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Good versus Evil

Geoff Jackson:
The Ceremony of Surrender at Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown pretty-well ended The War of Independence. There followed a couple of years` skirmishing in the south before the Treaty of Paris but essentially all was lost for the British forces. They held on to Canada and the Caribbean. The Commander of the British Army at Yorktown was Lieutenant General Cornwallis, already a distinguished soldier and later to be Viceroy of India. On the day of the surrender, he pleaded illness and elected to stay in camp. We have no way of knowing, of course, if he was ill or merely ashamed to surrender to a colonial army. In any case, he kept to his bed and sent his second-in-command, General O`Hara, later to be Earl of Connaught, Ireland, and also for a period, Governor-General of Gibraltar, to offer the surrender.

James Thatcher served with the Americans and published his account of the ceremony some years later. At around twelve o`clock, the American and French army was arranged and drawn up in two parallel lines, the French to one side extending more than a mile, and the Americans to the other. A little group of commanders on horseback were in the middle. At about two o`clock, the captive army advanced. It is said that many of the British troops displayed a sullen spirit when told to ground arms and threw their muskets away violently onto a heap with the intention of breaking them.

O`Hara, on horseback, joined the allied generals, also mounted, namely the Comte (Count) de Rochambeau, George Washington and Benjamin Lincoln. O`Hara proffered Cornwallis` sword first to the Comte de Rochambeau. O`Hara must have seen him as the senior of the trio since he was a nobleman. However, Monsieur le Comte from the outset had pledged himself to serve loyally under Washington. He therefore indicated the man whom he saw as his commander-in-chief to receive the surrende5r. O`Hara now approached Washington and proffered the sword again. It may be that Washington was piqued that Cornwallis had not come or angered at O`Hara`s gesture in offering the sword to Rochambeau. In any case, Washington indicated that the sword and thereby the surrender should be made to his own second-in-command i.e. Benjamin Lincoln. Lincoln was an honorable officer, who had been forced to surrender at Charleston, South Carolina, quite recently in May 1780 to the British commander in America, General Sir Henry Clinton, while General Cornwallis was serving as his second-in-command.

During the ceremony, the British were not allowed to play French or American marching tunes. They probably played, ‘The World Turned Upside Down`, which was a popular refrain and a wry reflection on how a backwoods army could defeat a regular British mercenary army.

The song goes:-

If ponies rode men and grass ate cows
And cats were chased into holes by a mouse…
If summer were spring and the other way round
Then all the world would be upside down…

It was indeed, that fateful day. According to the negotiated terms, the soldiers marched out with colors folded and departed to a place of detention. British officers were allowed to keep their side-arms and were deported to Britain or a British occupied port. Cornwallis proposed an amnesty for Tories or loyalist supporters of the British Crown but Washington struck this out of the document of surrender because he considered it best left to Congress. Otherwise he accepted almost all Cornwallis` proposals.

The surrender of Yorktown really marked the end of The War of Independence. Prior to Yorktown, there was a threat of mutiny and secession so the victory was timely. If fighting had simply continued, the Continental army might have dropped apart. As it was, the crushing defeat inflicted on British forces ensured the survival of the new Republic and the birth of the American nation.

~ Geoff Jackson

Dr Charles Fredrickson:

Things I never quite said
Voiceless thoughts haunt troubled anima
Gnawing at decalcified bone skullduggery
Pleading for mercy too late

Begging forgiveness penitent unanswered Amens
Tarnished silence gilt eaten away
Less is more or less
Said the better almost forgotten

No Holds Bard

David Lawrence:

The Republicans approve of Peter King`s caucus on homegrown Islamic terrorism because they want to discover its etiology and its consequences. Because Republicans are conservative, they are rational and will look for solutions rather than hysteria.

On the other hand, the Democrats are emotional manics who react to truth effeminately. They are worried that if they discover homegrown terrorism they will have to destroy all Moslems rather than to meet with them and try to resolve problems within their mosques and communities.

The Democrats call Republicans violent but most anger and hatred spills forth from the Democratic hate machine. The other day a union sympathizer said that the unions should spill blood in the streets. Why do the Democrats still pretend that they are the party of tolerance and pacifism?

Democrats are always calling Republicans gun-toting killers. They never refer to their crushing babies heads with forceps as killing. That is merely a woman`s right to choose. It is celebrated.

Two years ago I wrote that if World War III comes about it will be the result of an exaggerated response by a coward like our then-to-be President, Obama. Remember that most wars were during Democratic administrations.

Protect us from killing Moslems. Let Peter King ask them a few questions instead. After all, this is what the Democrats pretended they always wanted—dialogue.

= Robert L. Martin:
The Battle

Dear God.

The pipers played the proud battle songs of all warriors,
and the sound shook through my veins as I rose up to meet my enemy.

Through the night we fought in your honor
even though the rising sun had lifted up the darkness and cast it aside.
We were still holding onto the last thread of life,
but at the same time,
we fought as if death was our refuge and life was our prison.

If one of our limbs were severed,
we still fought with the remaining ones
until the white wings of death cradled us to its bosom.

We share our testimony to you in your kingdom
where all winners and losers commune together at your table,
and taste the wine made sweeter by your sacred tears.

All glory be to thee, oh Lord, Prince of Peace.

Dr Charles Fredrickson:


UNCLEAR is an anagram for NUCLEAR, which has increasingly become the source of more problems than solutions. Nuclear power is neither renewable nor sustainable and can be a contaminating influence, devastating to human beings, nature and the eco-environment. The consequences of an accident are disastrous and harmful to the local populace`s health, often causing cancer. It is impossible to stop global warming. It is only possible to mitigate its effects through a drastic reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide. A green response to climate change must consider limiting our consumption of dwindling resources to such an amount which does not curtail future generations or other beings on Earth. Demand has to follow supply, not vice-versa.Our global focus should be on promoting energy efficiency rather than nuclear power, with its related disadvantages: long-term radioactive waste disposal safety/security issues; dangerous risk of nuclear catastrophes; limited availability of dwindling resources; plutonium`s vulnerability to potential terrorist attacks; responsibly monitoring nuclear weapon proliferation and storage containment. Each year, every nuclear reactor is capable of making enough plutonium to build 30 nuclear bombs.Earth`s energy needs can be met through a mix of solar thermal power plants and solar electricity stations, wind farms, hydroelectric power stations along with the various uses of biomass. EMIT is an anagram for TIME to reconsider mindset changes, primarily switching priorities to favor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), increasing the use of fossil energy and furthering the generation and application of renewable energy, all of which make pragmatic common sense.

Dr. Charles Frederickson
Bangkok, Thailand
David Lawrence :


Obama is the revisited ghost of the sixties. He is as liberal as liberal was in 1969. His extreme liberalism has taught us all a lesson—that liberalism is useful as a mollifying protest against the administration but that it is unworkable as an American form of government. Since Obama has driven liberalism from a form of simpleminded protest to governmental status quo, America has become a third rate power. He has driven the national debt into the stratosphere, exacerbated racial antagonism, reinvented class warfare and decimated peace in the Middle East. Hallucinating that he is an anti-war president, he has been involved in three wars --Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya -- in under two years. Oh, he has also driven taxes up and quasi-nationalized medicine and the auto industry. In medicine he favors the poor who don`t contribute to Medicare over the seniors who do and in the auto industry he favors the union workers over the bond holders. Instead of a legislative, judicial and executive government, Obama has hired a bunch of dictatorial czars to do his bidding. It seems that Obama is our best weapon against liberalism. His administration proves that it doesn`t work. We should thank him for bearing witness to his folly.


If you don`t know how to fight you pick the wrong fights. There is no reason to bomb Libya except misplaced liberalism and ill-afforded humanitarianism. Before Obama came to office he showed himself to be cowardly. He was afraid to take positions in his state senatorial votes in Illinois. In the US senate he was against invading Iraq even when Sadam Hussein announced that there were WMD`s there. A couple of years ago I wrote in Fullosia Press that Obama would one day start wars not out of courage but out of cowardice. He praises negotiation but doesn`t know when to negotiate. Having an itchy trigger finger, Obama has now dropped bombs on Libya. The support of England and France has allowed him to muster up the courage to kill. Obama mocked Bush bombing Iraq after 9-11 but doesn`t see that Libya has far less reason to be attacked. No Libyan has ever attacked us like Osama bin Laden`s clan. We didn`t fight Desert Storm against the Libyans and Libya is no longer a nuclear threat, considering that George Bush got them to give up their nuclear program. Of course, like all simpleminded liberals, Obama bases his attack on humanitarian grounds. Did it ever occur to him that Sadam was a far more ruthless dictator than Khadafy and that it was more humanitarian to execute him? Furthermore, Obama has chosen to shoot Tomahawk missiles at about $500,000 each when we are fourteen trillion dollars in debt. He can`t wait to bankrupt us. It seems that Obama`s fear of war has made him into an ill-advised war monger. He sanctimoniously views himself as a peaceful man while he revs up deaths in Afghanistan and Libya.


Like socialism unions pretend that they are for the people. They are only for themselves and their own continuance. They bribe the Democratic Party with millions of dollars` worth of their dues in order to get them to support their generous pension plans and early retirements. It`s true that unions help the members of the Democratic Party by putatively bribing them with huge contributions. But the majority of non-public workers are robbed by the politicians overtaxing them in order to featherbed the unions.

Obama received more money from unions than any politician in history. No wonder he accuses Scott Walker in Wisconsin of union-busting. He is indebted. He sold the Presidency to the highest bidder when he got into bed with the rich unions. He tricked McKean and dropped out of public financing to latch onto union coffers.

The public unions gain more than the private sector. Why? Because they contribute so heavily to the Democratic party that when their politicians get in office they steal from the general populace to fatten their benefits. Public Unions have always had a close connection with violence. Remember Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront getting pushed around by union leader Lee J. Cobb. How have unions managed to fool the public and seem like innocent victims rather than bullies?

It`s ironic that union stooges denounce big business and Wall Street as being ruthless when they take over buildings, accuse Republicans of being Nazis and shut down cities. Just look at them on their lines at Wisconsin, screaming at Scott Walker and interfering with other citizens` rights to pass. They are thugs, not reasonable people with grievances.

Why don`t they get off their picket lines and prove their worth by showing up at work and doing a good job? They confuse giving death threats with reasonable protest. They should demand to be paid fairly based on their work. They should ask for the wages that the quality of their work demands not the wages that their boisterousness ransoms from fearful industries.

America was built on achievement. Unions want to convert excellence into rewards on the basis of who screams the loudest. Ralph Waldo Emerson must be crying in his grave that his concept of self-reliance has morphed into self-promotion. Unions are pups suckling on the nanny state.


Donald Berwick, Obama`s recess appointment for Administrator of the Centers for Medicare Services, promotes socialized medicine as a means of economic redistribution. He is all about making the putatively more fortunate less fortunate by stealing their assets and giving them to the less fortunate.

Berwick promotes redistributing wealth yet we don`t see him redistributing his own wealth. He milked millions out of a non-profit corporation called the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. He also has guaranteed himself and his wife health coverage for the rest of their lives.

Furthermore, Berwick wants to help the poor at the expense of the feeble and elderly. I`m not sure this is kindly and humane redistribution. Why should the poor be more deserving than the ancient and the sickly? If you`re old and need a hip replacement Berwick feels you shouldn`t get it even if you`d paid into social security for forty years. But if you`re poor and never did squat, you deserve the artificial hip that was paid for by the elderly. Give me a break.

Gee Berwick. Isn`t it arrogant to rename theft "redistribution." Just how did you figure that the relatively healthy poor are more deserving than the dying elderly? Is that compassionate?

Berwick seems to think that the poor are a special class of superior people who are entitled. I don`t know if Berwick has ever hung out with a poor person. He considers them "less fortunate" rather than incompetent and regards the elderly as dust to dust to be thrown out with the ashes of their twilight years into the waste pan.

Appointed by Obama, Berwick reminds me of Obama – superior, selfish, conceited and accusatorily demanding sacrifices of others that they wouldn`t give themselves. They are calloused dictator wannna-be`s, hiding behind democracy`s robes.

Only a naïve person who confuses marriage with international affairs would attempt to negotiate with his enemies. Only a sophomoric, idealistic leader like Obama would dream that he could negotiate with Iran, Korea or Egypt. There is no negotiation without love. Spouses can compromise because beneath their anger there is affection.

In international negotiation there is no love. There is no basis for negotiation. There is only intimidation, fear and dislike. Simulated negotiation becomes a ruse. It is a trick to get the other side to lay down their cards; to give in to the bluff, to surrender advantages. It is not sincere, nor should it be.

In marriage a wife jockeys to get more free time to herself but still looks forward to sleeping with her husband. She negotiates for the benefit of the overall relationship, not for winning points.

In international politics both sides want to see the other one decimated. They do not want peace. If they look at it honestly, they want destruction. They do not want to negotiate for the sake of the relationship but in order to dominate the other side.

Countries like Iran are similar to the mafia wanting to put a horse head in America`s bed.


Obama ran for President on the promise that he would be better than McCain on fixing the economy and that because of his being born by a Moslem father and brought up by another Moslem stepfather he would create a sympatico relationship with the Mideast which would be based on trust and open communication. His Cairo speech was the greatest unwitting subterfuge for America`s failure to back its ally, Israel. Bravo, Obama, and your naïve followers. In just two years you have wrecked America`s economy and destroyed the stability of the Mideast by offering cowardice and appeasement rather than restraint. The hostile youth of the Moslem countries are rioting in the streets and demanding democracy while promoting violence and possible religious theocracy somewhat like they did in Iran during the Carter debacle. The liberals must be disappointed that the only real democracy created in the Middle East was created by George Bush`s surge in Iraq. The other democracy is obviously Israel. Of course Obama and his liberal followers do everything to undercut that. And now Obama is dimwittedly following his socialistic tendencies again, encouraging the unions in Wisconsin to not compromise and to steal from the taxpayers. Of course Obama is an only child. He is spoiled and demanding. He doesn`t believe in giving rewards to those who earn them.

Boghos L. Artinian MD:
Vertical Evolution

As in eons past for eons hence,
Cells must always bathe in liquids dense,
For gases cannot them sustain
Be they single or be they twain.
Thus to forsake the liquid ocean
They had to organize with caution
Into convenient bags of liquid soup
Classified: The Terrestrial Group!

As in eons past for eons hence,
Humans must always breathe gases dense,
For vacuum cannot them sustain
Be they single or be they twain.
Thus to forsake the gaseous ocean
They have to socialize with caution
Into huge spaceships of gaseous soup

Classified: The Galactic Group!

Boghos L. Artinian MD
David Lawrence, Ph.D.

Faleh Almaleki honor killed his daughter, Noor, with an American Jeep in 2009. Suicide-freaks killed three thousand Americans with our planes on 9/11, 2001. The real problem is not the death and suicide instincts of Moslems but our allowing primitive barbarians the use of modern technology. If these killers had restricted licenses to only use camels, the World Trade Towers would still be standing above a pile of camel dung and Noor would have outrun her imbecile father. For self-protection we should not give Moslems access to modern transportation. Let them ride their camels. I suppose we could also allow them to use their own technological achievements, seeing that they have none.

I`m surprised no female libbers have come out against Almaleki. I guess they are too busy pushing for twenty-five cent raises to achieve parity with men. Why bother with a misogynist, male-chauvinist daughter?s murder?
Jerry Vilhotii:

Doctor Nietzsche for one tried to kill God, as if He were an addiction like he himself plowing his sister in the dark like a deranged father knocking up his daughter in a cell in his big house, saying religions were going to be slave masters out to control the poor inhabitants of "Aqua" by perpetuating their fear of death and the unknown to making minds become so warped that little or no thinking would go on to any depth; then, he added vehemently that greed would slaughter God in attempts to find a self worth and indeed become their mad-off god. The experiment would begin.

The man was countered by Professor Gilgamesh who said the womb was more powerful than the brain and wanted an "un-chosen" people to write a book of their beginnings—hanging gardens and all— to see if it would be stolen and then other fictions added—just for fun. Philosopher Pessimistic Shaupenhauer could not agree more saying Nietzsche was a mad man off his rocker trying to create supermen among self-haters who smelled of sulfer!

At this point others on the panel begin to interject some of their ideas like Benny Zoroaster insisting a Son of Light should be introduced with twelve apostles to see where that would lead while Doctor Agnostic said that since even they themselves did not know their origins it would be a sadistic game to play on inhabitants still living in caves or not very far from the ones they recently left conquering to some extent their fear of lightning and thunder.

Professor Heron, the machine guy genius, said he could make one thing that would have people visiting "holy places", his voice indicated the sarcasm of it all, to inject a coin into the machine and that weight would make a lever go down to produce just enough "holy water" to cleanse them of the dirt they felt which to their minds would become a miracle and then overwhelm them with huge doors opening to the tune of thunder—making the business of religion flourish until a real cure came along if indeed they had it in them to find real cures and not pseudo panaceas to lessen the fear in their hearts and take away the stain on their souls.

Doctor Shrub and his father Mister Cheeeny suggested to make many of the inhabitants be very very poor like children dying of hunger yet able to work for the super rich like one percent and then see if they could survive in tents which could be called Shrubcheeeny Tent Towns. Mister Hoover Damn agreed vehemently by slamming his GOP on the table sighting a compassionate way that that would indeed test their mettle and make sure a great war could happen between a great leader wearing a mustache and doing a little freaky dance while a great city called Paris was burning with fire emanating from her genitalia and his pupil Mister Boner Sobeit and Mister Turtle put their little Gops up on the table standing on their tip-toes to show agreement, compliance and followship.

And so the experiment on a new discovered planet began and all the scientists and super elite of the planet called Control — a galaxy away — awaited excitedly like little children being presented with a new toy on the morning they called The New Fourth Order. But human beings would one day protest;bringing back the days of the forty eight when kings trembled eating cake. END 2-22-11

Politics used to stop at the water`s edge. Republicans and Democrats understood that a unified foreign policy best served America`s interests. That approach was abandoned in the 1960`s. I am extending an open hand to President Barack Obama to create a bipartisan foreign policy task force that can advise the White House how to avoid looking stupid in the Middle East and around the world.

The current chaos in Egypt is a replay of the events which led to the fall of the Shah of Iran over thirty years ago. The Shah`s fall was the result of systemic failures in U. S. foreign policy. Instead of freeing the Iranian people, the "Islamic Revolution" has now enslaved Iranians for decades in a malignant theocracy.

American media still do not understand our interests in the Arab world, or why our interests are suddenly threatened. I had hoped to do a column last week on the "First Domino," Tunisia, which has fallen, suggesting there would be other dominos that would also collapse. But Egypt is falling faster than I can write.

The Mubarek dictatorship is over. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton`s continuing mealy-mouthed support for Mubarek confirms in my mind that the United States lacks any foreign policy in the Middle East.

U. S. interests are often submerged or ignored. Nowhere in the media has it ever been reported, for example, that the U. S. State Department has a critical foreign language facility in Tunisia that could be endangered. Or that if Jordan were to fall, the CIA`s Middle East headquarters would be eliminated. Our media have largely towed the "party line" and that party line is now collapsing.

There are hundreds of millions of people in the Arab world who have never known freedom, who have never known democracy, who have been hostages in their own homelands and who are enslaved by their corrupt regimes. Most of these governments unfortunately enjoy the support of the United States. Some of these repressed people turn to militant Islam as an outlet for their frustration at being denied basic human rights.

The U. S. response to foreign abuses is generally to pretend there is "no problem," and to plan as though a perpetual "business as usual" approach will suffice. President Barack Obama went to Egypt and visited the vile Mubarek dictatorship in 2009, to deliver a speech calling for "freedom." What an insult to the intelligence of Egyptians, and to America itself.

Clinton`s remarks in the past few days have been complete nonsense. She "views with concern" and "condemns violence" while the Egyptian regime we have dealt with is fast disappearing and while the instruments of the Egyptian police state are murdering demonstrators.

Who lost Egypt? Republicans and Democrats did.

The ill-fated invasion of Iraq, which strengthened Iran and weakened democratic forces across the Arab world, postponed the upheaval we are now witnessing.

Is Egypt irretrievably lost? Not at all. Egyptians are not radicals, and few Egyptians would vote to enslave themselves under another Islamic regime. So there is great potential in Egypt if only Clinton and Obama would stop mouthing platitudes and start talking sense to people in the Arab world.

So where do we go from here? In a few lines, here is my advice to both Republicans and Democrats. First, President Obama should create and convene a bipartisan crisis council to deal with developments the Middle East. What we are witnessing today, and will be witnessing in the days ahead, is a generational shift. Young people in the Arab world, who live without hope and without a future, and who yet are connected to the endlessly alluring outside world, are about to overthrow the old order and overthrow America`s God-forsaken foreign policy.

Second, we need to stop living in a "pretend" world and start living in the real world. Obama has discredited the word "change," but change is coming to the Middle East. We need to "flood the zone" with Americans committed to freedom and democracy, not with mealy-mouthed bureaucrats that use meaningless expressions such as "viewing with concern" the slaughter of innocent civilians by Mubarek`s praetorian guard. It`s time for straight talk and plain talk. The controversial Wikileaks controversy has released documents that show American diplomats often talk one way in public and entirely the opposite in private. With appropriate politeness, our private views must become public policy.

Third, especially as regards Egypt, we need to announce that we are prepared to assist in a transitional government if free elections and democracy are respected. There will be no Mubarek "coronation election" in the fall. That approach is dead. There will be no generational transfer of power to Mubarek`s son, Gamal Mubarek. The "Mubarek Dynasty," like Iran`s "Pahlavi Dynasty" before it, is kaput.

Fourth, we need to stop thinking of Arabs as being beneath us, and start thinking of them as what they are: ordinary people who in the words of the Statute of Liberty are "yearning to breathe free." At the same time we need to stop toadying to Arab dictators and potentates. We should adopt rigid criteria for freedom and democracy as the standards by which we allocate any foreign aid. No more game playing. We have only been fooling ourselves by closing our eyes to the obvious abuses of our "allies."

There is currently a vacuum in the Middle East. History and politics never allow a vacuum to exist for very long. Whether Egypt becomes a democratic nation, and continues to partner with the United States in an association of free nations, or whether Egypt falls behind the Iron Curtain of Militant Islam, depends on our response and reaction to current events. Both Obama and Clinton have added to our problems, not guided us to reasonable solutions. They may have traveled overseas as U. S. politicians in diplomatic cocoons; neither has any real foreign policy experience. (The extent of Obama`s foreign travels before the presidency remain, of course, a source of controversy and mystery.)


Dr. Charles Frederickson:

At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day in countries where income level and urban-rural gap discrepancies are ever-widening. According to UNICEF, each year 22,000 children die due to poverty and malnutrition – 1 in 3 youthful survivors are without adequate shelter; 1 in 5 have no access to sanitation and safe drinking water; and 1 in 7 lack reasonable availability to health services. Nearly a billion people are unable to read books or sign their names. In our interconnected, rapidly shrinking wwworld, we must learn to love other people`s children as our very own. Changing cosmic priorities demand compassionate non-judgmental perspectives which respect tolerant multiversity, say “No” to greed, fraud, political corruption and uncivil wrongs, and prize cooperation over competition. Easy solutions seldom are, but we must re-think alternative options and re-learn all-too-hasty quick fixes to complex confrontations depending on use of bullyrag imposed force. With global military expenditures exceeding $1 trillion dollars annually, reducing such spending in poor developing countries as well as overdeveloped rich ones can and must be a central component of the battle to eradicate extreme poverty, alleviate hunger, improve educational opportunities and enhance child survival. Renewable energy is essential to modern society – slashing high carbon emissions from dirty fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, switching to cleaner renewable energy sources like solar and water and making each of us more self sufficient while simultaneously creating millions of new jobs. The fresh water crisis, sanitation and conservation represent the planet`s major environmental problems, roiled by fierce water shortages, access wars, fecal contamination, industrial pollution and outmoded infrastructure that too often fails. The threat of nuclear weapons proliferation, the overreach of industrialization and the destruction of valuable natural eco-environmental resources are other shared concerns to be mutually addressed. The rich superpowers must stop denying the lonely planet`s poorest and most vulnerable inhabitants their legitimate fair and equal just rights to brighter prospects for future generations, seeking to ensure human security that reaches beyond military might.

Dr. Charles Frederickson
Bangkok, Thailand
Raud Kennedy:

In bed, prolonging the moments
before pushing back the covers.
The voice on NPR, a reporter in Afghanistan,
refers to the spring fighting season
as if he`s announcing the opening
of ski season at Mt. Hood Meadows.

I brush my teeth, minty fresh, extra whitener.
Death tolls from suicide bombings.
Toweling off after showering, it`s total US casualties,
a number that could be the population figure
of a small city. A city of dead young men and women.

The refreshing lather lifts my beard
as my triple bladed razor shaves my face kissable smooth.
Tell me again why we are there while I am here.

Geoff Jackson:
April 2011


Bare bones of winter
Trees are like
Poking angry joints
At a blind blue sky
Michael Lee Johnson:
Cold Gray

Below the clouds
forming in my eyes,
your soft eyes,
delicate as silk warm words,
used to support the love I held for you.

Cold, now gray, the sea tide
inside turns to poignant foam
upside down, separates-
only ghosts now live between us.

Yet, dream like, fortune-teller,
bearing no relation to reality-
my heart is beyond the sea now.

A relaxing breeze sweeps
across the flat surface of me.
I write this poem to you
neglectfully sacrificing our love.

I leave big impressions
with a terrible hush inside.

Geoff Jackson:
April 2011


Everything moves slowly
Time, the sky, seasons
And my body like a lead balloon

Michael Levy:
Black Swan

Baby cry
pure as snow
white swan
hello world
Black Swan
Black Swan
Black Swan
It`s all BS

* * * * * *
In Love & Joy
Michael Levy.
Professional Optimist

* * * * * *

CUTTING TRUTHS - Truth is the rarest commodity on earth as very few know how to be open enough to receive it!

Kelley Jean White:
White`s Mountain

5 a.m. Armand`s mowing the cemetery lawns-- his feud with the grass.

a bat dances a poem against the wind I cannot hear his music

After you slammed the door–a little snow fallen on the welcome mat.

Ah! Your handsome pony Racing into the meadow Green gallop gold

A patchy acre of grass and lichen. Not much green in the grave yard.

assault on Baghdad small boys hang ‘action figures` from flowering trees

At the Body Worlds Exhibit—shock of a tattoo on cadaver skin.
Geoff Jackson:
April 2011


The gull
Carries the seasons
On his wings

Wintyer blows away
Summer`s illusions
Leaving a strands of bleached white sand behind

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