Rockaway Park NY 11694 * January 1 2011 * * in the 39th year of the Society "For God Republic and Society

The Chair: This is the occasion of the Dean`s annual speech faithfully delivered at the stroke of 12 on New Years Day. However I have been asked to accept a report from the Mathematical Committee. Dr. Davis you may render your report.

The Mentor: Ah yes, Chair, Lords President, and fellow sociable, I have greatly enjoyed the proceedings of the Mathematical Sessions of the Society with the burst of activity running off to the Electronic Point of Contact, reviewing material in advance of such sessions, and carefully recharging the neurons. It was a most exhilarating experience.

The Chair: Thank You, Dr. Davis, may we proceed with the Dean`s speech?

The Mentor: One Second, while I review my notes. As you know, Chair, I am generally accused of ignoring the Society, while I check my notes. Ah yes here it is, the Mentor believes that with all General Petraes` victories in IRAK, he would be a suitable candidate for President. It would sum that General Petraes` principal virtue is keeping the bad news out of the paper. Now that President Barkak [Hussein] Obama has declared or defined victory in Irak, we can look forward to a similar victory in Afghanistan.

The Chair: Indeed mentor, indeed. In the Second World War we had to declare victory of Germany once and over Japan once. How many times need President Hussein Obama declare victory in these wars? It`s a pity the Arabs haven`t listened when they were told they lost.

The Mentor: But Lord Chair, President Barkak [Hussein] Obama has declared he will make India a member of the Security Council. Indeed, he must be leading the world`s only super power to accomplish such a feat. Surely such a power can but with a waive of the hand declare world peace.

The Chair: Anything else Mentor?

The Mentor: One more matter. I have been accused by the Society of hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty in my criticisms of the law of the Sea Treaty. As you know the treaty puts stringent controls on the maritime industry, but only the US enforces them and only then against its own ships. Foreign flags pretty much do as they wish. I have been told that the Law of Sea, one sided, as it is, is the type of "fruity liberal hogwash" that the Mentor is known to embrace. Upon reflection upon the Society`s accusation that the Mentor approves of "fruity liberal nonsense" when it affects other people but jealously protects his own interests without the slightest reservation or regard for "fruity liberal notions," the Mentor admits the apparent contradiction.

The Chair: Why not just admit the hypocrisy? Wouldn`t that be simpler? And I do believe, come to think of it Mentor, the Society has most generously offered to cure all liberals of all their guilt: deeding their houses over to the nearest Indian tribe, making them run a gauntlet, a few rounds in the ring with Fearsome Awesome…a free scalping to boot. What could be finer? In normal circumstances a liberal like yourself would retch at the thought of a US ship arriving in port with some worthless or as you put it the poor unfortunate and downtrodden dangling from the yard arm.

The Mentor: We could merely keep pictures of the pirates dangling from the yard arm out of the papers. Indeed to the contrary, Chair, we provide captured pirates with first class dental care abroad our naval vessels and give stranded ones the high seas enough gas to get ashore. The rate of piracy continues, ship-owners will discontinue transporting free grain to the affected countries.

The Chair: we treat this as continued insanity to feed them to gas them up and to provide medical care to enemies of America. Yet how do you reconcile your advocacy of a tough line with your liberal and humanitarian inclinations?

The Mentor: It is the basic principal of the Society to promote the American flag on the sea.

The Chair: Under a proper government, Mentor, which we have not had for years. The subject is closed. Is there anything else?

The Mentor: Ah yes the Queen`s Speech. Queen Elizabeth stunned her audience with her Christmas address on a topic no one expected == Let me see if I have it here - - -

The Chair: Sports, Mentor, the Society assumes that her Queenship was displeased over something in politics and was sending a message. Unfortunately, with US newspapers being so vacuous, we probably can`t figure out what occasioned her Queenship`s displeasure or to whom her dissatisfaction was directed. Now with the Matters the Mentor has brought before the Society disposed of we will attend to the Dean`s Annual Address.

The Mentor: Oh yes Chair, There is one last matter.

The Chair: Make it the last.

The Mentor: I was reading His Scholarship`s paper on Earl Warren. I cannot describe how ecstatic I was when I read it. Indeed, I was most impressed with Earl Warren`s uncanny sense of fairness as the overriding principle in Constitutional issues, rather than wordy legalism and stodgy precedent.

The Chair: And of course if you read the paper to the end you would have found that it described the state of chaos that emerged from The Warren Court in which there are more civil rights in theory but a developing police state in practice. Now, can we return, without further interruption, to the proceedings of the evening? Shall we hear the Dean`s speech?

The Dean: Greetings, Lords President, Honorable Chair, Mentor and Fullosians. I certainly miss having his presidency to kick around. In the words of Jacques Chirac The Bush represented all that was wrong with the United States, but in the process was quite a comic relief, destroying civil rights in the name of civil rights, promoting an imaginary nice Islam while bombing the stuffing out of a very war like people, all without an adequate armed force, encouraging war crimes then having show trials of those least responsible. To those who urge sanity, the Regime turned a deaf ear. Now the Regime is gone and we do have a legitimately elected President Barak Hussein Obama. And the situation he faces of wars in Irak, Pakistan and Afghanistan are beyond control. The treasury is broke and we have to pay for the excesses of the former regime. If I were Barak Hussein Obama`s best friend I`d tell him to defect to Finland where he`d be beyond reach, too cold for the Arabs, too remote for the Chinese, too tough for the Russians and the US, well, they have no idea where that is. He could sell AF One to some Arab oil sheik on EBAY.

Is there nothing that can be done? Yes there are some measures that might rebuild the US, but would incur pain, loss or prestige and loss of the illusion of world leadership such that we could no longer command save the people of Ivory Coast to install the President we want.

First: The national debt in the hands of foreigners whether resident here or not needs to be renounced. This will certainly end investment which does not benefit the American people anyway.

Second: The currency needs to be made non-convertible. It would only be redeemed for US products. This would make purchases of foreign goods difficult but would encourage the regeneration of local industries.

Third: The armed Forces need to be called home and refitted to defend the Motherland.

Fourth: Tariffs need to be erected against imports for a period of time.

Five: Immigration needs to be discouraged. We have no need for additional troublemakers. We have enough problems here and have no need of honor killings, beheadings and road side bombs and people who have neither the ability nor desire to assimilate. I Dream of Jeanie costumes are cute - - somewhere else.

The Mentor: Point of Order, Lord Chair, this raises the exact point of contention that the Dean has persistently raised that there is no such thing as an Arab American.

The Chair: Out of order. Dean proceed.

The Dean: I say this with no hatred force the Arabs or Americans. They are inconsistent and incompatible species. The former is a community of the faithful; the latter is a political community. Neither can intersect. And we need to provide jobs for American people. This can only be done by denying jobs to foreigners. I will proceed. Likely nothing will be done. However the end is the same whether we continue on the current path or not.

Eventually the Europeans whose economy was racked by US debt crisis will figure out that no one here intends to repay them, unless of course they get paid in depreciated US currency watered by printing money without backing. Good sense should tell them to stay away from underwriting US debt. Thus there will be no more borrowing room anyway.

The advantage of renouncing the debt and giving the jolt is that the US will be better prepared for the fallout free of foreign debt. After watering the currency, US officials will find that no one wants it any more.

Recalling the remaining troops home would be a measure that would probably eat away at the ego of US politicians and US liberals. However, the illusion of world leadership is all that is left. In terms of real power the US losses in Irak and Afghanistan both in terms of people and equipment mean that US power is eroding as we speak. There is neither the money nor the will to replace the losses. The real danger is that at collapse of the US unlike the collapse of the USSR, the Armed forces isolated at great distances overseas will simply be lost or abandoned. Soviet Russia had the advantage of having the bulk of its forces stationed in contiguous countries. Without difficulty, the collapsing Soviets were able to recover their Armed Forces upon dissolution of The Soviet Empire. At worst, The Red Army could walk home. Recalling the troops, now, means that at some future date there will be a nucleus to rebuild.

Tariffs will give US industry a chance to rebuild. It will mean in the short run that US consumers will not be able to buy cheap foreign goods. However as the money depreciates by printing more without backing, that eventuality will occur anyway. At least by encouraging US industry we will have an industrial base to rebuild.

As you can see the end is the same whether we stay on the current course or take the initiative. By taking the initiative we will have the advantage of preparing to rebuild. By leaving things go, at collapse, there will be neither be an industrial base, an armed force capable of defending the motherland nor believe it or not an immigrant workforce. Heck those people owe you nothing. Do you expect them to work for you for free? We will have a potential for communal violence that typifies those people`s behavior.

The greatest loss of taking the initiative and bringing on the new state of affairs is the loss of the liberal elite`s pride. A liberal is unlike us. They have no self identity outside of the faddish causes they must embrace and their single-minded pursuit of self-interest to a childish extent as they exude self-righteous moralisms. If they can`t strut around proclaiming their moral superiority, their very purpose will be lost.

Frankly, I don`t care if the people in Cote D`Ivoire refuse the US-UN sponsored president. Most real Americans could care less, but those liberals thrive on creating strife for other folk and then proclaiming themselves morally superior. Ego can only sustain itself so long. The gap between the dire reality and perception can no longer be maintained safely. If to save the country we must sacrifice the ego of the liberals, then the sacrifice must be considered small.

Susan Marie Davniero:


Winter begins
Breath of winds
Whirling breeze
Barren trees
Silent snow
Frozen below
Icicles on edge
Frosty ledge
Warmth without
Coldest shout
Sun tucked away
One wintry day
Darken sights
Winter nights


Winter’s gift
Floating adrift
Snowflakes flight
No two alike
Winter time
Supreme design
Clouds snowflakes fall
If flakes come at all
Winter’s beauty
Crystal symmetry
Snowflakes around
Kissing the ground

Winter’s fall from grace
Pardon snowflakes place
An ice beauty before
Melts into nothing more
ETHICAL QUESTION: Juan Williams was fired from National Public Radio for admitting that he was fearful on airplanes when he was flying with people dressed in Muslim garb. Should people in the wake of 9 - 11 and continuing warfare in the Middle East be fired from employment for expressing reservations about travelling with Mouslems?

Question proposed by Awesome David Lawrence.

Juan Williams was fired from NPR for working on Fox News and for admitting that he was fearful on airplanes when he was flying with people dressed in Muslim garb. Does this confirm that leftist stations like NPR are against freedom of speech and do not really want open dialogue despite their complaints about fictitious right wing prejudice? Do they throw stones of bigotry against right wingers to hide their own prejudice? Are the leftwingers the real fanatics and zealots?

Awesome David Lawrence

Ray Gallucci:


Life is like a downhill stroll surrounded by a mist.
Cannot see where you are going, then you reach the cliff.
There it so abruptly ends, expecting it or not.
Gone your relatives and friends, and everything you got.

While you`re walking you can hear the voices all around.
Cannot tell if far or near when echoes all abound.
Some could be quite far ahead, and others way behind.
So how close to cliff you tread no chance for you to find.

Some like wartime`s soldiers race pall-mall to meet their doom.
Other`s plod at turtle`s pace so fearful of the gloom.
Cannot know from where you started distance to abyss.
Time until you`re "dear departed" comes as hit or miss.

Only inkling death`s approaching? If you recognize
One less voice that comes encroaching as an old friend dies.
Once you`re born you can`t stop walking down life`s lonely hill
To that final fatal falling. Time just won`t stand still.


My planet met the Death Star,
So I`m now without a home.
Throughout the System Solar
Far and wide I`m forced to roam

In search of other planet
That will have the gravity
To lock me into orbit
Once again unthreateningly.

For no one wants a moon
As roguish as myself adrift
Where I may smash into
A world and cease it to exist.

Geoff Jackson:
Fate Makes Strange Plane Fellows

Today planes fly from and to every corner of the globe and airline companies do not publish passenger lists for you to peruse (Mohammed, Hassan, Yusuf) before you buy your ticket. We have recently seen that Saudiyya (Royal Saudi Airlines) and Emirates (from United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.) recently brought in bombs with electronic timers originally planted in Yemen.

The risks are very real that Arab terrorists will board planes bound for the USA and create Mayhem among American passengers. But there are supposed to be strict airport controls. That is why you wait in line forever for a baggage and body scan, why lip-stick and baby`s bottled milk is searched etc. When are passengers going to feel safe and when will they in fact be safe?

Of course, Americans will feel safer with other Americans doing the checks. So flights out of American airports checked by American personnel will be felt to be safer than other flights. However, it is not possible for Americans to conduct body searches in – say – Heathrow, England, Rome, Italy or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. No, these are independent countries and will want to conduct their own security. Under some circumstances, some – let`s say Middle East countries – will want to buy search apparatus and undergo training in the US but that is as far as it goes.

There is indeed a real danger that a human bomb will walk on a plane to detonate him/herself during the flight. There is also the danger that baggage in the hold will explode. Most of the people today, who are terrorist, are of Moslem origin. Radical Islam in many countries has called up to jihad and propagated a culture of terrorism calling upon the Faithful to offer their lives in the Holy War. I can well imagine Juan Williams from Fox News getting nervous at the sight of Arabs in Middle East garb climbing onto a plane to travel with him. I believe I also in embarking upon a flight and especially at the moment of going through Security ask myself if I will ever arrive safely. Many times a week, I thank my lucky stars that I live in an out-of-the-way place and the Big Bang of a terrorist bomb will probably come elsewhere.

The question arises as to why Juan Williams was fired. Was it for scare-mongering? Were the airline companies afraid they would lose passengers? Was it for expressing a sentiment directed against a certain ethnic group? Probably, the latter.

However, sometimes crime is ethnically related. Hispanics are more involved in crime. Foreigners are more involved in crime. Men commit more crimes than women. Is it wrong to state such facts? Should those stating them be fired because they will hurt the feelings of the groups concerned?

It is not true to say that the Moslem religion is like a flower and garden society social club similar to Episcopalians and Reformed Judaism. It is however true that there are moderate Moslems and firebrand, intolerant Christians. However, it is regrettably true that many Moslem organizations these days are terrorist and that they have vowed to take revenge upon America and the West.

I firmly believe that every man is my brother and I include in this all Moslems. However, one must also be practical and say that discontented Moslems in America and Europe furnish a hotbed of terrorism.

Finally, the question arises as to whether Juan Williams should have been fired from Fox News for expressing the views he did. Plainly, Fox News did not consider that he had a right to voice his views on their air time. Perhaps they were right. They have after all their point of view and viewers watch Fox News because they agree with it. Fox News will have been annoyed if ratings went down as a result of a forthright commentator sharing unpopular views with the nation.

However, a journalist also has a responsibility to himself. He should speak up and tell the truth and not just pander to the whims of his public. He should be allowed freedom of speech. If everything were no more than a question of ratings, there would be little truth left. In my view, therefore, the journalist in question should not have been fired for expressing a view, which so many feel. Speaking out and speaking the truth it seems is not what Fox News is interested in and since Fox News is the biggest News Corporation in America, that is sad news for America and bad news for freedom and democracy.

Ray Gallucci:

If the sign says "Credit Card,"
Better not believe it.
"La macchin`non funziona."
Cash again depleted.

For it seems in Italy
Paper still beats plastic,
Buying electronically
Borders on fantastic.

Unjustifications fail to convince.

Dr Charles Fredrickson

Ray Gallucci:

(Reflecting upon Leonardo da Vinci`s sketch "Vitruvian Man")

As body parts fall by the wayside,
I wonder how soon it will be,
Like passengers dropped from a hayride,
No more will be entity me.

My hair was the first to go AWOL,
Then cartilage from my right knee.
Now tooth that`s been with me since grade school
Has left its post permanently.

I walk with a knee made of metal,
And chew with a tooth made of glass.
How long will it be till I settle
Down into a hybridized mass?

For wouldn`t it be quite ironic
If after replacing my parts,
I`m reincarnated bionic
Unable myself to restart.

I regard the Juan Williams incident as typical of the schizophrenia we've endured since 9-11.

On one hand the US wants to fight bad Islam but on another it wants to welcome Islam as a new form of Episcopalianism.

In a real world, Islam is what it is. One never knows what will touch Arabs and other Islamics off or when Allah will tell them to do the unthinkable. Thus it is wise to keep an eye peeled when they're around.

Thomas Dean
Susan Marie Davniero:

March on proud, heads high
Loved ones behind, goodbye
Shared patriotism is the lure
For the men of war

To foreign lands they elope
Armed with bravery and hope
Commanding orders roar
For the men of war

Witness to a bloody bath
The horrors of war’s wrath
To recall what they saw
For the men of war

Battle warfare wound
They are doomed
Whatever for
The men of war

Phantom casualties speak
Military widows weep
And plea, “No more”
For the men of war

Military honors bequeath graves
Bugle taps and flags wave
Eternal peace forever more
For the men of war

Ethical Question: From the BBC, many Indians in Britain are complaining that the Indian companies located in Britain that they work for are carrying over caste distinctions from India. Caste strictures follow Hindis to the Home Islands from the former Raj when they choose employment with an Indian firm for which they are given a preference. There is now a proposal in England to outlaw Indian caste discrimination which has spilt over into the mother country with the inundation of immigrants from the former Raj.

Should immigrant groups be able to use the civil processes of Western countries to combat the caste system of India when they choose to work for an Indian Company?

Cast off the bonds of caste!

Andy Martin

Susan Marie Davniero:

Its winter days
The calendar says
Brisk wind breeze
Stands barren trees

A darkening sky
Clouds passing by
Whispering sound
Snow is bound

Journey is old
Winter’s toll
No ray of sun
Till winter’s done

As with raw oysters, shell-shucked irritation can produce semi-precious pearls.

Dr Charles Fredrickson

Harrison Alfred Andrews:
Look Away

(to the tune of Dixie; from his patriotic album)

Oh I wish I was on a Holy War
Road-side blasts, no big chore
Look Away, Look Away, Look Away
Here we come

Holy war was first sworn
early on September morn
Look Away, Look Away, Look Away
Here we come

I wish I was on a Holy War
Hurray, Hurray
On Holy War Arabs take a stand
facing down the Great Satan

Hurray, Hurray
Off we go on jidah!

recently heard on TV during interview of child whose arm was broken and bullied because he was a cheerleader-- it was mentioned that George W. Bush had been a cheerleader

Jim Brearton

Mike Burch:
Cast off the bonds of caste!

The sooner we end all discrimination based on race, caste, creed, etc., the better. This is so obvious, it should go without saying. Britain, of all nations, should understand this, since it was British racism in the form of colonialism (a method of exporting feudalism to less powerful countries for the sake of economic gain for imperialists) that led to American slavery, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Trail of Tears, and a whole litany of global horrors and terrors. All these events are rooted in feudalism and the idea that “superior” beings are entitled to gain economic benefits from the enslavement of “inferior” beings. Blacks were inferior to whites, hence whites were entitled to “benefits” at the expense of blacks. Native Americans were inferior to whites, hence whites had the “manifest destiny” to dispossess them. Asiatic Indians were inferior to whites, hence Britain was entitled to rule India. When Germany, Italy and Japan chose to compete with Britain and create similar colonial empires, the result was World War I and World War II. Hitler’s main goal was colonial: he wanted lebensraum (“living room”) for the Chosen Few (i.e., Aryan supermen).

And it was British colonialism/feudalism In the Middle East that led to one disaster after another there. Arabs were inferior to Christians and Jews, hence Britain was entitled to rule the Middle East. The British government, led by Christian Zionists like Winston Churchill, chose to ignore the rights of the Arab majority and, while preaching glorious sermons on “democracy” to the rest of the world, showered favoritism on Jews whose clear intention was anti-democratic: to establish minority rule in Palestine. Once the Jews had established minority rule, they could then expel as many Arabs as possible, thus creating a “reverse democracy” with the help of British largesse and cannons. Eventually Harry Truman would capitulate to the advances of a charismatic Zionist, Chaim Weizmann, abandon American ideals, and with typical American hubris and hypocrisy, recognize the new “democratic” state of Israel when in reality it had created itself unilaterally as a Jewish state with bothering to hold an election or create a constitution. Israel still doesn’t have a constitution to this day, nor is it a democracy that establishes and protects the right of minorities.

The result is a world where the illusion of “equal rights” and “democracy” prevails. But the sordid truth is that nations like “Great” Britain and the “United” States of America still practice imperialism, feudalism and colonialism abroad. Yes, we have made considerable progress within our borders, and that progress is meaningful. But how much does it “mean,” if we end up fighting World War III and living (if anyone survives) through a nuclear Armageddon? What will our legacy be, for our children and grandchildren, if any of them survive to consider our legacy?

If we are at least as wise as beauty pageant contestants . . . wise enough to long for and dream of world peace . . . then it’s time to end all racial discrimination: both at home and abroad. Let’s stop preaching hypocritical sermons on the glories of equal rights, self-determination and democracy to a disbelieving Muslim world that only too well understands the horrors of what we are actually doing. Instead, let’s practice what we preach, and stop funding and supporting the racial injustices of Israel and other nations that refuse to embrace democracy. If and when such nations “come around,” let’s congratulate them and welcome them into the fold, but not before. Who are we to inflict such misery on South African blacks, or Palestinian Arabs, by befriending and supporting their racist overlords? Who are we to preach sermons on “democracy” when we are funding and supporting a new Holocaust: the NAKBA of the Palestinians? Who are we to have children and grandchildren, if we bring them into a world where feudalism, imperialism and colonialism continue to reign? After all, we know what happened when our founding fathers were subjected to British feudalism: they rose up and slaughtered their overlords. If we continue to act like feudal overlords, how can we avoid the same fate?

Mike Burch

Susan Marie Davniero:


Here he stands
Glorify the man
Honor the military
Citing bravery

Of distinguished valor
Noble qualities to savor
Brave amidst gore
Plague by war

Reward for gallantry
Military cavalry
Heroism derives
Saving lives

Beyond call of duty
Fight for liberty
Triumph over adversary
A hero is legendary

At time of war
For all they endured
A medal on their chest
Salute America’s best!


(My Dad - Gerard Fischetti WWII)

The Pearl Harbor attack
There was no turning back
December 7, 1941
Will live in infamy
With Japan’s Rising Sun
The war has begun

President Roosevelt’s command
Rally every able man
For army, navy, or air
To go over there

D-Day June 6
Freedom at risk
Naval forces invade
Paratroops lands a raid
Airborne troops bombard
Foot soldiers infantry
Walking history

Battle of the Bulge rage
Germans and Americans rampage
Military’s adversity
Allied forces affinity
Atomic bomb blast
Victory at last

Geoff Jackson:
Multi-Culti and Caste Discrimination in Britain

The question of how far immigrants should be allowed to maintain their own culture, dress and culinary habits, language and religion has become acute in post-War Britain, which has seen such heavy immigration over the past sixty years. How far should these immigrants integrate? Should they intermarry only with themselves? Live in a ghetto? How far should the host country go in prohibiting discrimination on grounds of ethnic origins, skin color etc.

Now a new light has emerged in the debate on multi-culturalism with regard to Indians or, as they are now called, South Asians. ‘Indians’ come from Pakistan or Bangladesh and tend to be Moslem, or India and Sri Lanka, where they tend to be Hindu. Usually, those from the North are light-skinned and those from the South are almost black. It is ‘better’ to be light-brown!

When waves of Sanskrit-speaking invaders galloped in their chariots onto the North Indian plains some short time after the Egyptians had finished building their pyramids, they brought with them a class or caste system. At the top of the hierarchy were the Brahmins or priestly class; then came the warrior class (septa’s) and so to the business class. At the end of the scale were the pariah’s or Untouchables, who took care of the garbage and many other elements of dirty work. The only way to change your class was through death and reincarnation because, of course, the top class had ‘earned’ their position of wealth and privilege. It was their ‘kharma’ or ‘Destiny’ and ‘dharma’ or tradition, law, custom and values held the whole together. Along with the caste system go honor killings or the murder of a woman by her father and brothers for transgressing caste and sexual values e.g. love marriage, extra-marital affairs and cross-caste marriage. In cross-caste marriages (which can include Sikhs), both the man and the woman are killed. Marriages are arranged marriages or, marriages concluded by the parents sometimes with the help of a hired match-maker, and usually with a dowry or money to accompany the bride. The practice of suttee has not yet been put down but continues especially in the North in the villages of the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This is where the widow is immolated or cast alive on the funeral pyre of her dead husband and thereby becomes a goddess. Many widows are sent to the holy city of Benares on the Ganges, where their heads are shaved and they wear black and have no more contact to their families. Superstition means that some women are regarded as witches and they are also burned. Many girl babies are murdered as simply useless mouths to feed and for whom there will be no dowry later. Many old people are starved to death by their relatives because they can no longer be supported economically. Children are sold off as slaves by their parents in order to pay their debts to the money-lenders and these children are put to work and often sexually abused. By law, homosexuals are hanged.

This is the culture now that is to be imported into Britain? Plainly, not everything is acceptable. Honor killing is plain murder as is female infanticide. Dowries and arranged marriages go on, although I am not sure what the law in Britain says about them. Danish law flatly forbids arranged marriage and treats it as rape. Let us turn to the question of employment related to the issue of caste. Within India, companies discriminated in their employment policy on the basis of caste as in South Africa, many issues were decided on the basis of Pass Laws and apartheid, or in the Deep South (and even today in the North), Afro-Americans were discriminated against. In all the time the British ruled India, they were unable to do anything about caste. However, should caste be accepted in Britain among the Hindu’s, who have come from South Asia. It is not just a pretty dot on a woman’s forehead. It is her right and duty to marry only those of the same caste. Men also in employment are now being discriminated for and against in Britain on the basis of caste by Indian companies, either owned by Indian proprietors in Britain or operating from an Indian mother company in Britain.

Plainly for a country that has laws against discrimination, this is unacceptable. You cannot make a law forbidding ‘white’ companies to discriminate against people of West Indian, Hong Kong or South Asian descent and turn a blind eye to Indians discriminating against other Indians. Race and gender equality laws in Britain must apply to those of South Asian origins as much as any other and the Courts must enforce them. Having said that, it has to be admitted that just as with Hispanics in the US or even older groups like Jews, Irish or Afro-Americans, integration takes time and the Melting Pot in America has never really melted down all the different immigrant groups in the East. Tolerance toward other cultures in Britain is also important. The absorption and integration of immigrant societies will take more than one generation. However, there can be only one law for us all. In my view, discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexual preference should be banned. Ergo, Indians may not be allowed to discriminate against other Indians on the basis of caste in Britain. Not all the customs of the sub-continent are acceptable in a civilized country.

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