a religion of peace. Even the Kuwaiti prince acknowledged in an interview in the documentary The World Without US that it is not and that the Middle East is the most volitile place on the face of the planet. Yet we had people, both paid US disinformation agents and fools ready to bandwagon their way along, going around selling the line. We were also under the former Bush regime spending money to support gay and lesbian movements and feminism in Islam. The result of that policy was some horrific acts of violence when US forces were forced to pull out of Iraki cities.

However the stated aim was to make Islam a democracy. Our means were bombings and war crimes. I`m pretty sure the people the bombs fell on realised that we were not their friends, despite all the propaganda.

Yet The US media stands agape when Mr Malik Hussan, a purported Major in The US Army Medical Corps mows down US soldiers, mostly officers and mostly medical personel.

The Society tells you that the attack was forseeable and avertable. The illogic rests upon a simple fallacy dealing with the nature of war. Caeaser said never to take advice from an enemy.

I doubt he`d approve of handing an enemy a weapon.

If give your enemy a weapon, how can you be surprised when he turns it on you?

Why would that surprise anyone?

How could the Media ask a person of education and status pursue such a course?

Sun Tsu said know yourself and understand your limitations. He also said know your enemy. Thus the US enemy is willing to forgo staus and rank to get even. Look at the Mouslem Doctors who attacked Glascow Airport in their shiny SUVs. From that you could have surmised that you can`t buy them off with money and status. It is not hard to see how rank and oaths would not deter the purported Major Mr Hassan. You can trust your enemy to be your enemy. It's that simple. Yet in the merry lunacy the solution the US Army picks is to put more Mouslems in the US Army.

We live in the shaddow of the fall of the Great "Universal Empire of Greece and Rome" upon which to one extent or another the US and the UK were modeled on. I have spent many years studying the fall of Constantanople in 1453 and analyzing its causes. High Among the most significant reasons were the failure to understand the bond of Islam.


When we unseat a Muslim theocracy,
and force a democratic election
it will not produce a democracy,
or limit subsequent insurrection!

New Muslim terrorists, inspired to die,
are recruited from subjugated groups
the naive occupiers can't identify,
while they innocently smile at troops.

Our new government we dare not blame,
for policing force with tactful restraint.
We cannot brand the bombers with shame
since each terrorist is someone's saint.

Awesome David Lawrence replied:

Question Two: It will have no impact. The liberals still think that Mr. Hasan was not a terrorist but a mentally ill person. The right wing knows that he is a terrorist but they can’t get past the liberal correctness of Obama’s self-destructive government. Even George Bush announced that Mouselm is a religion of peace. The fools will continue to believe that while we continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Moslems. It will take far more than killing some soldiers at Fort Hood; after all, the left wing doesn’t even care about soldiers lives and would rather see them dead to save the poor mistreated Moslems. It will take a nuclear bomb in New York City to get our weak populace together to realize that we are being destroyed by the Moslems. That was the spirit we had after 9/11 – for a few days.

Frank De Canio:
Cuckoo Clock

If life begins its run at one o'clock
and youth gets settled in a quarter after,
adulthood takes in stride its bold tick-tock
a happy half-turn from birth's gurgling laughter.
Nor need we care or otherwise take stock
of any here or there, or hereinafter,
or fear the cuckoo down the line will shock
us with its coming hour's burgling laughter.
But when the small hand noses toward the two,
we cease to weave the yarn that time has spun
and starkly mark the ticking left to do
before the ticker tells us that it's done.
As we complete our course around the clock
its big hand hails us with the cuckoo's mock.


Obama author and expert Andy Martin questions the influence Obama`s upbringing as a Muslim has on his willingness to "crack down" on Islamic nations that are allowing Muslim anarchists to fester. Martin calls for new profiling of Muslims, both foreign and domestic. The "Psychological Profile" in Martin`s book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask" predicted in 2007 that Obama was emotionally unstable in a crisis. Martin is a candidate for Obama`s former U. S. Senate seat. U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Barack Obama is the greatest threat to U. S. national security Martin demands that Obama "stop coddling Muslims" and impose additional screening procedures on both foreign and domestic Muslims and other potential terrorists


Andy Martin says that Barack Obama is endangering national security by "coddling Muslims" Martin calls for a crackdown on Islamic nations and says as a Senator he will legislate the temporary imposition of Islamic profiling on both foreign and domestic individuals Martin says Congress must follow the "Israeli example" in focusing security efforts on security threats, not "Illinois grannies" Is Obama`s mysterious "student" trip to Pakistan a factor in his pro-Islamic attitudes? Martin says this is a "very painful day for me, but an unavoidable one" Martin will issue a "National Security Letter" to Obama at the news conference

(CHICAGO)(December 30, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent "Internet Powerhouse" Andy Martin will hold a dramatic Chicago news conference Wednesday, December 30th to attack President Barack Obama for endangering the lives of every American. "The greatest threat to American national security is sitting in the White House, in the Oval Office," Martin will charge. "Al-Qaeda is a threat. Yemen is a threat. There are threats in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Somalia represents a problem. "But the greatest threat of all to our nation is Barack Obama himself. His coddling of Muslims and his degrading of our national security capabilities endangers every American. Obama is trying to blunt the reality that his relentless political correctness and international groveling is encouraging new terrorist threats. "Obama became president without ever being vetted by any national security agency. Obama`s mysterious journey to Pakistan as a `student` becomes more intriguing every day. Who paid? How did he get there? Whom did he meet with? Obama won`t say. Yet he brags his mother was on welfare. Did he use food stamps to pay for his ticket? Obama`s silence breeds suspicion. There is no way Obama`s opaque personal history would qualify him for any U.S. Government security clearance. "Obama is mentally incapable of cracking down on Muslims. His mother raised him as a Muslim until the age of 10. He boasted of his Muslim roots in his Cairo speech. His law school education was apparently financed by some of the same Saudi extremists who were paymasters for Al-Qaeda and 9/11.

"I do not trust Barack Obama. Not for one inch, not for one minute.

"We must adopt the Israeli approach to national security and direct our efforts at pre-profiled terrorists and extremists. Illinois `grannies` are not the threat. Islamic anarchists are. "As Illinois` U. S. Senator I will immediately become Barack Obama`s most formidable opponent, and the most influential advocate of enhanced national security. I have forty years of international experience to recognize a growing risk when I see one. That`s why I believe Obama is the greatest threat to our national security. His actions encourage Islamic anarchists. "In closing, let me say this is a painful day for me. I am a strong supporter of civil liberties. I am deeply troubled that many innocent people may be inconvenienced or embarrassed by the necessity to enhance national security screening. I have the utmost respect for Islam and every Muslim, and many of my Muslim friends will be disappointed by my advocacy of the need for profiling. But my efforts on behalf of Middle East peace continue. Our national security is enhanced when we stand for peace and justice everywhere in the world. "Without national security, however, there is no `state` to protect civil liberties. We cannot allow Islamic anarchists to threaten global peace and security. I believe my oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic means just that, however unfortunate the consequences for innocent persons who are affected. I pray the need for the emergency measures will be a brief one."

Andy Martin, the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask would rate Obama as the greatest threat to national security. E-MAIL: Andy

brad martin:
pro american poetry

"United Or Divided"

from brad martin's poetry book "Elemental Eloquence"

The word united
is a total joke
we have proven
that we're divided folk

we try our best at
improving other land
but fail miserably
in the country that we stand

there's a lot of war
going on so very near
but others need help
so our problems disappear

but how can we fix
what's wrong in other places
when we still have fighting
between our own races

how can we be judge and jury
in other land's trials
when there is so much fighting
within our own lifestyles

there are so many problems
in our own land today
yet we focus on others
and say America, pay

We're too busy worrying
about some other persons mess
and yet we forget the problems
that we must address

The problems I speak of
are too many to mention
but, rest assured
they all need attention

QUESTION THREE: President Barak Hussein Obama proposes to release some of the Guantanamo prisoners for trial in the Federal civilian Courts in New York City. Do you suppose this is a good idea?

Question proposed by Awesome David Lawrence

Awesome David Lawrence replied:

QUESTION THREE: I'll answer my own question. It's a stupid idea. Does he think it makes him look better to the world to endanger our city once again? This jerk also wants to reduce our nuclear weapons when Russia, Korea and Iran are increasing theirs. He is going to release some Gitmo prisoners altogether even though at least ten per cent of them rejoin the jihad when they are freed. Who's side is this idiot on? Is it so necessary for him to look Gandhiesque that he has to risk all our lives? He is a monolithic liberal, a homogenous traitor, a consistent fool. But the real problem here is that he is our fool. That he reflects the stupidity of our population. That he mirrors our failure to stand up as a strong country. That we are him and he is we and that will be our downfall. I could see how the army would need some traitor Moslems. That's not easy to get because you never know when they'll be double agents. It's a bit dangerous and disgusting but if it can be worked then it might be alright . I just hope they respect they're differences enough to recognize that they will always be our enemies and that they shouldn't accept them as our own.

David Lawrence

Michael Levy:
Quote of The Day

"When we strip our mind down to the bare essentials we find the naked truth."

~Michael Levy

Awesome David Lawrence:

The left-wing, pantywaist, cowardly Democrats are always calling the Republicans fear mongers and chickens. It's like the school weaklings calling the football team scaredycats. It's the effemintate kettle calling the gay pot black.

This is ridiculous. Republicans don't even know the meaning of cowardliness. There is nothing cowardly about them. They are cowboys, range riders, wrestlers, men.

The Democrats are hairdressers, ballet dancers, florists, and whiners.

Tell me, if you were a Moslem, who would you rather fight? The terrorists don't even respect Democrats. They despise their immorality. Dinesh D'Souza explains that Moslems hate liberals and their illicit values. Democrats are to be swept beneath the rug with the other closet queers. How could the Democrats fight Islam? The Moslems are frightening men who kill for the slightest dishonor. Democrats are puny introverts whom Arabs make fun.

Effeminate men like Eric Holder and Mayor Bloomberg say it is courageous to hold sham, circus trials for the five terrorists in Manhattan.

Courageous is not foolhardy. Weaklings like Holder and Bloomberg can't tell the difference. They are afraid of necessary risks like war in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan but they take unnecessary, stupid and meretricious risks like provocative trials in New York. I guess that's showbiz. After all, they have a rock star president.

Democrat imputations of fear to the Republicans is like Code Pink calling Israelis "Nazis." A Jew can't be a Nazi. It is an oxymoron said by moronic leftists, discounting the sad reality of genocide and mocking it. A Republican is rarely a coward. He stands up for defending our borders, preventative war and values. A Democrat can't be brave. He runs from every chance to defend our constitution and threats to our national security.

Where are those brave gladiatorial Democrats who think we are cowards? I'd like to fight one of them. At sixty-two years old I think I could out fight Bloomberg and Holder at the same time with one hand tied behind my back. Not that Bloomberg's a Democrat just because his values are one hundred per cent Democrat and he is a complete phony who keeps buying extended terms. If they've never had a fight, they shouldn't be talking so tough. And to emasculate your betters by calling them cowards is a joke that's not funny and should result in punishment. Rome declined from corruption. America is declining from humanistic values applied incorrectly to the treatment of our enemies. It is not of our generosity. It is because the Democrats are afraid to confront anyone who might fight back. ~ David Lawrence

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