Rockaway Park NY 11694 * January 1 2011 * * in the 32nd year of the Society "For God Republic and Society

Obama-nation?Is that a country where little girls and boys moo to a myth of parental dominance? Is it S & M? Is it a country where morons pretend they are educated because they sympathize with weaklings and welfare recipients? Is it a land where a dictator-in-waiting still pretends that he cares for the people? Is it Mussolini in mufti?

I think we have a mole in the government. I say this because he is pushing hard to ratify the New START treaty during the lame-duck session. He seems unconcerned that the treaty is weaker than the one it replaces, that it provides no limits on the number of warheads Russia can place on a missile it is testing, that it does not limit the number of spare missiles and warheads that Russians may store, that it limits U.S. nuclear modernization and has treaty constraints on our missile defense.

Surely, a mole who would endanger us by the START treaty is a clear and present danger to this country. Our case against this man is further confirmed when we realize that he is the same traitor who endorsed a stimulus program that stimulated no new jobs, the same alien who insisted that we put more Moslems in NASA, allow a mosque at Ground Zero, stop Israeli settlements in Jerusalem; the same mole who nationalized our health program, diminishing aid to Seniors, bankrupting the country; the same joker who nationalized our banks and tripled our national debt.

This infiltrator must be stopped. He must be weeded out of the government in which he has done more harm from within than actual communism did from without. If he were not naïve but sincerely treasonous he could not have harmed us more. He has burrowed his way into the best government in the world and turned us into a potential third world country. He is the bonneted vicious nanny of a foolish liberal state. This mole`s name is—no, no, he must remain the nameless, dangerous one like the singer formerly known as Prince. Shucks, you know, it`s Obama.

Jon Mathewson:
Be Thou Warned

Zombies are on the march again.
It must be that time of the year.

The bar fills up with refugees.
Eyes turn to the opening door

letting in cold air, and human
patrons, we hope, without disguise.

Stone walls offer some protection
but zombies always find the way

to wherever we find ourselves,
lurching, bumbling, stumbling, mumbling...

Don`t let the zombies eat your brains!
Don`t let the zombies eat your brains!

We leave, anxiously, looking out
for twitching movements behind cars.

Enough friends have disappeared.
We have learned caution and stealth.


Stalin said that American liberals are "useful idiots." Doesn`t that tell these silly boys something? Don`t liberals realize that they are fools who aid and abet their own enemies? Liberals proudly say that they are not communists. That they are socialists. As if that is somehow different. As if national healthcare doesn`t bankrupt the taxpayers and favor the near-do-wells over the hapless, generous seniors. As if governmental concentration doesn`t lend itself to authoritarianism and possible dictatorship. If a monster like Stalin could see through liberal fools and laugh at their self-destruction, how is it that liberals can`t see themselves as enemies of civilization while they reapportion other peoples` wealth into their own greedy pockets?


Soros is contaminated with a need to destroy capitalism while profiting from it. He has scabs of false benevolence while he wants to destroy economies such as the bank of England. He would probably like to see a revolution in the streets even though he couldn`t beat up his sister. Does he have a sister? Did he sell her property to the Nazis back in Hungary?

Soros must wear a lot of make-up during his television interviews because he manages to hide the acne and the ugliness of his global tendencies. He sketches benevolence over his eyelids with deceptive eyebrow pencil and pretends he is a concerned citizen while he tries to dismantle the world as we know it.

Soros reminds me of my college days. He is a sophomore with the finances of a university, caught up in childish failed ideas while he tries to inadvertently drive the world down the tubes.


Obama concedes that he took a shellacking at the midterm elections. However, his modesty is not sincere; it is feigned in order to pretend that he has been humbled. It is a play to win the favor of his disenchanted public.

Many of the pundits feel that Obama is too much of an ideologue to triangulate like Bill Clinton did. They don`t realize that Obama is only an ideologue when he is in a position to bully. He jammed health care, cap and trade, financial reform, etc. through when he knew that the Republicans only offered weak opposition. He beat up the Republicans when they were the weaklings in the school yard, when he could afford to be an ideologue. Now that the Republicans have learned to fight he will retreat behind the swing set and the sliding ponds.

Given that the Republicans have some power again Obama will back down. After all, he is no longer the baddest man on the planet. Like Mike Tyson after losing to Buster Douglas he will lie against the ropes and whimper. He loves being champ so much that he will begin to compromise. You can`t forget that this is the same weakling who never cast a vote outside of "present" in the Illinois senate in fear that his positions might be revealed. He didn`t even vote against partial birth abortions.

As for his ability to compromise, he sent troops to Afghanistan at the same time that he announced the date of their departure. He plays to both sides when he is unsure about his strength. His current weakness is apparent.

Expect some compromise from Obama now. Just enough to make it look like he sincerely wants the best for the country now that he doesn`t have the support to batter us. The pundits give him too much credit when they say that he will stick to his ideology. He is a narcissist. His real ideology is his glorified self. He will not stand in the way of that. He will not side with his own positions now that the midterm elections have taken away his power to bully.


Our nanny state is now giving out cell phones to welfare recipients. Hey, I have an idea, why not give them vacations in the south of France to provide them some stress-relief from their lack of jobs? And we can give them car service vouchers so that they don`t have to ride subways and risk being mugged by their ilk.

Also if we keep them out of the subways we won`t have to risk their tendencies to beat commuters up, risking criminal records. We`ll save money on their jail sentences.

Hey, maybe we can turn bums into rock stars like Obama. We can have Claes Oldenberg do sculptures of them sitting on bus stop benches and exhibit them in the Modern Museum of Art.

Why don`t we buy our male welfare buddies memberships in dating services so that they might develop satisfactory relationships with internet women and quit raping strangers? They can fill out questionnaires for eHarmony.

These lucky welfare recipients are doing better than me. They get free Obama phones and seventy minutes of air time each month. I have to pay a hundred dollars a month for my lousy phone and I can barely come up with the dough.

If only I were a poor, uneducated, money grasping incompetent I could earn a free phone from the beneficent, tax-grubbing Obama. At last Obama has given failures the incentive to fail. He is rewarding them with other people`s earnings.

One day I hope to end up in jail so that I can call my pro bono lawyer on my spanking new Obama phone.


Ring Ring Telephone Ring
Ringing Bells Make Lawyers Sing!

-- jd collins d`apres IF ALL MEN WERE ANGELS


The potheads say that we should legalize marijuana because we have already legalized alcohol. Do two wrongs make a right? Besides, alcohol can be used socially without getting high whereas marijuana always makes you high. Furthermore, there are people, such as myself, who are allergic to marijuana and freak out, hallucinating and getting delusional.

Although I smoked marijuana as a teenager and may have used other drugs, I look back as those experiences as terrible and dangerous. To be honest, marijuana, which was considered to be mild turned out to be one of the worst.

Allow me to add that marijuana strips you of motivation and turns you into a toadstool. Potheads are passive people with shrinking intellects.

I am a poet with five books of poetry and I must admit that the myth that marijuana makes you more creative is ridiculous. I can`t read or write on pot and frankly I feel that I am going insane.


Obamacare, which was supposed to help the middle class, has already preemptively pulled the rug out from under us. Yesterday I received a letter from my gastroenterologist that he can no longer afford to be a member of the Medicare program. I am left suffering from IBS, having to find another doctor who is willing to treat me at Medicare rates. I severely doubt that any good physicians will be willing to handle me as we get closer to the implementation of Obamacare`s discounts.

I feel raped and robbed. I put money into Social Security my whole life and now Obamacare has taken away my privileges in order to give them to poor people who never contributed to the system.

What country can continue when the government supports non-workers by stealing from its employed? Who wants to work in order to be robbed by the shiftless? Does Obamacare plan to steal five hundred billion dollars from Medicare this year? We might as well stand by our mailboxes waiting for a series of letters from our doctors opting out of the Medicare program. The next drop out will probably be my heart doctor.

The system of rewards for working is turned on its head by an ideologue who hopes to be sainted by helping the poor as he steals, not from the rich, but from his putatively vaunted middle class. Obama was supposed to fill my pockets with change I could believe in. Instead he has picked them in order to support his favorite group—the indigent, non-contributors who only a fool could believe in.

Jon Mathewson:
Standard Travel Song

I`m going where nobody knows my name, oh lord,
I`m going where nobody knows my name.

The witness protection program will take me there, oh lord,
The witness protection program will take me there.
The cowards never started, and the weak ones died by the way, lord,
Yes, the cowards never started, and the weak ones died by the way.

I must be moving on, this bird you`ll never cage, girl,
I must be moving on, this bird you`ll never cage.

This caravanserai is on the move
This caravanserai is on the move.

If the train don`t run, I`ve got a mule to ride
I`m one hundred, two hundred, five hundred miles from home

Way down the road somewhere, on a road to nowhere
Yes, I`m homeward bound, I`m homeward bound.

Home, where when you have to go there, they have to take you in,
Home, where when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

When I was a cowboy, way out on the Western Plains,
I made a million dollars pulling the bridle reigns,
Enough to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast, Lord

Oh, I pissed it away so fast.


Once again Yemen, hideout of Anwar Al-Awlaki, is involved with terrorism. Two cargo planes destined for U.S. temples were laced with explosives. Shame on Yemen. But what about all the other countries involved in terrorism? What about Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and our own homegrown copycats.

The Obama administration would like to reduce the terrorism to just al-Qaida so that it won`t have to face the implications of a war against all the Islamic militants around the world. In fact, Obama`s administration is so silly that they call terrorists man-caused disasters. Why? Because that phrase says nothing. It doesn`t define our enemy so we don`t have to trump up the courage to go after him.

And what if our enemy is the 1.2 billion Moslems who are sympathetic to their twisted cause of killing innocents? How will a woman like Janet Napolitano or a weakling like Obama face up to the possibility of such a global disaster?

They won`t. They want to hide from the responsibility to protect us because they are afraid they will call down sanctions from Europe and all the naïve peaceniks. Obama doesn`t want to be accused of being a cowboy like Bush or Regan. He`d rather be a calf led to the slaughter. How will Obama`s basketball team explain all the terrorism bouncing into this country. Better to close his eyes. Better to pin the tail on his own donkey butt.

Hugo DeSarro:
St. Benedict`s Rule

Origen the Optimist, in single-minded
search for Grace, sought holiness by self-denial;
and when Constantine gave patronage and status
to the faithful, Antony the Hermit and Pachomius,
the cenobite turned saint, raised walls around
the desert huts of anchorites, bringing
them out of solitude and evil doers
in their quest for refuge and salvation.

Dissolution of the Roman Glory left the field
to pagan hordes: Ostrogoths, Visegoths and Vandals
swarmed Gaul and down the Danube and the Rhine,
over Spain and Rome to Africa; and many fled
to Egypt and the burning sands, and many inward
turned with fear, despair and daemons in pursuit.

East, then west they went, and one by one, the painful
steps of sacrifice the faithful climbed, seeking
a God Who was Pure Spirit, through penance, prayer
and separation from the world, like those who lived
in solitude in ancient times on locusts and wild honey.

And in a cave, the brave and saintly Benedict of Nursia,
who naked in the nettles rolled, responded to the call
of Grace. Word by word, in his enduring document,
the many rules of conduct he inscribed—the law
for living in holiness, freeing man from enticements
and the tyranny of passion and terrors
of a hostile world, to live serenely in the truth.


On November 2nd, 2010, New York is one of the few states that didn`t enjoy a Republican landslide. At Ground Zero the ghosts of the dead rise up and grab us at the heels, shake us down. We have once again supported the Democrats, the treasonous party that sides with the terrorists over their victims, the emotional weaklings who empathize with their enemies, turning the other cheek so rapidly that they get whiplash. How could we have sided with the party of Obama, the conductor of an express train to bankruptcy? The man who robs health care from seniors in order to bribe the non-contributing, disenfranchised. I am ashamed to be a New Yorker. I would move down south and abandon my disgraced state if only I liked hunting, fishing and rural communities.


I hate wrestling. I am a boxer. I`ve had my nose broken three times.

Wrestling is phony. But at least it is entertainment rather than a lie. At least Ms. McMahon is creating an industry with jobs rather than misrepresentation. Richard Blumenthal`s life is a lie.

What kind of man would say that he was fighting in Vietnam when he wasn`t? There is something smarmy, sneaky, disgusting about that type of human being. And what weaklings would vote for a sniveling person who would not give credit to our veterans but try to imitate them without actually seeking service.

Look, I didn`t serve in Vietnam either. But you wouldn`t find me pretending I was a Green Beret when I was a draft dodger. I`m not going to try to steal someone else`s credit.

Blumenthal`s voters obviously don`t consider imitating a warrior a crime? They are as guilty of cowardice and fakery as Mr. Blumenthal. They have so little respect for soldiers that they think it`s OK to imitate one. Shame on Connecticut.


I am so glad that I did not die at Ground Zero. This is not because I fear death. It is because my countrymen feel that it is emotionally legitimate to build a mosque there. They would bury me beneath the religion that killed me. That would be a fate and an embarrassment worse than death.

I almost forgive my country for not protecting me from our enemies—cowardice is after all cowardice. But I do not forgive it for wanting to bury me beneath a mosque. Nor do I forgive my fellow Americans for forgiving those flying assassins who borrowed our airplanes because they were not capable of inventing their own. It`s almost as if my countrymen were complicit with my executioners. They celebrate the guillotine instead of my head.

Dale Craven:

You were a brave and honorable man,and
You should have received a hero`s welcome
For you fought noble battles in your Great
Patriotic War

But,you confided your opinion of a cruel and perverse
Dictator to a so-called friend
And you were named an enemy of the people
Exiled to Siberia, abandoned in the true middle
Of nowhere

You endured nearly unimaginable bitter
Stinging cold
And survived the painful agony of starvation
But,still you carried on

Despite hopeless separation from the ones you loved
And even your captors could not steal your humanity
For your strength in spirit was given to you
By our creator, so that you would always carry on
And live to tell the truth
Bravely and honorably


Copyright 2008 Dale Craven


Obama doesn`t like rich people. He has an inferiority complex. He thinks that people on food stamps are morally superior to Wall Street people who earn billions of dollars and provide jobs for millions of people. He can`t compete with the rich in terms of earning money so he simply declares that they are immoral and stealing from Main Street. Obama anoints himself. He has been chosen by himself. I am fairly broke and lower middle class. I disagree with Obama. I like rich people. I think they do more for society than poor people. I am not jealous of them. I wish them well. I do not belong to Obama`s club of academic snobs who despise successful businessmen. Ironically, I am more educated than Obama and have a Ph.D. I do not have to lift myself up by putting other people down. I do not define society by my own modest assets and turn green at other people`s successes.


Vivin Schiller`s of NPR apologized for firing Juan Williams, "While we stand firmly behind that decision, I regret that we did not take the time to prepare our program partners and provide you with the tools to cope with the fallout from the episode." Vivian misses the point. Juan was right in getting worried and nervous about seeing people in airplanes in Muslim garb. She is not doing Muslims any favor in not confronting their terrorist acts. If the Muslim community does not denounce their terrorism we will never be comfortable with them in airports or at train stations. And we`d have to be fools to suggest that we should be comfortable around them. It is only by denouncing their brutality towards innocents that we can hope to turn them back into productive members of the community. Schiller is a danger to our people and to the Muslims. Her duplicitous multi-cultural kindness towards Muslims will undermine them and turn out to be destructive.


I went to the tennis courts to see my super-senior crew. I was surprised to see Ben sitting there. I hadn`t seen him since the last time we played tennis a few months ago. Ben reminds me of Shriek. He is in his eighties and shuffles around like a cartoon monster. He`s a delightful fellow. “I missed you, Ben,” I said. “You`re the one authentic anti-communist in the tennis group.”

Ben laughed. His father was famous. He was the founder of the American Communist Party. Both father and son eventually learned the horrors of communism and became fervently against their party. I only wish the European socialists and the American liberals had listened to the lessons of Stalin like Ben and his dad had.

Ben`s dad had known Stalin. The liberals of today haven`t even read about him. Or they wouldn`t be so autocratically socialistic. Our limp-wristed Democrats and our progressives are descendants of the communists. They centralize power in the federal government in order to push their simpleminded ideology.

“I`ve been reading a real piece of junk,” I said.
“What?” Ben asked.
“`Rules for Radicals`” by Saul D. Alinsky,” I said.
“His intellect is so clumsy and unrefined. He only knows bitterness and taking from achievers to give to failures. He is filled with spleen. He has no milk of human kindness despite his fake message of redistribution. I can`t believe that he is respected by college students. He is a moron. There is no dialectic to his debate and no depth to his superficial views.” “The problem is that the side that knows the horrors of socialism doesn`t know how to talk against it,” Ben said. “The Republicans have no articulate spokesmen.”
“I notice that whenever I`m watching television,” I say. “The Republicans always lose to the liberals in a debate. The liberal sides with faux generosity and beneficent humanism. He doesn`t indicate that the result of his short term kindness is long term defeat and cruelty. He doesn`t admit that conservatives give much more charity than Democrats.”
“Maybe you should be a spokesman for American values?” Ben says.
“I don`t like confrontation,” I say. “You know that Community Organizing is an offshoot of stupid socialism. Our sophomoric president, Obama, was big in community organizing. Both he and Hillary Clinton were fans of Alinksy. What kind of capitalistic country do we have when our leaders admire a jealous simpleton?”

Have our naïve leaders turned towards communism because they are haunted by the ghost of Joe McCarthy? Why can`t they get over McCarthy`s orchestrating a few minor jail sentences for screenwriters? Gosh, I served more time than them for mild tax evasion. And my name never appeared in the Verona Papers showing connections with other soviet agents. The bell rang and we went out onto the court with our foursome. I could never understand how Ben shuffled along at one mile per hour but would always manage to get to the ball. He was fast while he looked slow.

Ben was always a surprise. He had been a real communist but he eventually saw it for its failures. He recognized that Stalin, Mao, Fidel and others had killed millions more people than Hitler in order to establish failed, cruel utopian societies. Ben did not share the easy progressive views of the unscathed cheerleaders for socialism like Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Dr. Charles Frederickson: CHILL

Thinking we were probably wasn’t
Never quite knowing for sure
Budding passion given cold shoulder
Crisp breathless frosty wilt thaw

Perhaps tomorrow will be different
Knowing full well it won’t
Stones take time to blossom
Plush scraped off velvet petals

Geoff Jackson:

Snow whirls in cold winds
Early this year
Presaging a long winter
And endless wait for spring


Oh, happy sunshine
Lighting summer memories
In between drenching rain
Shaking trees
As fall flings in, in a tantrum
And soft shafts of sunlight
Silently withdraw


Whatever the effect of the repeal of "Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell" on our troops, imagine the confidence it will give the Moslem nations. Over there, they execute gays. Over here, we use them as heroic males and females to defend us in wartime.

Now that we are repealing DADT the Moslems are laughing at us for being softer than soft. Liberalism has uncovered the underbelly of our weakness, of our failure to admit to our true sexual values and our unwillingness to censor behavior that we almost all find disgusting but refuse to admit because we are too busy hiding from ourselves. The Moslems dance while we prance around in drag. They have scored another moral victory against us. Our social agenda has made us weak and an embarrassment to the world.

Jail like the military is sexually segregated. When I was in federal prison in Pennsylvania doing two years for tax evasion, my first cellie, Spike, told me that he was gay and that he was in love with a guy in one of the other dorms. He said, he was telling me because I was from New York and he figured I was used to gays.

Spike asked me if he should tell the guy that he loved him. I advised him against it; I didn`t want him being taken advantage of or made fun of by the straight inmates. I didn`t want him getting butt-f`ed by the Hispanics who were doing the black queers in the shower after midnight while pretending that penetration in prison was acceptable and that it made them manlier instead of gay.

I don`t know how Senators who have never dormed with all-males or all-females can pronounce social protocol for men or women in the army. They have no right to dictate moral situations for social enclaves that they are not living with. They are arrogant elitists who think they know what is good for our military. They consider their slanted morality more important than the effectiveness of gay integration into our fighting forces.

While heterosexuals might pretend that they are not disturbed by gayness, it`s not true. Whatever they say in an attempt to rise intellectually above their putative prejudices. Straight people are genetically predisposed to be uncomfortable around gays as gays are uncomfortable around heterosexual love. I don`t think a man should have the sacred duty to die in battle when he is surrounded by men who make him uncomfortable. Put gayness back in the closet. Be realistic instead of weak. And don`t look like sissies to Moslems who pray upon that.


The TSA is afraid to profile Moslems at the airport. So instead of singling out the most likely terrorist group of individuals they decide to hassle everyone. Since when is profiling everyone more intelligent or more fair-minded than profiling Saudi Arabians?

We should definitely profile every Moslem. It is the only way to annoy the Moslems enough to get them to start policing themselves. It is prophylactic. If every innocent, mature Moslem were strip searched on line at the airport you would see how swiftly they would stop their wayward sons and daughters from being terrorists.

Why are we so afraid of offending Moslems? They are already blowing us up. During World War II we threw Japanese into camps. We put the blame in and around where it belonged. Now we prefer to search old white ladies than to hassle young Arab men. This is a prescription for failure, appeasement and defeat.

Instead of profiling Moslems we are profiling ourselves. It`s like we have joined the enemy side. We have declared war on ourselves. We have adopted the liberals` suicidal, self-hating instincts. We might as well go out into a field with suicide vests on and blow ourselves up.


Have you ever seen Representative Anthony Weiner talk on television? Actually, he squeaks in a high pitched voice. Now that is one mousey man. Obama has surprised the world by being willing to compromise with the Republicans and trade off tax increases on the rich for lower social security taxes, enhanced tuition tax credits, and tax breaks for businesses that hire new workers. The double taxation of estate taxes is lowered from 55 percent to 35 percent. It`s a fair trade and represents the first time that there has been a modicum of bipartisanship since Obama rode into office with his army of Democrats. Thank God for the November Republican route. Compromise is in the air. Now our New York mouse, Rep. Anthony Weiner, wants to steal all the cheese back into his mouse hole, and has operatically sung in soprano that "I don`t think that the president should count on Democratic votes to get this deal passed." Don`t stand near the windows because self-serving, super Democratic, Weiner is about to break all the glass. He wants all the cheese for the Democrats. He will cause them to be nauseated by the stink of their own self-centered, promotion. Is that Camembert de Normandy in Weiner`s mouse hole?


Wow. Senator Charles Schumer has really put himself out on a limb. He wants to make it illegal to distribute or record images produced by full-body scanners at airports. Imagine such a daring position. Like any person of any political party would be against his rule. Schumer is a leader who wants to lead by taking all pabulum positions. What`s easier than to harp on the fact that we all don`t want nude images of ourselves disseminated? Is that the extent of Schumer`s courage—to outlaw nude pictures of travelers? Like that isn`t a given. Why doesn`t he take a position on something serious? He studiously avoided taking a firm stance on building a mosque at Ground Zero. It further took him months to agree to not trying Shiekh Khalid Mohammed downtown. As for Wall Street brokers, he talks against them while he has his hands in their pockets. No, you won`t find Chucky Schumer in the middle of controversial issues. He`d rather pontificate about nude scans. He can really get his teeth into those nudie pictures.

Now who does Chuck remind you of? Of course, dodgy Obama, the man who made speeches about everything and voted on nothing. Obama consistently voted present in the Illinois Congress in order to avoid being pinned down to any positions. He even refused to vote on a simple issue like infanticide during failed abortions. Schumer is like a mountain climber following in Obama`s cleats. Neither of them should look down. It`s a long fall down K2.

Benjamin DeMike:
House of philosophers

You`re a coffee drinker
An intellectual type
A thinker`s thinker
On theories you wage
The universe
You gauge
Testing the culpability of life`s questions
Full of opinions
Full of suggestions
Absorbing knowledge
Recycled into wisdom
Like a drummer hearing a beat
And interpreting a rhythm
In this temple of acoustics
In this period`s forum
The philosophers meet
To establish their quorum


Obama is having a field day on television resurrecting good old Andy Griffith as a spokesman for Obamacare and scripting two old lady actresses to discuss the joys of getting a $250 rebate check to stuff the donut hole in Medicare Part D. It`s ironic that Obama was one of the hordes of Democrats who shouted down Bush`s Part D (2006) addition to Medicare, ironically, accusing Bush of misapplying entitlements.

For an ideologue Obama certainly changes his mind easily. Not to mention he lavishes away millions on commercials that are used to praise his programs in order to increase his political capital.

I guess his reversal on drug benefits is not nearly as bad as his reversal on end of life counseling. Even the "New York Times," a liberal referendum for once intelligent minds, is shocked by his return to the death panels he once satirically denounced, saying that he wouldn`t "pull the plug on grandma."

We should have known it was coming when Obama handpicked Daniel Berwick as his Medicare and Medicaid Czar. At the time Berwick waxed enthusiastic over the British National Health Care Program and over rationing. Any person with a brain would have predicted this. Even before Stanly Kurtz wrote "Obama-Radical-In-Chief" we could have intuited that Obama had a soft spot for logical socialism and a disdain for empathetic, humanistic democracy.

It`s not that Obama is sophomoric. But you sure had to be a sophomore to vote for such a rhetorical poseur.


Andy Martin Speaks:


(NEW YORK)(October 22, 2010) Barack Hussein Obama`s former spiritual director, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, became notorious for predicting that "America`s chickens were coming home to roost." Well, the chickens may be heading for the Obama White House in 2011. And that`s not chicken feed. At a time when ordinary media are completely focused on Election Day, we would like to introduce a long-term analysis of where the 2010 election will be leading us in 2011. Cable TV bobbleheads probably feel that Washington will be returning to "business as usual" on November 3rd.

The Capitol will have to absorb many new conservative legislators. Gridlock will be in season. And Bumbling Barry Obama will, well, bumble through. e may think that iHe may think that if he`s lucky he can "triangulate" against Republican opposition and get reelected as president in 2012. It ain`t happening. The 89th Congress dissolved into the chaos of the late 1960`s.

Most writers have tried to say that 2010 is "another 1994." Not really. Although power changed hands in 1994 the direction of the country changed only minimally. President Bill Clinton managed to rope-a-dope the Republicans into reelection, and the tension between the White House and Capitol Hill created a hydraulic balance. 2010 is not going to be 1994. Rather, 2010 is gong to be 1966, all over again. Only bigger and more dangerous. In January, 1966, no one in Washington had any inkling that the Democratic Party and the Great Society were about to be dismembered. The 89th Congress continued to legislate. Amazingly, The American public felt the tremors of Vietnam before the Washingtonians did. Perhaps that is because casualties began to mount rapidly, and the draft began to suck more and more Americans into the growing Indochina war.

Senator Paul Douglas, knew as early as August 1966 that things were not going well for him. Having seen World War I, survived the Depression, and been grievously wounded and crippled in World War II, he was one of the first "Cold warriors." Douglas sensed the coming tsunami before the media did. The 1966 election changed the fundamental direction of the United States for a generation. The Republican Party, which had been declared "dead" only two years earlier in 1964 (sound familiar?), roared back and erased the Democratic gains of 1964 in 1966. 1966 led to 1968, and 1968 led to the upheavals that are only now being felt with full force in American government.

Unlike Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama was not a Vietnam era candidate, despite Obama`s Zelig-like claims to have been everywhere and involved in everything. But today, this nation is still run predominantly by Vietnam era individuals.

This election is a "1966" turning point, a far stronger change in direction than 1994. (So far as I am aware, only George Will has recognized the 1966 parallel.)

1966 led to 1968, and 1968 led to? Watergate. What did Watergate lead to? Foreign policy disasters that are still bedeviling Americans. Watergate led to President Jimmy Carter. And Jimmy Carter led to? Chaos. While some may unwittingly connect Carter`s haplessness to Obama`s, they have not yet seen the real connection between the two men and the gathering storm abroad.

Ironically, Jimmy Carter was a lot like George Bush. Both men are decent and honorable. But both men were naïve in the ways of the world, and both men led American into foreign policy disasters. In the case of Carter, the nation was saved by the emergence of President Ronald Reagan. Who will save us in 2012? No one has appeared on the horizon that manifests the manifest destiny of Reagan.

So why is 2011 going to be a replay of 1979? The 1978 election saw Republican gains. Jimmy Carter was exposed as a weak leader. Then 1979 exploded. The supposedly-invincible "Pahlavi Dynasty" was toppled in Iran, after Carter abandoned the Shah. We began what has morphed into four decades of Islamic fundamentalism. Seeing Carter helpless and befuddled, the Russians then moved into Afghanistan and started the First Afghan War. I first went to Iran in 1979, and to Afghanistan in 1980. I saw the gathering storm up close.

Carter`s inability to deal with international chaos elected Reagan. That is why if Obama thinks that he can pull a 1996 Clinton-style reelection he is mistaken. Now you know why I believe 2010 is 1966, and why 2011 is inexorably going to become a replay of 1979.

The evidence that America is endangered is out there in the open. But no one is paying attention. At least most Americans are not paying attention. Attention must be paid. Activists are focused on reelecting Democrats and electing Republicans. But Republican legislators will be as helpless to deal with international chaos as the Usurper-in-Chief.

The desperation of 2011 may create conditions for another radical change: Democrats will likely panic and dump Obama. Barry O may think he has a fair chance at being reelected. I think he should do what he does best: leave office and resume being the greatest entertainer in the world. His term as a "leader" is coming to an early end. I won`t predict Hillary Clinton will be the 2012 presidential candidate; but her reemergence would not surprise me. Democrats will not make the same mistake in 2012 they made in 1980.

So why am I so pessimistic? What do I see out there? What will you be seeing next year?

1. Iraq. Obama took credit for the "peace" in Iraq. But there is no peace. The United States pulled out, but left behind 50,000 American hostages to Iraq`s very possible collapse into chaos. With the American leadership gone, Sunnis are once again gravitating away from Baghdad into the resistance. Prime Minister Al-Maliki`s recent trip to the holy city of Qum (a city that I became familiar with during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis) is a sign that he is pandering to the most anti-American elements in the region. Al-Maliki may not have yet emerged as an anti-American leader. But the possibility that he could become hostile to the 50,000 Americans left in Iraq is not impossible or even unlikely. Almost eight months after the March election in Iraq, there is still no government. It looks increasingly as though the regime that will emerge will not be a friendly one. What will Obama do when American forces In Iraq come under attack? If he stays to fight, a new war begins. If he cuts and runs, he tumbles into the dustbin of history even sooner than anyone expects. Iraq is a time bomb waiting to explode.

2. Iran. Iran is a genuine threat. But I disagree with our Iranian policies. In reality, the Iranian regime`s best friends are Republican Party politicians like Mark Kirk who are constantly beating the drums for "sanctions" against Iran. Sanctions are a dream-come-true for the Persian regime. Mr. Ahmadinejad is becoming increasingly bold, and increasingly welcome throughout the Middle East. Ahmadinejad`s recent reception in Lebanon was a wake-up call to the snoozing White House. So what about Iran? On the one hand, Iran is not going to launch a war. Because of the anti-Iranian vitriol in our politics we ignore the fact that although the United States reacted to the hostage crisis by invading Iran, using our then-proxy in Baghdad Saddam Hussein, Iran is seeking regional hegemony, not territorial expansion. If Iran starts a war, which I doubt, it will be a failure for their regime, not a success.

3. Israel. Israel presents two possible risks. First, the failed "peace process" may embolden the Israelis to crack down on Palestinians. On the other hand, Palestinians and the world community are clearly inching closer to the Andy Martin Peace Plan which I put forward in 2000: Recognition first, negotiation second. Netanyahu may think that he can make a power grab while Obama is politically weak. Ironically, I think this may be the one area where Obama can strike back. And will. More dangerously, Israeli generals may think that they can launch an attack on Iran while Obama is distracted. Israel cannot win a war against Iran. But a lot of Israelis think they can. Israeli overconfidence could trigger a suicide mission. Unfortunately, if Israel commits national suicide, we get dragged in.

4. Afghanistan-Pakistan. Afghanistan is a mess. The Karzai regime is a joke. Here at home, patience is wearing thin with the endless, even though endless war on a reduced level may be preferable to endless chaos and unending risk to our global interests. Pakistan is a failed state with nuclear weapons. The area is a disaster zone. Need I say more?

5. China? China would seem to be our greatest foreign policy worry. But in light of the crazies in the Middle East, the threats posed by China will pale by comparison. At least the Chinese are rational, if only barely so. Still China is preparing to confront Obama in 2011. He is not up to that challenge. I expect we will see the same ruinous Chinese export policies, trying to drive the American people into peonage. But Americans are waking up. They are sick of kowtowing to Chinese imperialists. But while public opinion may support a confrontation with China, Obama is not the man to do the job. It will have to wait for the next president. In the meantime, the Chinese will be seeking to undermine us at every opportunity. China is a disaster waiting to happen. A military threat is inevitable. You know things are going to be bad in 2011 when I list the Chinese as one of our lesser problems; China is a mega-problem for the United States. The time for playing "pretend" with China is over.

The foregoing problems are just "for starters." We have a scary list without adding anything new or currently invisible.

Will the Republicans be any better at dealing with the chaos of 2011 than the Democrats? Strangely no. Foreign policy is uniquely one area where only a president can lead, and must lead decisively. Obama is not the man for the job.

Baseball fans like to say, "Wait until next year." And we began these observations with the old Vietnam refrain, "The Whole World is Watching." I do not think Barack Hussein Obama and his "crew" of Chicago cronies are up to the job. Barack Hussein Obama, not our enemies, is the greatest threat to our national security. Who will emerge as the strong leader to replace him in 2012? Right now, I don`t have a clue.

Dr. Charles Frederickson:


Dull crabgrass blade long ignored
Trampled sod day becomes night
Jaded artificial turf enviously green
Lonesome dandy-lion poking through soil

Dark shadow of former self
Barefoot somnambulant visage naked stranger
Emerges from doorway always locked
Wingtips left outside slipped on

Dusk attacks sweeping mauve sunset
Who blinks first wishing stars
Farmer`s match flaring doused sulfur
Bent silver moonbeams spit polished

Troubled psyche gasping for breath
Revitalized spirit revives timeless moments
Smoky haze capsized blown away
Consciousness shipwrecked drowning pool unplugged


Once upon busy crossroads defunct
Steamy whistle-stop junction blown chances
Fast track slowdown full-throttled convergence
Unwanted posters buckle coming unglued

Pigeons huddle atop cobwebbed rafters
Spidery flytraps ensnaring abandoned victims
Rancid droppings left to fester
Nobody hired for removing stains

Congregation’s prayerful wings neatly folded
Standstill clocks revamped yellowish timetable
Spectral phantoms haunt bare platform
Express slowing for unscheduled stop


Peter King has recommended that the attorney general (appeasement Eric Holder) prosecute WikiLeaks for violating the Espionage Act. He is also calling on Secretary of State, Madame Hillary Clinton, to declare WikiLeaks a foreign terrorist organization.

Bravo Peter. But look at the weaklings you are summoning up to defend us. Our country has gone soft. During Woodrow Wilson`s administration Julian Assange would already be in jail or shot in some foreign country.

A couple of years ago the spiteful Democrats made a big deal about blowing Valerie Plame`s cover. But she was only one minor CIA functionary. Now the Democrats are nearly silent about blowing thousands of Afghani`s and Iraqi`s out of the water. The Taliban will not be so forgiving.

It`s an embarrassment that we even have to wait for Obama`s equivocation. He is back to his old trick of declaring present at the Illinois Senate. Of course, that means absent and not willing to take a position.

That we have to debate before pouncing on WikiLeaks, shows that America`s days are numbered and that we will become the lap dogs of future brutal, manly countries that have the courage to hate.


The Department of Homeland Security is giving special exemptions to their "enhanced pat-down" policy to Muslim women wearing the hijab or other form-concealing garments. Isn`t this reverse profiling? Special positive treatment is being given to one group and ironically that particular group, Moslems, has been responsible for all of the airplane terrorist attacks. So, if we are going to allow profiling in favor of disguised female Moslems we should also be allowed profiling against brown-skinned Moslems. Profiling is not prejudice. It is clear sightedness. It is telling the truth. It is calling a spade a spade instead of a club and flushing the advantage of our awareness down the liberal toilet of self-destruction. Wake up, America. If you don`t see the profile, you`ll never recognize the face.

Susan Marie Davniero:

Yankee Doodle`s lyrical score
A patriotic song of war
The Spirit of ‘76
Our history depicts

Remember a time when
Walked patriot militiamen
It was the Revolutionary War
Our battlefields soared

General George Washington
Rallied every mother`s son
Regiments and privateers
For the war staged here

America`s war burst
This land`s first
Patriots` infantry
Fought for our liberty

Every American`s expense
For War of Independence
With their sacrifice
They paid the price

Because of the ways
Of Yankee Doodle days
We can now say
Happy Independence Day!


I was disappointed to see the cover of the "Daily News" on Thursday, December 2, 2010. It was intentionally exacerbating class warfare, pitting Main Street against Wall Street. This has been a tactic the Obama administration has used. It is not befitting of an objective newspaper like the "Daily News." Unemployment and success of Wall Street should have been dealt with as separate items which have their own causes and etiology. Furthermore, it is false to blame unemployment on the GOP rather than the last two years of Obama`s failure to stimulate the economy. The GOP`s limiting unemployment benefits is a natural result of Obama`s failure to revive Bush`s declining economy. The "Daily News" should consider fairness when they write misleading titles like —"GOP TO CITY JOBLESS: DROP DEAD! 95,000 can kiss benefits goodbye. But Wall St. parties like it`s 1999."


My eighty-five year old tennis friend, Ben, tells me that his father was the head of the American Communist Party. He says that he even met with Stalin.

I hate communism but I am impressed.

Ben has a great slice. I was a ranked amateur player when I was younger. The other two players in our doubles match are in their sixties like me.

Ben and his dad eventually turned against communism. Everyone with a brain did except for the socialists, progressives, liberals and angry Democrats who still refuse to face the reality of its harsh, ideological, murderous reign.

Don`t get me wrong. Our president is not a communist. He just shares their love of big government, reapportionment of the wealth and the desire to protect the poor while penalizing the rich.

I ask Ben how communism has managed to stay alive after all the devastation it caused. Everyone talks about why the Jews didn`t revolt against Hitler. But why didn`t the Chinese revolt against Mao?

"Public relations," he says. "They know how to get the PR out and make themselves look good even when they do their worst. It`s tough to be against a government who gives out jobs, provides injections and wants to be your nanny. Everyone sucks on the socialist tit."

I say, "The Nazis get all the bad press even though they only killed about twenty percent of the number of people that the communists murdered in Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, etc."

For an eighty-five year old man Ben still gets around the tennis court pretty good. When Obamacare is fully implemented in this country the government will put Ben at the end of the line if he breaks a hip. Obama`s boys will decide that Ben`s life is not worth the investment. Despite the fact that Ben is a treasure trove of information about American communism.

Obama said that health care will not throw your grandmother under the bus. Like most of his rhetoric, that is a lie. He recently used his recess appointment power to install Doctor Donald Berwick, an advocate of English health care rationing, to head up the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Time to get the stretcher out and try and remove grandmother from under the bus. Ben, old buddy, watch your step when you are crossing the street and don`t run too fast for the drop shots.

I think of the people who voted for Obama. I wonder why they share his arrogance and feel no shame for their devastating choice.


Obama includes threats to his opposition in his speeches. We might as well call his intense, angry rhetoric--"threatoric." It has become common fare to see him screaming at his audiences, lost in mindless, extreme emotions when he attacks Fox media. He brings to mind Hugo Chavez, who closes down television stations that don`t agree with him. Mr. O is a dissembler at best, seeking to cause civil war between the rich and the poor. He threatens insurance companies, small businesses, oil companies, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street firms and Republicans. Threat, threat, threat. Obama has all the gestures and the speeches of a dictator but he just hasn`t yet found a way to grow from threat to deed, from a straw man to a warrior. He has not yet turned his "threatoric" into actual catastrophe. If he manages to change his speech into action we will all have been warned.


Larry Kudlow points out Obama`s excessive attacks on business and investors. Yet, if I remember correctly, Obama was elected instead of McCain because of his purported abilities to jumpstart the economy. Well, I guess that didn`t work, unless you see ten per cent unemployment and trillions in debt as fecund. Kudlow sees the president as stuck in a 1930`s time warp. But I see him as stuck in a 1960`s drug party. He is a hippy. He sees the establishment as his antagonist and is trying to bring it down. He just doesn`t seem to realize that he is the President and that his job is to defend America`s status quo rather than to march on the streets with a placard promoting divisiveness and an attack on the rich. Obama is stuck in a 60`s mindset. He has no capacity for objectivity. Like a hippy he is an ideologue who firmly believes in his anti-establishment ethos and secretly disdains any disagreement from his naïve views. Throw him in a pair of tie-dye jeans and an Afro and he will resemble buddies I marched with back in `69. How did Obama, this adolescent, angry rebel get into the White House? Look in the mirror. It`s sad that we haven`t grown up from the days of the Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills and Nash, Abby Hoffman and Jane Fonda.


It`s ironic that the left wing always accuses the right of being fanatics. Yet here is this supposedly luke warm, milquetoast, not very hard-hitting organization, NPR, firing liberal Juan Williams for saying that he gets nervous on a plane when he sees people "in Muslim garb." Juan`s comment was not an intellectual observation but a comment about his own nervous system faced by possible terrorism. If Juan is not even allowed to have fears or emotions in the world of NPR, then NPR is about as fascist as they come. They kick out their own flunky, Juan, for telling the truth. Surely, when the left points its finger at fanaticism they should point it at themselves. And maybe Juan`s fear should be a warning sign to the Moslems to do a little more to reassure the western world about their supposed allegiance to world peace.

DOWN WITH INDIA`S CASTE SYSTEM AND MULTICULTURALISM It is disgusting for the Indians to move their caste system from India to England. Multiculturalism is the concept of liberals without backbone and zero faith in their own democratic system. It is ridiculous to assume that just because primitive Indians accept a stupid caste system that English or Americans should allow them to wallow in it. Why not accept Charles Manson`s crew as a mini-caste and allow them to kill their neighbors. Wake up world, castes are immoral. The English system of fairness and equality for all who deserve it is what makes the world go round. The carousel of multicultural acceptance leaves one falling off his wooden horse and landing on the ground holding a brass ring of politically correct emptiness.


Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off "The View" when Bill O`Reilly accused the Moslems of being responsible for 9-11. Duh. Were they Hindus? Were they Jews? You have to be a ditzy old lady or an irresponsible liberal to not recognize that the killers were Moslems. These matronly looking women on the "View" sit around each other like plump old ladies playing marjohn at a beach club on Long Island. With their lack of intellect and failed appearances, do they think that they are representative of the American people? Don` t they know that seventy percent of Americans are against the mosque? How do they walk out on O`Reilly`s standing up for their audience who is booing them? How do they maintain a show where they are as against America as their out-of-touch leader, Obama, who shoves a bankrupting health care plan down our throats and sticks up for Rauf`s right to build a mosque? And when the least offensive of the old beach club biddies, Barbara Walters, makes the simplistic comment that the 9-11 suicide bombers were not typical of Moslems, I can`t help but wonder if she failed to read the Pew report which states that 25 per cent of young Moslems are in favor of suicide bombers at civilian targets. Figure that`s over one hundred million terrorists out there. And where are the moderate Moslem voices condemning their murderous counterparts? Wake up America and old ladies of "The View"? The archaic beliefs of Moslem culture (which are intricately intermixed with its religion under sharia) are our enemy and want to destroy us. Despite the good Moslems, millions of bad ones have murdered or would like to murder innocent people around the world. Our acceptance of their violence aids and abets their future atrocities.


Why do feminists hate Sarah Palin? It is because she has done what they couldn`t; she has become a fully integrated, accomplished woman without giving up her femininity. Female libbers hate womanliness. They are jealous of manliness. They have Freudian penis envy and want to be men. Sarah is proud to be a woman and yet still achieve the accomplishments of men. Imagine what a threat she is to the Betty Friedan`s of the world when she struts around looking beautiful while softly achieving great, manly things like being the governor of Alaska. Every liberal woman in New York that I know hates Sarah. But what they really wish is that they could accomplish as much as she has and still be attractive. The women who hate Sarah Palin really hate themselves. They hate their own lack of accomplishment and they hate that Sarah could turn the cliché of a feminine woman into a new type of powerful, beautiful woman. Once again the women`s libbers have aligned themselves with the misogynists and made fools out of themselves. They voted for a political neophyte with socialist leanings and racial antipathy rather than a woman, Sarah Palin, who embarrassed them by her superiority.


When Enron couldn`t pay pensions to their workers and stockholders the Feds didn`t rush in to make up the gap. Everybody said tough luck and too bad. Now that the States can`t pay their pensions to their mid-level workers all the people are up in arms. Their unions protect them and their unions threaten to bankrupt us. In France, the spoiled French are rioting in the streets because they want to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. As if sixty were too old to work. I`m sixty-three—screw them. I am thrilled that States are having trouble paying future pensions to their union members. The spoiled unions have protected ne`er do wells and mediocrities for far too long.


The effeminate public seems to vote for the pretty boys these days. It is their rock and roll, celebrity culture. Thus, Obama, rose out of a field of candidates like Jimmy Hendrix, even though he had no experience at playing the guitar. And now, Andrew Cuomo, who has articulated about as little positive as his great forerunner, Obama, is strumming his way to a potential victory over Carl Paladino. It`s true that Paladino sings nasty lyrics and is brash. But at least he comes to the band with some percussion, with some attempt to straighten out the cacophony in Albany. Give me a raucous Palidino over a snake oil salesman like Cuomo. Put Cuomo in the dance troop but keep him out of the musician`s pit. How many times are the groupies in New York going to get it wrong before we realize that we are voting for the destruction of our state in the guise of politician`s wearing glam suits and playing Fender guitars?


Faisal Shahzad at his sentencing said "We are proud terrorists…." How can a human being be proud about murdering his brothers? Is he an idiot or is he so warped that he has lost his grasp on the reality of other people`s deaths? Faisal then went on to say that, "If I am given 1,000 lives, I will sacrifice them all for the life of Allah." I didn`t know Allah was alive. Is he your next door neighbor, Faisal? Do you drop by to visit to discuss blowing up little girls with him? Do you really think he approves of child mutilation? And if so, how are you so crass as to pray to his destructiveness? Might as well worship the devil.

MAKING FOOLS OF THE MEMBERS OF THE UN We invite Ahmadinejad to the UN where he makes speeches that clear out more than half of the room. He is silently laughing at the liberal administration that invites him to speak when he himself knows that he wants to commit genocide in Israel and impose Sharia law on the rest of the world. Should the UN be giving voice to such an assassin? Shouldn`t the members of the UN know that they are being made fools of? Is it freedom of speech or stupid folly to give voice to brutal enemies? Is it beneficence or shortsightedness to allow invective that might lead to a nuclear war in the long term? Am I fear mongering? You can`t sell fear. It is inherent in an intelligent understanding of Ahmadinejad`s apocalyptic dreams.


Sean tells me that a twenty-year old friend of his on a fishing boat in Alaska found a guy in bed with his girlfriend and pistol-whipped him till he had brain damage. He did two years in the joint for this. A ridiculously short time. When he got out he went to apologize to his victim who was working in a McDonald`s. The brain damaged guy didn`t recognize him. His brain was shot. What makes liberals feel that it is the humane thing to give the perpetrator such a light sentence? Don`t they recognize that it is inhumane treatment to the victim to let the criminal go? I would have hit the felon with a sledgehammer and let him work at McDonald`s alongside his victim. Kindness is parity in punishment not permissiveness about harsh deeds. A society that punishes its innocent is a world where criminals run around wildly tethered to their guilty deeds. Innocence is not forgiveness. That merely compounds the crime. Punishment is salvation.


Multiculturalism doesn`t belong in America. America was founded on that but it has evolved to having its own identity, Americana. It is now its own culture. It has dominated the last hundred years and should not be compromised with other third world weaknesses. The liberals want multiculturalism because they hate themselves. They`d rather identify with someone from a different background. They are a threat to America, hiding behind their egotism and pride in their mistakes. Their environmentalists banned DDT. This invited malaria back into Africa. And now fools like Bono run around with their tin cups collecting billions to get rid of their naively honed disease. When Bono sings I hear the rattling of his empty brain. His good deeds will not replace elevator shoes.


Communists and socialists are anal retentive people who can`t live with the vagaries of the free market and the checks and balances of an anti-authoritarian government. Democrats and lefties are kissing cousins to communist rule. It`s ironic that most left wing idolaters are our supposed brightest and best. They come from Harvard and other Ivory Towers of purported intellect. In actuality they are dummies whose minds can`t encompass contradictions and dialectical outcomes. They feign open-mindedness while their thoughts are dictatorial and their minds are restricted by blind cognitive sets. People like Obama attack opposition through sarcasm or satire rather than reason. When he lied about the rationing involved in universal healthcare, he mocked about throwing Mama under the bus. But that is exactly what he was doing. Hence he appointed Donald Berwick, an enthusiast of England`s rationing, to head up Medicare. Democrats are fearful followers of big government while they sneakily accuse open-minded Republicans of being fear mongers. Believe me, Republicans who tend to be pro military know nothing about fear while Democrats wallow in it and squeeze their minds into small communist boxes. They hate Republicans so much because they are afraid to admit that our views are more logical than their empathetic travesties. When the Democrat calls the Republican fearful he doth protest too much. He swishes like a jazzy lady of the twenties.


It`s time we Jews got over the Nazis. That was half a century ago. That threat is dead. What is the danger now? It is the original opposition to the Nazis that the Jews aligned with through the Communists. It is the left wing that has infiltrated our society and keeps stabbing the Judeo Christian ethic in the back. The Nazis killed twenty million people. The Communists killed five times that much. In addition communism turned vibrant people like the Russians into robotic automatons. Did you ever see a Russian laugh when he wasn`t drunk? They are grumpy people cut off from their own emotions. I know tons of Russians who moved to America. They walk around like lobotomized zombies. You can`t grow up in an authoritarian country and develop a free market sense of humor. And who has the left wing aligned themselves with but the original Nazi sympathizers, the Moslems. Remember when Palestinian Mohammed Ali Hosseini, Arafat`s uncle, visited Auschwitz to learn how to kill Jews. Forget the Nazis. It`s time we went after the Communists and the Moslems. Of course, the Moslems are the most violent threat today, honor killing their daughters, suicide bombing their sons, circumcising and stoning their women and blowing up innocent victims in cities like Mumbai, New York, Madrid, London, etc., etc, etc. The left wing makes anti-Nazi movies like "Inglorious Bastards" to distract us from the real threat. A mosque should never be built at Ground Zero. A third term mayor who defends it should be impeached.


The Connecticut Democrats are pushing for repeal of the death penalty in the likely capital cases of Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky. Why not? These two beasts only tortured and murdered Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two young daughters. No pressing reason for the death penalty here.

The problem is that Democrats and liberals lack imagination. They can conceive of the obvious nervousness of the jailed murderers on death row but they can not transcend their own need to forgive.

They should return to the scene of the crime to empathize with the three women who died brutally (not to mention their husband who almost died but escaped).

Is it that Democrats are stupid? I`m afraid lack of empathy for the tortured is one sign of lack of imagination and naivety. When the ideology of reversing capital punishment outweighs the need for closure, for balancing the scales of justice and for punishing immorality, then we have a case of naïve faux humanism offering false forgiveness when there should be none.

Governor Malloy should stop forgiving the murderers and start mourning the dead.


Obama doesn`t release his birth certificate because he knows full well that he is a real citizen and that he doesn`t want to show it off so early in the game. Better to wait for the completion of his unpopular programs like the implementation of national health care, controlling carbon emissions through the EPA or death panels courtesy of Donald Berwick. Then he can simply change the subject of these disastrous attacks on our economy and morality by whipping out his birth certificate and saying, "See. I am an American. You citizens have got it all wrong. I am the real thing." While he forces Americans to apologize to him for not believing in his citizenship, he can sneak all his disastrous programs through. It`s unfortunate that Obama is probably a real American. It`s even more unfortunate that he is doing everything to destroy our inheritance of self-reliance and our capitalistic society. What do we call a person who undercuts his own side? A traitor. If he weren`t an American, he would merely be an enemy.

Bob Djurdjevic :
Seoul now takes the pole

Remember Toronto G20 meeting last June? (see Ugly Face of Globalism, June 2010). Well, move over Toronto, Seoul now takes the pole. Our beloved leaders are meeting again, this time in South Korea, a country hailed for its democracy. Yet it now it takes a 7-foot bulletproof wall, akin to a medieval mote, and 60,000 police, to protect the western leaders from their "loving subjects." Not even the Soviets have had to resort to security excesses like this.

Check out this LA Times report...

G-20 security fence in Seoul draws criticism Los Angeles Times - Ethan Kim - ?2 hours ago? (Nov 11, 2010) A 7-foot bulletproof wall going up around the summit site in Seoul is seen as repressive. Other measures are extensive, including 60000 security forces to help handle the hundreds of activist groups that have applied to stage protests.

"Fort Apache" - is what the LA Times reporter said of the shopping mall and the convention center where the G20 will be meeting.

"Too many chiefs, not enough Indians," may be a more appropriate description.

Wouldn`t it be great if no one bothered to protest? Just boo the powdered princes by mail.

Meanwhile, Washington and Wall Street "hoovers" continued to pump suck the money out of our wallets to fill the pockets of the NWO "elite." I`ve written on the same subject several columns in Washington Times and other media in the 1990s. Now even the NWO lamestream media are writing about it. Another crack in the NWO armor.

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