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NEW IN THE NEWS--- Dems Lose By-Election in Forrest Hills NY - 911 commemoration no prayers, no clergy - - NYC/LI survive hurricane and earthquake - - - DSK Free At Last - - - - 31 Seals lost in Afghanistan - - - - - fake memoires exposed - Wo-Bama!

Republican Bob Turner did the seemingly impossible taking the safe Democratic seat in Forrest Hills NY recently vacated by Representaive Anthony D. Weiner after Weiner wagged it on the internet. The impressive results of the by-election which saw a 55 - 45% margin of victory for Republican Bob Turner were seen as a referendum on the wayward Hussein - Obama administration. When Representative Turner takes his seat he will be the first Republican to represent Forrest Hills in The House since 1919.

9-11 commemoration went off without much of a glitch. The ceremonies went off without clergy or participation of military or emergency services. Not all the relatives of those killed in the Arabic attack were invited. BAC radio commentators descried the exclusion of the clergy, claiming it was disregard to assuage the feelings of "certain folk."

In the weeks leading up to 9-11 festivities, public parks were closed so that the Islamics could celebrate Ramadan.

Having resigned as head of the IMF, Dominique Sacks-Kalm went free of charges that he had raped a lonely looking maid at an upscale hotel. Under police protection the maid was plying her usual trade. Soon after dismissal of all charges, DSK fled to France where he is still talked about as a potential candidate for the French Presidency.

Informed observers believe that the charges were staged because of DSK`s resounding criticism of President Obama`s policy of inflating the US economy.

While Dr. Davis the Mentor of the Society strongly disagreed, with the conclusion that DSK was framed for criticisms of the US economic policies, he did observe that a pump can be primed only so many times before it is useless.

Back at home, the President announced a new round of tax cuts, this time cutting payroll taxes which support unemployment insurance, social services and medicare. Supporters of the president`s plan are that the measure will promote jobs that Social Security once a sacred cow is a little more than a ponzi scheme bond to fail anyway at some point in the near future.
Unemployment benefits will however be extended as the money flowing into the coffers to pay benefits dries up.

Shortly after the President`s announcement, he switched gears and requested tax increases.

In the occasional bit of news that seeps out of the war front, Defense Department acknowledged the deaths of the 31 Navy Seals who purported to have done the hit on the semi-mythical character Osama Bin Laudin. The Established Press claimed the loss was the greatest number of casualties on a single day. None of the names of the Seals were released.

Analysts of US propaganda asserts that the message equate the entire story line with Caligula`s declaration of victory over Minerva, goodness of the Seas. It serves two main purposes, (A) avoiding a trail back to the fictional story of a hit on a mythical character and (b) assuring the public of a low number of casualties in overseas wars.

Just prior 9-11 festivities, New York City and Long Island were rocked by an earthquake and a hurricane. The hurricane billed as the storm of the century raised more hoopla than destruction and presented photo ops for the politicians uttering draconian evacuation orders.

Locally, a FEMA officials suggested that police pay off local preachers to go around to collect weapons from people who choose to ride out the storm as they had done in Mississippi. Police rejected that suggestion. "It might have worked in Mississippi, but not here."

In the midst of tragedy there is humor. Another fake memoire has been exposed. In this one another claimed to have trekked through Pakistan and Afghanistan, to set up clinics and schools, only to face capture by the Taliban and to manage a fantastic escape. His heart-warming book was a best seller and he netted $60m in sales and contributions before his fraud was discovered. According to one expert, the author had previously attempted to market the book as a novel before pawning it off as a personal first hand account.

These sort of incidents are creating a new genre called creative non-fiction or creative journalism, but in an era in which The Establishment Press uncritically casually accepts US propaganda why should an author be pilloried for having profited from exploitation of the wishful thinking of a gullible public?

suggested by Dr Charles Fredrickson

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."
- Bishop Desmond M. Tutu


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