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Awesome David Lawrence:
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The suicide bomber lacks imagination. Call him an idiot. He can`t visualize his own decimated body while he can fantasize an apocryphal life in a paradisiacal world surrounded by virgins. He is not logical enough to recognize that virgins are not great in bed and that he`d be better off with hookers. He is also not empathetic enough to question why seventy-two virgins would want to have sex with an exploded beast like himself. He is not concerned enough to recognize that he has ruined the lives of numerous, innocent, oblivious families. Suicide bombers are not heroes. They are idiots. And an idiot doesn`t deserve the credit for being an accidental martyr. When the Palestinians paint their bombers` faces on their walls, they should put them in dunce caps. They should turpentine the faces of those false heroes who make them look monstrous to the world. ~ David Lawrence


Dr Charles Fredrickson:










I think a country has the right to protect the integrity of its demographics, religion and unique culture. The multiculturalism involved in the encouragement of a barbaric, misogynistic religion like Islam is merely self-surrender to primitive forces. I am glad that France outlawed the berqua and they should limit the number of mosques. It is not prejudice to try to reduce the invasion of an alien religion. It is self-preservation rather than cowardly surrender. Rick in "Casablanca" said, "We will always have Paris." Not if the Moslems turn it into Baghdad.

~ David Lawrence



Look into the burning barn.
Notice its blue electricity,
its magnesium gills,
its gardenias over Bethlehem,
its anti-establishment forked tongue
slashing outlaws best it can but
not forked quite enough to challenge
the Blood Lust Brothers.

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Charles Frederickson:


The common themes of protest movements include restless spontaneity, endemic vested interest corruption, economically frustrated jobless youth, aging authoritarian leadership negligence and indifference to the wants and needs of the local populace. The Arab Spring uprisings have effectively called for fairly balanced socio-economic transparency, featuring a vibrant civil society, political liberalization, tolerant multiversity, natural resources eco-consciousness, climate change initiatives and secularism alongside Islam.

Young and impatient, sophisticated techno-savvy activists promoted the egalitarian grassroots character of their activist movement, recognizing that a peaceful uprising was more likely to succeed than a violent one. Progressive change would require better governance and social justice, a clear leadership vision, exports/trade promotion, a more competitive business environment action plan and expanded private ownership tied to social policies.

The widening gap in the distribution of wealth and resources between the rich "haves" and the poor "have nots" can only be solved by improving the living conditions and welfare of those largely ignored but most in need. In Egypt, although the poverty rate represented by wages of $2 a day per person remains constant, the number of people suffering from severe poverty, represented by $1 a day per person has increased significantly.

Pragmatic optimists believe that sustainable reform will be able to build upon existing institutional infrastructure and longstanding traditions of civic engagement. The role of education is essential to the process of producing informed and politically engaged global citizens. Critical thinking and problem-solving life skills will help prepare self-confident students to participate fully in the interconnected new world.

An integrated region featuring a visa-free Middle Eastern free market trade zone, demands secure peaceful co-existence and hybrid identities as prerequisites. Superficial lockstep borders where ethnic and religious divides separate rather than assimilate must yield to more flexible enthusiasm and dynamism. Searching for a new sense of prideful self-esteem, the quality of being worthy of respect, calls for justice, liberty, tolerance and dignity expressed in innovative Information Technology-driven interconnected digital breakthroughs. The heartfelt desire for freedom, however, must be tempered with patience, patience and more patience in order to allow nurtured seeds of growth to take root, bud and blossom.

~ Dr. Charles Frederickson
Bangkok, Thailand

Dr Charles Fredrickson:

Sometimes you may lose sight of how far you`ve progressed, until you look down and realize how high you`ve already come toward meeting your lofty ambitions. If you stumble, pick yourself back up and dare to take risks. Try, try and try again. Continue advancing rather than retreating, aware that an unsuccessful descent may be full of hindsight splinters if you lose your shaky grasp of each and every parallel crossbar rung and slide back down.

You can become anything your flexibly open heart and curious mind desire if you want it desperately enough and pursue your goal with focused determination passion along with positive energy exuberance. You`ll need to delve deep within to discover what truly makes you happy, smile, laugh – something you truly love to do – in order to accomplish the impossible!

We are all born as bare naked one-of-a-kind originals, our fertile imagination cord becoming severed from soiled virtual reality. Our unlimited pre-conceived hopes, illusory dreams and visionary aspirations become quick change pampered to conform to high society copycat designer label one- size-fits-all expectations, filled with S.O.S.

~ No Holds Bard Sure Free-Lancerlot


Geoff Jackson:
The London Riots

London is Burning

On Thursday evening August 11th 2011, crowds tore apart the London Borough of Tottenham, setting fire to buildings, cars, police cars and even police stations. At the same time, angry crowds attacked and looted shops and were not finished until 7.00.a.m. the next day. Ostensibly, the protests centered on the police shooting of twenty-nine year old Mark Duggan but it is unlikely that most of the crowd had even heard of him or had any political motivation. In fact, it was quickly becoming clear that many of the rioters were going down in age to twelve or thirteen or even younger.

What did spark off the riots in Tottenham followed by nights of `copy-cat` riots in other big British cities? In Tottenham, policing had plainly alienated local support. Moreover, white policing had lost support in Tottenham, which is a largely multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. In fact, Tottenham is one of the most complex multi-racial centers in the whole of Europe with up to three hundred races and languages present, although the major group is that of the African Caribbean.

In addition, Tottenham had a bad reputation for drugs and few prospects for jobs. It was simply a hopeless area with high racial tension, tough police crackdowns and few possibilities for kids. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, complained of a gang culture and young violence and he may be right in putting down the riots to these factors but there is a definite racial element, too. Organized crime, however, seems to be one of the areas of social mobility within Tottenham, which otherwise has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Cameron has asked the former NY police chief, Bill Bratton, to take over as advisor to the London police. Duncan Gardham of the British right-wing newspaper, `The Telegraph` writes of two groups involved namely hardened drug groups and young looters.

What crushed the movement was the constant pressure of sixteen thousand police in the capital and 1,600 people arrested of whom seven hundred and sixteen are due to appear in High Court (so not the Magistrates Court but a court that can give a prison sentence).

Meanwhile, by August 13th , riots were spreading to Wolverhampton, Leicester, Gloucester and Birmingham, which all have large immigrant populations. In Birmingham, there were three dead after a serious hit-and-run incident. A car was seen to swerve onto a sidewalk and hit three men attempting to guard their car-wash business. They were taken to hospital, where two hung on for a couple of hours and a third had a fight for life a little longer. They were of Turkish extraction. They were two brothers and their buddy. During the riots, a lot of foreigners banded together to protect their businesses.

Although the Conservative government has said nothing of the racial nature of the rioting, it is plain that plundering, looting and gang-war have also been an aspect of inter-city areas with high immigrant populations. Basically, you have to know that Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham are noted for their high number of immigrants. There was a small pocket of disorder in Chapeltown, Leeds and because I grew up there, I also know the area is predominantly African Caribbean and that there is also a large Indian community. Otherwise, riots in Manchester and Liverpool were probably due to the presence of immigrant populations there.

However, so far the government is playing down the racial angle. In Cameron`s summons to the Army, though, and his call upon the judiciary for harsh sentences (often from two to ten years for looting), he is showing the nervousness of the British Establishment for `thugs`. These small-scale hoods in hoodies have struck terror into the heart of Britain.

~ Geoff Jackson


Dr Charles Fredrickson:

Life is like a ladder, for some to go up and others down. Before starting your steep ascent, count the rungs and shift your level-headed brains to your nimble feet. Set your ladder upon firm ground, leaning against a trusty, solid wall. Establish a reasonable goal then, once a greater sense of confidence is achieved, raise your expectations. Don`t look too far up; set your goals high, but take one step at a time. Each rung of opportunity is not intended as a rest stop, but as a foothold just long enough to put the other foot somewhat higher, on a steady never-ending climb that always extends beyond easy reach.


Dr Charles Fredrickson:

"Youth," lamented Oscar Wilde, "is wasted on the young." More than half of today`s interconnected wwworld is under 21 years of age. 5 billion mobile phones are in use vis-ŕ-vis a global population of 6 billion. Adolescents and their parents have become increasingly divided, not only by chronology but also by separate and unequal attitudes, anxieties and aspirations. Seemingly irreconcilable conflicts, involving friction and frustration between people, can only be resolved through flexible, open-minded negotiation, adaptation and evolution. Communication is the key to overcoming self-imposed obstacles, featuring honest dialogs rather than 2-way monologs. Dysfunctional family ground rules require parents to talk to their offspring rather than talking down to them – and vice-versa.

Alienated Generation XS has been labeled depraved & deprived; hapless & helpless; confused & abused, with high social pathology, low academic achievement rates. Enough is seldom enough, relatively short attention spans thriving on instant gratification and frequent rewards, obsessively in pursuit of hi-tech guiltless fun and piercing pain pleasure. The chasmal Generation Gap pits content stale old farts against desperate underage upstarts, prim hypocrisy versus smug complacency, blaming each other for maladies gone wrong. According to surveys, the top areas of disagreements are the use of technology and taste in music, followed by work ethic, moral values, political viewpoints, all skewed in favor of Senior Citizen authorities. Their Juniors, however, tend to show tolerance toward multiversity socio-cultural issues such as interracial relationships and gay marriage.

Contemporary youth, with proper supportive training, are more knowledgeable and techno-savvy than their parents, able to parallel process and multi-task hypertext. What once was, isn`t anymore. The conventional wisdom of age and hands-on experience no longer goes hand-in-hand with perceptive awareness. In Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan quotes an IBM executive as saying that his kids had lived several lifetimes compared to their grandparents when they began first grade. Our vast informational storehouse of know-how skills is expanding at a phenomenal rate, with no sign of letting up as we move into the nanotech age.

Many of the curricular busy-work mandates, rote repetition and boring drills are already obsolete, taught with methodologies that are no longer valid. Edutainment utilizing inventive computer games and video simulations can be valuable empowerment tools to learn "with" rather than "from," supplemented by creative and critical thinking guidance which promotes self-help independent access to selective research techniques. Tried-and-true basic skills development that reinforces reading, writing, logic, math and problem-solving should ensure that students are actively involved in determining effective strategies that work best for them.

~ Dr. Charles Frederickson Bangkok, Thailand


I agree with Robert Martin about Osama`s violation of the rules of war. It was disgusting.

I don`t know if God is good or loving. Perhaps, Martin is right. I hope so. I admire his belief that the Holy Spirit is non-selective. If only it were true. It`s nice that he could think we are all brothers and sisters but how do you then explain Brother Osama blowing up the World Trade Towers.

I have no answers. I`m glad Martin has some. Someday I hope to be as fortunate as him.

I am a Jew. I no longer want to be a Jew. I can`t be a member of a tribe that is so self-destructive as to vote for Obama.

From the Pharaoh to Mohammed to Hitler the world has been Jew killing. The Jews have been busy forgiving. I don`t forgive. I don`t blind my eyes to the daggers pointed at me. I don`t vote for Obama.

Obama`s father was a Moslem. His stepfather was a Moslem. He was born a Moslem. Does anyone remember that 9/11 was the act of Moslems?

Would we have elected a descendant of Japanese parents to be the President after Pearl Harbor? And yet Pearl Harbor only fessed up two thousand corpses. Ground Zero buried three thousand innocents.

First Obama was a Moslem, and then he converted to the segregationist Black Unitarian Church. If his background and his previous spiritual choices were so bigoted, how can we trust the future he wants to create for us?

So many beautiful blacks in the world. So many with whom, I have been best friends, so many with whom I have laughed; so many buddies with whom I have boxed; so many with whom I have rapped on albums and in jail. Why did we have to choose a narcissistic, utopian, angry black as President? Is it that whites know so little about blacks that they can`t tell the good ones from the bad ones?

Why are Jews liberals? Because we are hiding from the historical hatred towards us and the killings. Liberalism is a utopian placebo like socialism or communism. It is a panacea which is supposed to quell the cruelty of Nazism while not recognizing its own horrors. It is a form of rigid naivety. It is paving the highway to hell with beneficent intentions.

Jews who are liberals are stupid. They don`t recognize that central government leads to dictatorships. That communism has been a greater killer than fascism. That liberalism is not beneficent but a betrayal of our own people.

The number one liberal in the Senate was Obama. As president he is the king of liberals. He is destroying Israel. Dan Senor wrote on September 14th in the Wall Street Journal an opinion piece, "Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote." If only we have the courage to turn against him. He steps on Israel and New York Jews think he is providing desert shadow.

On September 26th John Heilemann wrote an article in "New York Magazine" entitled "The First Jewish President." Instead of discussing the anti-Semitic miasma that Obama has created he talks about how Obama is pro-Israel. Maybe in a few obscure points but the atmosphere is one in which Obama is prodding Israel towards extinction. Heilemann, like other liberal Jews, is downgrading his culture and trying to put our heads on the Moslem chopping block. He is blaming us for being victims. He is apologizing for Obama who is generally considered the greatest threat to Israel.

Until Jews give up their liberalism I can no longer call myself a Jew. I will not be a member of a self-destructive tribe. I will not encourage my brothers to walk to the crematorium. Liberalism—let my people go. Thanks for losing my religion Obama. I no longer want to be a Jew.

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