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Geoff Jackson:
Peeping Tom

An out-of-the-ordinary judgment found place in Nassau County, State of New York, on November 5th 2010. It was a civil case following upon a previous criminal case. The plaintiff and her girl-friend rented an apartment in the defendant`s two-family house. The plaintiff slept in the apartment for the first time on August 30th 2008 and subsequently a friend of hers in attempting to change the batteries in the smoke detectors because they ‘beeped` discovered that the detectors were a decoy for video cameras. The defendant`s intention was to film the two girls dressing and undressing and view them in the coziness of his own home. The girls, who were both students at Hofstra University, Long Island, in their sophomore year, promptly left to live with their families.

Plainly it is hard to imagine a more prurient and disgusting case of Peeping Tom activities than this, where the defendant locked quietly away envisaged regaling himself with the sight of the two young ladies` naked bodies.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors including that of unlawful surveillance in District Court. He received three years` probation. However, the plaintiff wished to follow up this criminal case with a civil case in which she demanded damages due to feeling ‘horrible and violated` and so anxious she moved back to the parental home.

The first question is whether the issues involved in the second civil case were the same as the issues involved in the first criminal case. The judge ruled they were not. The first criminal case involved surreptitiously filming the plaintiff in the act of dressing and undressing but the second civil case involved claims relating to the defendant`s actions in inflicting emotional distress either by negligence or intentionally.

The infliction of emotional distress is clearly different to the issue of unlawful surveillance. The criminal case, therefore, did not of itself indicate that emotional damage was incurred and that therefore compensation should be paid.

Although most people would agree that the defendant`s conduct had been lewd, it would take a jury to define if his behavior had been ‘extreme and outrageous`, terms that would have to be defined in a jury trial. To show that the defendant caused severe emotional distress either intentionally or by means of negligence would also require a trial. Such distress did not need to be proven in the case of the criminal trial. The plaintiff, moreover, must prove she has sustained severe emotional distress and normally that will have to be supported by independent medical evidence.

Extrapolating from the whole case in order to make journalism of the foregoing, certain facts come to light fairly obviously. First, since when have we allowed perverts to install Peeping Tom devices in young girls` bedrooms? We really have sunk to the pits of moral deprivation to be satisfying our lusts in this fashion. Who, anyhow, is going to be sexually excited by taking a peak at ladies in their underwear? The whole thing is the product of a diseased mind in a diseased society.

Second, it seems that the young student in question wanted revenge and/or money in the form of damages. Although I have every sympathy with her as a victim of ‘a dirty old man`, I cannot see that her experiences will have traumatized her. With the lack of medical evidence to the contrary, I assume she had a fright but that nothing further happened. However, she was plainly out to make money out of the situation. Again, it says something of the ethics on which our society is based.

Reading through the papers pertaining to the trial, I am forced to conclude that I am glad I am not a lawyer. Arguments are not simple. No one appeals to right or wrong but only to the rule of law. Law is a hard and dry business. It is not law that society should be based upon but rather self-reliance, American values and a way of life worth living.

~ Geoff Jackson

Full Moon


I double humped round in roses
Charm some vision in a paper cup.
Old Orestes from a diamond moon
Rises from stained glass to find
No meaning beyond my movement.

But only when worlds collide
Will the silence of my Trojan Seas
Protect me from his desert sands.
I am now an o-as-is only
But dare drink my deeper waters
You last king in a sandman`s dust.


Drag your white skull beyond blind seas
That tumble dazed to you mono-eyed magic.
Go tell Neptune when the night is through.
Charm him, too, with your waxing and waning.
But you can`t catch me with those veiled half smiles.
Your borrowed brilliance exposes you.
I know your darker side.
Go charm some other star struck rhapsodist.


Each year the light is less.
We can barely see it now,
The faint necklace of
The Milky Way.

The old ones were wrong,
You know with their waxed fingers
Pointing up like abandoned adobe.
Yet you know better in your cubical gardens
And half moth-eaten moons,
You have arrived in

Bob Djurdjevic:
TSA Patdowns: Another Government Assault on Our Rights

"If you don`t defend your rights, they will go away" ( TiM Reader, 1995)
Beware of Janet`s in Government!

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 25 -

It may be time for Uncle Sam to reincarnate and shake things up - in Washington. For, the New World Order (NWO) Uncle Sam impostors, such as Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano, are showing their ugly faces - by their deeds.

"Stop harassing my people," Uncle Sam might want to order the federal government officials who are trampling on our rights like trash on the ground. "Patdowns" and full body scanners at nation`s airports are the latest examples o invasive tactics. Never mind that not once (!) since the 9/11 has any government scanner discovered any threat to our security at any of the domestic airports!

First you scare`m, then you make`m pay for protection. Sound familiar? Remind you of "Godfather," perhaps? Or Orwell`s "Big Brother?"

Well, take a look at that photo cartoon on the right. You will see the latest NWO reincarnations of those scary characters.

When Janet Napolitano was the governor of Arizona, she trampled on my home state citizens` rights by installing so many cameras in the streets and roadways of Phoenix our state capital looked like a sprawling prison. Meanwhile, she allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to use Arizona as a springboard into the U.S. (see "Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself," July 2010). Now as head of Homeland Security, Janet and her boss, the Prez, are invading the American citizens` privacy nationwide with their "patdowns."

So it`s okay to let potential terrorists sneak across our borders as illegal immigrants, and then harass millions of American citizens, including the indigent, pretending to be "protecting" us? Thanks, but no thanks. Where was our government on 9/11 when we could have used some real protection? Asleep at the wheel, hiding in their foxholes, or aiding and abetting the assailants?

No wonder the people are pushing back. Enough is enough. Lawsuits are being filed against the government and the TSA. Outraged citizens are talking to the media about their ordeals. Like that man from Michigan, a bladder cancer patient, whose urinary bag the TSA morons broke while patting him down before a flight. He was both embarrassed and livid.

"Guess you`re under a lot of heat?" this writer said last week to a frazzled-looking TSA officer at a JFK airport security line in New York.

"Yes, we are," he admitted. "That`s why we are not using the new machines."

It was only then I noticed the idled security scanners behind the usual X-ray portals. "Interesting," I thought.

But the government is not backing down. Once the mafia get the upper hand, they don`t let go of the victim easily.

So what are they doing about the public uproar? You won`t believe this, but Janet Napolitano is apparently considering EXEMPTING the Muslim women from patdowns!? So reverse "racial profiling" is okay?

Check out this story from Colorado`s Greeley Gazette (Nov 17):

Napolitano considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at Airports!

Perhaps Janet is saving the Muslim women to pat them down herself? [she is rumored to be a closet lesbian - see YouTube: Is Napolitato Lesbian?]. As a friend of mine from Chicago noted, those are exactly the kinds of people who should be screened more carefully. We know that it wasn`t a cancer patient from Michigan or that little old lady in the above cartoon that carried out the 9/11 attacks.

As one of TiM readers put it in a letter to the editor in 1995, "ignore your rights, and they will go away."

If our rights were infringed in 1994-95 by Bill Clinton and another Janet (Reno - his Attorney General - right), who used Waco and Oklahoma City the way Bush and Obama have used 9/11 to strip us of our rights), then they are getting shredded now by Obama and Janet.

Even Clinton`s wife, now Obama`s Secretary of State, took exception when asked about patdowns in a recent media interview with New York Daily News (Nov 23):

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put down TSA pat-downs on Sunday, calling it an "offensive" security measure she wouldn`t want to experience herself.

"Everybody is trying to do the right thing," Clinton said on CBS` "Face The Nation." "I understand how difficult it is, and how offensive it must be for the people who are going through it."

Asked if she would be willing to submit to an airport frisk, Clinton laughed and admitted, "Not if I could avoid it. No, I mean who would?"

Well, there is one way to avoid the patdowns. Don`t fly. Or fly less. And only when you have to. Which has been this writer`s New Year`s resolution for the last two years in a row anyway.

But there is no easy way to avoid the government intrusions into our lives or our wallets. So how about it, Uncle Sam? Will you come down and tell Janet and Obama to stop harassing us?

Meanwhile, beware of Janet`s in government!

Bob Djurdjevic is a writer and consultant based in Haiku (Maui), Hawaii. He is a free-thinking humanist and esteemed editor of Truth in Media

Geoff Jackson:
Whatever happened to the Anglo-Indians?

Anglo-Indians were people in India of racially mixed descent. Originally called Eurasians, this pejorative term was discarded in favor of Anglo-Indian and defined as someone, who could trace his descent through the male line from a British ancestor but permanently resident in India. As early as the seventeenth century, the Portuguese were encouraging intermarriage with native women and in the early days Britain paid a sum of money to those British men marrying local women. Moreover, human nature being what it is and white women being scarce, intermarriage continued throughout the centuries of British rule.

However, Anglo-Indians were not deemed by the British to be on the same foot as themselves. They were ostracized and took lesser jobs. The British, resident in India, defined themselves as ‘domiciled` there, by which they meant that they had taken up temporary occupation and intended to leave on completion of their tour of duty. There were never very many of them. The Anglo-Indians, however, outnumbered the British by the mid-eighteenth century and resided in India permanently.

They formed a buffer between the British and the ‘natives`. Usually, they spoke good English, though often without the Oxford accent deemed necessary at the time and so were ridiculed. They were also highly sensitive to Indian sensibilities and shared Indian values. This cross-cultural population became important to the British Raj.

Many Anglo-Indians joined the Army in the nineteenth century. Their replacement by Moslems and Hindus in the mid-nineteenth century was probably a factor behind the Indian Mutiny, where the entire Army revolted because they were being culturally mismanaged by their British officers. Some famous Anglo-Indian regiments, however, were not disbanded such as The Khyber Rifles, The Shekowali Brigade and Skinner`s Horse. Indeed, descendants of Skinner are now to be found living in Australia.

The Anglo-Indians made a unique contribution to Indian national life. They served on the railways, in the postal service and in administration at all levels. They made a tremendous contribution to education. Generally, also, they were much better educated than the native Indians. It may also be said that the British, without accepting them as ‘white` promoted them within India and used them as a bridge between cultures.

In 1947, however, the British decamped from India and independence was declared. In the communal violence that followed, most Anglo-Indians were left unscathed and the main fury of terror and looting directed itself toward Moslems and Hindus with many Sikhs from the border state of the Punjab being displaced as well. Jammu and Kashmir is still left over as a bone of contention.

The Anglo-Indians, nonetheless, had lost the support of the colonial power. Many realized right away that this would mean the loss of jobs and economic position and others became aware that the shoe was pinching as time went on. I have not looked into what happened to the Anglo-Indians in India so much as how many left and where they left to. It may be surmised as is the case throughout history that they left their country because they saw poor prospects for themselves there and because they were attracted by a brighter, better future elsewhere. Generally, they emigrated to North America, Britain and the Commonwealth.

There were half a million Anglo-Indians in India at Independence and initially about 100,000 emigrated, mostly to Britain. In the 1960s, 50,000 left for Canada and 50,000 for Australia. Small numbers of Anglo-Indians have settled in New Zealand since the 1920s. Anglo-Indians were English-speaking and Christian and in Australia, at any rate, intermarriage between Anglo-Indians and Australians was high. We can say that this new group of people quickly integrated wherever they were. They were stable and conscientious workers with extended family ties. By and large, their settlement has been trouble-free. They were also India`s most emancipated, internationally oriented, westernized and democratic people.

In Australia, a majority of Indian-born migrants are Christian. Mostly, Anglo-Indians are Catholic or Anglican (corresponding to American Episcopalian) and in some parishes they form a majority of Church members. The men have a higher level of education than women but even so, women of Indian descent have more university degrees than the Australian average. Many Anglo-Indians have settled in and around Perth in Western Australia. High concentrations live in Sidney and Melbourne (New South Wales). Increasingly, most Indians participate in cultural and religious activities with other members of the community.

Unemployment among Indians is relatively low and they tend to be employed in more demanding professions. India`s High Level Committee on the Indian Diaspora concluded that there were 190,000 Indians in Australia or 1.02% of the total population. Twenty-two per cent are Anglo-Indians.

Probably, the main factor leading to the emigration of the Anglo-Indians was the removal of the privileged position they had held in employment following the withdrawal of the British. The majority of these left behind in India today mostly answer when surveyed that they would like to leave India. However, most middle-class Indians, particularly the young, would also like to leave India. Is this not understandable? Everyone wants to leave for somewhere where prospects are better and the future seems brighter. Anglo-Indians were not exactly driven out of India. They saw their position being eroded and the English language, a better economic position and better emigration possibilities from 1945 to 1960 afforded them the opportunity to leave. In some ways, they were like the Jews of Eastern Europe forced to live by their skills and their wits but the uprooting of the Jews was drastic, violent and barbarous and the Indian ‘Diaspora` took place in a more orderly fashion. Like the Jews, they took their wits and their skills with them. Unlike the Jews, they were never interested in their own national state and were largely, happily assimilating in the cultures they found themselves. The story of the Anglo-Indians in history has largely been a success story. Whatever happened to them? The wagon train rolled on.

~ Geoff Jackson

In the wake of troubles in many of Britain`s former overseas possessions, the Society issued A MODEST PROPOSAL to restore the British Empire so that the locals would no longer have to worry about government at which they have done so poorly and could cheerfully look forward to occasions on which they would perform in native costume at tea time for His Excellency, The Royal Governor.

Susan Marie Davniero:


Turn a calendar page
To the next stage
Passing day grew
From old to new
Night closes to morn
Awaken a new year born
The old fades away
A new year today
Shedding a tear
It`s a New Year!

Andy Martin:
Fall of The Sun God


(NEW YORK)(December 8, 2010) In the wake of the November election Obama has finally had to act like a president, not a sun god. And the Democratic Party`s left is in frenzy. The last thing the Democrats wanted was a mere "president." They thought they had elected a liberal dictator.

Yesterday someone from Harvard called Obama an "alien mediator" with "little experience" in leadership. "Alien?" "Little experience?" Those are not kind words: But Obama`s "Et tu, Brute" moment may have arrived with a bitter attack posted yesterday by an Illinois liberal. It was Illinois liberals, after all, that originally gave us Obama-the-Myth and papered-over Obama-the-Man.

Ellen Gill is a leftist blogger in the north suburbs, and she posted a guest blog by Lee Goodman, a NorthShore liberal. Lee Goodman is a former congressional candidate in the liberal 10th congressional district. I have added own annotations to Mr. Goodman`s cri-de-coeur; mine are the capital letters. Where does Obama go from here? He has become abandoned by his own party. Who will become the liberal "David" that will slay "Obama-the-Goliath" in 2012? It`s not clear right now [Hillary Clinton, anyone?]. Democrats elected a liberal Republican in 2008, only they didn`t realize it at the time. Obama may have truly become a "man without a party."

Obama is pursuing George Bush`s policy in Iraq, and has doubled down on Bush`s approach in Afghanistan and he is getting ready to teach the Chinese a lesson. He has now adopted the "Bush tax cuts" as Obama`s own. Obama has done more to resurrect and rehabilitate George Bush`s reputation than any Republican.

How can liberals run against "Bush tax cuts" in 2012 after adopting them as their own in 2010? What`s next? A "Mission Accomplished" sign for the White House? Is Obama going to a Charley Crist and bolt the Democrats to run as an Independent? Or will he take on the mantle of becoming the Republican candidate for president in 2012? Or just retire and cash in financially, à la Bill Clinton? As always, I will be fighting to find the facts, and trying to tell the truth. In the meantime, buy a copy (there are a few left) of my book Obama: The Man Behind the Mask, still available from the publisher. It was all there, way back in 2008. I told you so. My book is still all you need to know about Barack Obama. Yes, I knew Barry way back when. When he was still a man, not a god. The "Chicago Obama."

Obama the Sun God, R. I. P.

Dr. Charles Frederickson


Dignity involves the earning or expectation of self-esteem, the quality of being worthy of respect. Asia`s elite, very special athletes, proudly training for the Asian Para Games, deserve our full emotional encouragement and financial support. These dedicated national representatives aptly demonstrate the importance of dignity in one`s behavioral conduct as well as how a truly dignified sportsmanship can become a role-model for others to emulate. Remain mindful of Aristotle`s admonishment: `Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them." 5 D`s to be instilled: Decorum, Determination, Discipline, Distinction, Dynamism. Dare to fail, but do so with Dignity. Our compassionate global family must recognize the need to protect, preserve and promote the well-being, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons with disabilities, while facilitating possibilities for increased equalization of constitutionally guaranteed opportunities. We must join together to create jobs which maintain sustainable livelihoods by, for and with persons with disabilities, ensuring full and effective participation in economic, social, cultural and political life to achieve an accepting, tolerant eco-environment for everyone. As a consequence of ignorance, apathy or indifferent care-givers, past half-hearted shortfalls should be replaced with wholehearted support by endorsing progressive advances, particularly in information technology, to facilitate a greater range of self-help options. Let`s emphasize strengths not weaknesses, cooperation rather than competition, unity of purpose, not self-serving divisiveness, by accepting the challenge to restore the ability to Laugh, Learn, Listen, Look, Love and enjoy Life for one and all.

~ Dr. Charles Frederickson


Better choco-late than almost never-never, embellished reminiscences sans regrets. Celebrating cyclical life`s ridiculous follies, unwrapping gifted present now and hereafter, satiny bows predestined by quirky Fates. Strings attached to spinning Wheel of Karma, missing a few less is more spokes. R.S.V.P. surprise natal party licked invitation returned to sender unopened, un-neighborly bribed acquaintances masquerading as truish friends. Carefully self-taught how to grin sincerely, finding humor in mundane gagged existence, striving to cope with gutless rut-tine. Kwik stirred not shaken into powdered white milk. Hot fudge drooled over split banana, imitation flavored tricolor scoops. Vagabondage ever-Ready whiplash summit topped with pitted cheery Maraschino cherry. Stale frosted over half-baked devil`s food saggy like crepe streamers, popped helium balloons leaking laughing gas. Trick candles dripping ennui, impossible to blow out. Truant missing persona guest of honor no-show for own soiree. Rated Xmas, poking bottoms of corner drugstore sampler, favoring dark-coated gooey caramels over waxy diapered full of it creams. Wintry gay blades skate along thin ice cracks. Hot cocoa don`t float pastel mini-marshmallow meltdown sinks, far too saccharine for still blossoming taste buds. Adulterous truffles filling bittersweet cavities, last nerve drill exposed. Enamel smile giggling at virtually every half-asspect of gagged second childhood death-by-chocolate overindulgence. Glittery semi-precious secondhand moments and paste zircons passing as diamonds, scratch spit-polished surface veneer. Transcendental twisted pretzel logic, lotus position meditative false truth wisdom, betray kiss of kismet smears.

Dr Kelley Jean White
I`m even grateful for winter.


snow all night--
this hour
my world is


birth certificate: date. Weight,
length, race—yellow.

Above my head

Scratched into the thick bark
What creature`s claws?

cement dinghy beached—

a planter for fake flowers
beside the macadam drive

Cold night

Hunter`s Moon shining
Through the belfry


the sun grows brighter
than my candle

Due at work before dawn

It takes two alarm clocks
To get me up

First weekend this year
without a murder
And now the NRA
challenges tight new
Philadelphia gun laws.

Friday night pizza—

Burn scars along the baker`s arms
As he reaches into the oven.

Frost stars my window pane

Blue sky over
The abandoned church

In snowy branches

Flash of red and olive drab
The cardinal pair

Majestic herd--tamed

the elk come to the barn for
their 6 o`clock feeding

Milk frozen into

white ribbons—breakfast on
Mount Washington.

~ Respectfully,

Kelley J. White


Traditional academic training in Asia is too often driven by self-serving ambition, stress, pressure and steeped in discipline, competitiveness and obsessive exam preparation. Too much emphasis is placed on forced spoon-fed learning by parroting the thrill of the drill and outmoded facts nobody really cares about, featuring Rote, Regurgitation and Remediation. In my opinion, education should prepare students for lifelong learning by stimulating mind-stretching growth, developing others-oriented insights like compassion, patience, tolerance and perseverance – valuable lessons which must be lived and explored in order to be truly understood. Aspirations represent possibilities generating unlimited opportunities. In our fast-forward IT savvy world, the centralized powers that be should allow students to pursue their passions and unique vision quests by reinforcing computer-based fundamentals which allow vigorous users to dare to take risks, to keep current and to master how to use the computer in their heads to solve problems as they arise. Knowledgeable learners must be able to differentiate RAM from ROM, Retrieval from Rebooting. Standardized tests measure programmed lockstep mindsets that lack curiosity and the ability to think independently outside the box, thereby stifling innovation and restricting the free rein joys of childhood. Daring starts from within. Imagination grows by exercise. Aim small, miss small. Life requires using various risky approaches and novel concepts to experiment trying new things to see if they work, then doing one`s best to make them happen triumphantly.

Geoff Jackson:
Dreaming of a White Xmas

Christmas has come early in Europe this year. French news says it is a result of global warming (overall temperature up by 5 degrees Fahrenheit taken across the globe), which is melting the pack ice at the North Pole. This is affecting wind systems so that Polar winds are blowing over the continent of Europe. Similar latitudes in Europe vis-à-vis the United States should be around 15 degrees Fahrenheit warmer due to the warm Gulf Stream ocean current but this year is turning out very different. Moreover, in the most recent Climate Conference on Global Warming and Climate Change in Yucatan, Mexico, countries were unable to agree on curbing omissions of greenhouse gases and the chief culprits were the US, China and India with Developing Countries pointing out that they also wanted to develop, which means they want to cut down their forests and pollute the planet, too. We, here in Europe, are facing what amounts to the second several day onslaught of snow in the year 2010. The first came in November very early and was quickly followed two or three weeks later by a second snow blanket. Snow extends from Sweden to Spain and from Siberia to Britain and Ireland. Here in Denmark temperatures sometimes go down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Airports are hardest hit. You cannot take off until you have de-iced the plane and removed all the snow from the wings and jet engines. All three London airports have had planes unable to take off. Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France and Frankfurt, Germany – to name but a few of the major European airports – have been unable to cope. Huge build-ups of passengers have occurred and people are being given blankets etc. to bed down for the night. Highways are blocked by snow. In particular, Holland, the densest populated little country in Europe, has ground to a halt in traffic chaos. Especially the big trucks are liable to jack-knife on slippery surfaces and when that happens the road is blocked and cars simply back-tail. Relief services like automobile organizations are unable to get through and in many cases even the police cannot get through and bog down rescuing people.

Thawing snow, too, presents its own problems. Rain falls at sub-zero temperatures and upon contact with the frozen ground forms a sheet of ice. This explains why a band of land in mid-Germany has been harder hit than north Germany (snow due to a higher latitude) and south Germany (snow due to a higher altitude). Also in France and Spain, the mountains in the Massif Centrale and the high cordilleras (not to mention the Alps and the Pyrenees that always have snow) have borne the brunt of the burden. However, in the southern regions there has often been rain. Suddenly southern Belgium and northern France were a number of feet under water. At the moment southern Spain is experiencing floods – particularly Andalusia and especially the river Guadalquivir. There is just no let up to the bad weather. Normally, January and February are the coldest months but we have already experienced temperatures, snowfall and rainfall equivalent to the coldest winter.

Many in the US refuse to believe in climate change and deride those who do as "The end of the world is nigh" crowd. However, from New England right the way through to Florida, Americans on the East Coast are already experiencing heavy snowfalls. As if economic crisis and joblessness were not enough, we are now being told we must reduce our use of fossil fuel. It is a bitter pill for the developed world to take. It is with envy and greed that the Third World longs to have as many automobiles as the West. The Easter Islanders denuded their island of wood and left behind stone faces looking out to sea. Other civilizations in the past were forced to abandon their cities to forests and deserts. There are 7 billion of us on the planet now with 9 billion projected for 2050. My hope is that the world will have the resourcefulness and courage to stand up to adversity. I still believe that science will find a way forward. Pundits say that we have until 2050 to do something. So, let`s act together now with a will and think planetary!

~ Geoff Jackson

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