New Years Day 2010

Rockaway Park NY In the 38th Year of the Society Since 1971 "Betwixt and Between"
David Lawrence:

Socialists are atheists when it comes to God but are religious fanatics when it comes to government. They believe that the political structure is omnipotent and that the laws are vertically structured downward from the politicians to the people. They kneel before their fanatic governmental ideas. In socialism everything starts at the top and works it way down. And yet they don’t believe in God. How can this be when they are always looking up at the sky for the government to clothe them, feed them, house them, and give them their values and rules by which to live.

And yet the socialists think that religious people are superstitious fools. They mock their autocratic structures but don’t realize that religious democratic people operate under a free system that allows competing ideas and open-minded enthusiasm. American courts assign lawyers to obviously guilty criminals so that there can be a dialectic between prosecutors and defense lawyers to work out the truth. Socialism doesn’t have this option. The government is always right. The socialists are control freaks. They have generous ideas in theory which often end up restrictive and brutal in practice. They want to help man yet throughout the world their hypocritical ideas have ended up in disaster in countries where widespread executions are used to control government and culture.

How many millions have been put to death in China, Russia, Cuba, Cambodia and Vietnam? Is it a hundred million or more? More than Hitler? Yes. Will that brutal mental midget Hugo Chavez be able to follow in the footsteps of his comrades? Will American liberals emulate Chavez? Why does Obama bow to Arab and Chinese dictators? Will Obama bow to a red flag instead of the American symbol of freedom? I lost no relatives on 9/11. If I had I don’t know that I could control myself seeing that our president has three Moslem names. I wouldn’t be angry at him. He is the lucky fool who won the presidency. I would be angry at my neighbors who voted in such a mistake. Have they no shame? Have they no loyalty to the dead? Don’t they see the people jumping from the towers in their nightmares? But then, the Democrats called Obama the messiah. And as we can see our socialist Americans despite their vows of atheism are religious fanatics. Obama is not their rock star. He is their God. But he will not die for the sins of mankind. He will murder our country from the simplistic sins of his socialist intellect.



Perfection looms in God`s design,
yet I question the porcupine.
Fierce mosquitoes we sure don`t need,
and hungry fleas are tough to feed.
I don`t expect He`d plan for junk,
but then I wonder why the skunk.
Maybe God makes some boo boos too,
so he`s patient with me and you.


The God of Hope and Circumstance,
snapped his fingers and the World began.
Inventor of the sharks and fire ants,
for pundit`s praise, created man.
All life evolved by selection chance,
by expiring flaws, from ordained plan.

Was man designed for second birth,
our time on Earth, a trial event?
Could man improve, deserving Earth,
with evolving change, design intent?
Or was God faulted by wit and mirth,
and too forgiving to ask for rent.

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David Lawrence

Both Dick Cheney and Joe Biden felt that Obama would be confronted by terrorism during his first year in office. They didn’t predict that it would be twice. It has happened on our soil both at Fort Hood and on the airplane Northwest Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

During George Bush`s watch there was never an attack in America after 9/11, Bush was a cowboy. Ronald Regan was a cowboy. The wild killer Indians are afraid of cowboys. Russia dismantled. Libya gave up its nuclear weapons. Even though the ridiculous martyrs don`t mind dying they don`t want to be embarrassed by being roughed up first. But one thing they are not afraid of is an Ivy League sissy boy who is afraid to act and feels that conversation, debate, the pen and the word are more powerful than the sword. I`d like to see Obama fight a knife wielding Arab with his Mt. Blanc.

Obama has weakened us by seeming weak. The Moslem invaders are at our borders. The attacks will proliferate. Cowardice engenders competing courage and brings the suicidal maniacs out of their caves. Enough of Obama`s speeches. There is nothing more insulting than having him pontificate over our dead when his weakness is the primary cause of their deaths.

Social Clay

Inhale the atmosphere of the United States
Savor it until it becomes me
Surf through the foreign counties around
They need not be a stranger in time
In an assortment of vanity fair,
Learn variations in the laws and ways of living
Their lingo, their idioms, their commerce -
All in the fast lane where everybody races

Should I be buff, anorexic or bulimic?
What particular mask has the most approval?
Will I be blond, redhead, brunette or shaved-head?
These questions make me miss my circle of friends?
Who are friends whether I am dressed-up,
Dressed-down, or even undressed

Watch me be a clay fitting in the toughest of molds,
A rubber stretching through the threshold of elasticity
It is only within where I find the best part of me,
Not in the image of everybody else
From a clean slate, the bottom of the bottom,
I find the perfect way of beginning,
The origin that will extend to the power
To ultimately teach and inspire
I hope

Stuart Harrold:
A Modest Proposal

How to save the Treasury with The Army Corps of Engineers, the CCC, and the United States Army.

Have you ever seen a EUC? A EUC is a dump truck. I`d like to see some 18 year olds up to 22 year olds, driving some EUC`s. A EUC is so big, that you can put a regular 15 yrd dump truck, in the back of a EUC. They are not allowed on a highway. They take up about 1-3/4 lanes. They have big tires. They are used in mining operations. They are only allowed to "cross" a highway. They are this horrible lime green color. Have you ever seen a D9? The D9 is made by Caterpillar Corp. It you see a bulldozer along the highway, it is usually a D4. The D9`s are so big, they are used in big earth moving operations. I`d like to see some 18 year olds, up to 22 year olds, driving some D9`s. College students. That would be interesting. Do you know CASE? CASE is an equipment company that makes Back Hoes and Front End Loaders. You pick a size--they make um. They are orange with the letters CASE spelled in black, with "same case" letters on the side.

CASE. All of this equipment is made in the United States of America. Do you know that the United States makes more heavy equipment than any other nation in the world, which includes Russia, Japan and China. That includes Tractor Trailer Rigs, Diesel Locomotive engines, and rail cars. We have everything. Other countries don`t. We have all the equipment, ok? The CCC was formed in 1937 until 1942. Since there was a depression on, the Civilian Conservation Corps was formed. They hired 2½ million people. You had to be 18 to 25 yrs old. That`s it. They also let Native American Indians work, and veterans. A young people operation. The rest of the people had to work for the WPA, the Works Progress Administration. Now, the Army built barracks and Quonset huts around this country, in all these different states, to house these young workers. They lived on site, ate meals, worked, and made a small weekly salary, and sent money home. When WWII came along, 1942, congress ended the CCC.

During the Cold War, people in intelligence, studied the natural resources of Russia, to see how they would finance the expanding Cold War. We studied their iron ore, coal, timber, wheat crops, oil, copper, silver, gold in the Ural Mountains, potatoes, tractors, cars and shipping. Well, people here studied "our" natural resources. Nobody knew how big the Cold War would get. Where would the money come from? But during the Cold War, the Department of Defense, if need be, was prepared to mine gold, in this country, on Federal Lands. There is gold here, there was a lot in 1849, and it`s still here. But the idea got shelved at the Pentagon, one of many ideas. The DOD, was only concerned with one thing. And that was to make the most, out of what we had. Maybe that way we would win.

Suppose the Federal Government decided to start mining gold on Federal lands, enacting the CCC and using teenagers in college, during the summer, maybe skip a year, work, and save your money. There are at least several states, Idaho, California, Montana, Alaska, and the Yukon. You just tell the Army, you want barracks and Quonset huts. You`ll have them overnight. Nowadays they come with generators, hot showers, kitchens, and big screen TV`s, computers and cellular communications. For food, just park a tractor trailer with a Carrier Freezer unit, you just park it, and there is 80,000 pounds of frozen food with an adjustable computerized temperature gauge on the side of the freezer unit. You don`t need a freezer. You just park one. That`s how high tech we are—at camping. There is a picture of one on the internet, down on the border, used by the National Guard. Use the Army Corps of Engineers to run everything. They are called Engineers for a reason. They have college degrees severally. The Army? They would love to be involved in a peacetime project. If you don`t believe that, you don`t know the Army. We will let college students hear about it, around the campuses across the country. "Drive a bulldozer, a Front End Loader, a EUC Truck--a free place to stay! A job!" I say, let the college kids bail us out/ with Army Corps supervision and the CCC.

I can see it already; we`ll need separate Quonset huts for the female participants. The girls will be driving the D9`s before you know it—wearing I-Pods.

Now here`s the catch. You don`t sell one ounce of gold. That way the existing gold producers and Mining outfits won`t freak out that you are going to put the gold on the market. All of it goes straight to the Treasury.

Now listen to this. If there was just one congressman, or a senator, that proposed bringing back the CCC, (18-25 year olds), and start mining "Gold" in the United States, with college kids, the foreign markets, the currency traders, would panic. Just that you brought up "the idea," it would make the dollar go up a few cents. Just this article, might make the dollar go up, if you put the seed of an idea in enough heads. The foreign countries, even China, would be so envious! It`s our natural resources, but what is so frightening to them—is that we already have all the equipment right here! We have all the bulldozers, the trucks, and the Front End Loaders!

Now, this was an idea discussed during the Cold War by the Department of Defense, I swear to God, I just updated it, that`s all. They are the ones that said, "Use everything you have." If anybody comes looking for me, I used to live in Texas. I moved to Idaho.

Michael Levy:
Happy New Year

"You are an eternal moment in the illusion of time...In-Joy!."
~ Michael Levy

In Love & Joy
Michael Levy. Professional Optimist

Erica Rösi:

This black feather
isn`t only an extension
of the dark-eyed raven.
No, certainly, it isn`t.
Look at the hundred
v-shaped lines
joined by a single
hollow bone.
The raven is the flowing hair-comb
of Sava, a goddess
who lives in the colors
and openings
at the heart of the horizon.
Sava is a stranger to modern times
with bland face and quiet gestures.
Just follow the raven
to the uppermost boughs
of a swaying evergreen
and glimpse
the intuition of the sky.

Michael Levy:
Quote of The Day

"How well we delegate our time will determine the measure of success ... Freedom is not a slave to a clock."
~ Michael Levy
Holly Day: Sin

never thought I'd be here, voice
in my ear saying it's
over, "can't deal with
kids, if only we'd met
before your marriage"
ended, single mother
pariah, and I hate him
for regretting my child
the one perfect person I've
ever met, I hate him
for his hypothetical situations
we would have never met
before this

Awesome David Lawrence:

Everyone knows that Barack Hussein Obama is the least qualified President we have ever had. Americans wanted change. We got change. Yes, we have changed from electing serious, experienced men of substance to putting a rock star into office. Even his own party calls him a rock star. Chris Mathews gets tingles down his leg like he did at the old Filmore East concerts. Why would anyone want a rock star for president? A rock star usually is a promiscuous, drug-using, narcissistic, adolescent, adored by a sycophantic crowd.

Indeed, Obama is a sixties type rock/folk star, replete with the anti-war, pro-socialist sympathies of Crosby, Stills and Nash as well as folksy Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie. What the Democrats don`t realize is that Obama is on an adolescent trip. He`s reminiscent of our irresponsible pasts. He engages a love fest with freedom and experimentation. He is not a mature, responsible person, country or location on the map. He is not America, not a local and fixed moral center in the universe. He is an easy-rider. He belongs on a big Harley grooving out west. He should be popping mushroom with the Navaho, apologizing for America`s taking away their land, negotiating, debating, bull-shitting. He promises security while he takes away CIA tools and missile support systems that could keep us safe. He allows Eric Holder to try agents for questioning terrorists harshly in former administrations. What did Obama do before he became president? He was a rinky-dink freshman college instructor. He was a community organizer-a socialist trying to redistribute the wealth of people who earned it. He accomplished nothing as a State Senator except trying to sneak through a bill that allowed doctors to kill post abortion babies that lived. In the United States Senate he spent most of his time running for president. His parents? He never knew his father yet he identifies with his dad`s blackness even though he was brought up by his white mother and grandparents. The presidency is supposed to be staid and responsible. Obama is rebellious, revolutionary and communistic. I think we should send him over to Russia to reignite the good old communist days. We should bring Putin and Hu Jintao over here to foster capitalism. And what`s Obama`s latest. He wants to strip Medicare from the seniors who spent their lives contributing to it and give it to fifty million pseudo-uninsured who have done nothing to support it. His values are all reversed. He wants to reward those who don`t contribute by taking away the gains from those who do. It`s like some of these activist liberal judges who favor the felons over the victims. That is, until their own daughters get raped. Like Obama is raping our values and turning Darwin`s survival of the fittest on its head so that it becomes survival of the beggars. The fittest are punished for their contributions. Well, that`s alright, Obama is a rock star. Let`s sing along.

Michael Levy:
White Cap Warriors

It was a calm morning,
the ocean glistening
with magnificent sparkling diamonds,
uncountable treasures,
there to be savored, by the ob-servant eye,
Suddenly a blast of cold air sprung up,
armies of white caps began their assault
wave after wave of infantry,
apparently, all with a purpose,
seemingly, on an important mission,
Their supremacy could not be halted,
I tried to fathom their cause
why did they destroy the diamond treasures,
that innocently brought such pleasure,
unceasingly, they formed their groups
advancing, so they thought,
Their journey was not smooth
rather, rough and chaotic,
onward, towards the final destination,
a simple shoreline, that just enjoyed
its place in the sun,
finding no objective to their quest, the white caps
vanished into nothingness,
just like belligerent human beings.

J.J. Brearton:
Happy Thanksgiving


I`d like to figure out
the microwave,
but I found out today
my TV is messed up.
The government okayed it--
something about HD.
Flipped thru snowy channels--
only found one that works.
Yup, that`s progress for you--
down to one channel.

Who has time to
straighten stuff like this out?
My lovely domestic partner
(the live-in wife) and I
constantly have to be on the alert to
the inspection and registration expiring
on two old cars.

This, on top of constant emergency repairs--
brakes, tires--
air conditioning.
Since we always buy used cars,
it`s like we pay for the car,
in reverse,
a second time,
after we buy it.

So, figuring out the microwave
just never gets done.
We`ve learned not to turn on the light.
You can`t turn it off.
You hit the off button for the light
and the fan goes on. Then, you can`t get
the annoying fan noise off.
If you keep hitting stray buttons
in random order no one can remember
sometimes you can get the fan to go off,
but not the light.

out of nowhere, days later,
we realize that the microwave light went off.
Neither the wife
or the kids can explain it.
No one`s ever admitted
that they`ve been able to
turn off the light.

Don`t ask about
the buttons for the numbers.
The nine and the seven don`t work.
If you hit the seven
it registers a five.
The nine displays a three.
No, I`ve never been able
to determine what number
you have to hit to get a seven or a nine.
You usually can avoid those numbers.
Some of the other numbers
are probably inaccurate too,
but who has time to figure it out?


We had another extra microwave
for a while that we really liked.
We got it from my parents
after they died.

It had this thing inside that
made the dish spin
while it cooked.
Very cool.

Then my sister borrowed it
for a dinner party.
When we asked about it
a few months later
she said she threw it away
because it didn`t work.

Michael R. Burch:

Autumn Conundrum

It’s not that every leaf must finally fall,
it’s just that we can never catch them all.

Advice for Pope Benedict

Be fruitful and multiply?
Great advice, for a fruitfly!
But for women and men,
simple Simon, say “When!”
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