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Awesome Davide Lawrence:


David Lawrence:

The Democrats always want to raise the taxes of the rich. Instead of reducing taxes and stimulating business which results in increased governmental revenues, they vindictively want to tax the successful and stubbornly reduce their own revenue base. They are so anti-rich and naively revolutionary that they would rather hurt the well-to-do than to improve the economy. They would rather ruin their own finances than to give the rich a break, even if that break redounds to their own improved economy. They would rather cut off Marie Antoinette’s head than to give her a job teaching manners at a Lady’s Boarding School.

Mike Burch:
America's Riches

Balboa's dream
was bitter folly—
no El Dorado near, nor far,
though seas beguiled
and rivers smiled
from beds of gold and silver ore.

Drake retreated
rich with plunder
as Incan fled Conquistador.
Aztecs died
when Spaniards lied,
then slew them for an ingot more.

The pilgrims came
and died or lived
in fealty to an oath they swore,
and bought with pain
the precious grain
that made them rich though they were poor.

Apache blood,
Cherokee tears
were shed, and yet they went to war;
they fought for earth
and freedom’s birth—
these were Her riches, and still are.


David Lawrence :


Obama is busy glad-handing from his donors. Dining at Daniel’s he gathers thirty-five thousand eight hundred dollars a plate and puts it into his election slush fund along with his palate cleaning sorbet. Do you think the man who raised our national debt to 14 trillion dollars might collect donations to raise America from its Third World financial status back to its original proud solvency? No, it’s all about his getting re-elected to do more of the same. Obviously, I wasn’t invited to Daniel’s even though I have dined there in the past and was horrified by my two hundred and fifty dollar bill for myself and my wife. Thirty-five thousand eight hundred dollars? I would have choked on the Braised Short Ribs.

The question is why are these Wall Street Fat Cats who have been demeaned and diminished by Obama lining up to dine with him? Is it because he has gotten us involved in three wars, because he bankrupted the country, because he has made us more dependent on foreign oil, because he failed to close Gitmo (Thank God), because he used Bush’s information from enhanced interrogation to execute bin Laden, because he raised the unemployment level to over 9 per cent (a level at which no President has ever been re-elected), because he has created a National Health Program that is unwieldy and will further bankrupt the country while it diminishes our medical services and (under Bergman) rations seniors to death, because he has exacerbated the divisiveness between the two parties and has started a war against free speech by attacking Fox News. Oh, he also moved us from capitalism towards socialism by pushing redistribution as he did way back when with Joe the Plumber. Perhaps they want to dine with him so he can explain how he managed to sneak out to play golf seventy times during his office? They want to figure out how they can get such time on the links. Or they want to know how his moving Andy Stern into the White House as a full time guest was not in the interests of the socialistic unions but of free enterprise?

I think after all the bull Obama must have piled up at Daniel’s, his Wall Street guests must have felt like they ate sweetbreads and gone home to put their fingers down their throats. Like empty headed models, they must have gone bulimic.


A couple of years ago my Jewish friends told me they were voting for Obama. At that time I told them that if they voted for Obama there would be no Israel in a couple of years. They laughed at me. They asked, “What do you care about Israel?” You wrote and rapped the song “Renegade Jew” which still plays on “YouTube.” It’s ironic that as iconoclastic as I may be, I still had the intelligence to realize that Obama would be the death of Israel. While my friends went to temple and prayed, they were inadvertently submarining the Israeli State by voting for Obama.

And now Obama wants Israel to return to the 67 borders which would make it indefensible. He is doing just what I predicted.

I spoke to an old liberal Jewish friend the other day. Did he apologize for voting for our stealth enemy, Obama? No. He’d rather see the end of our people than admit that liberal philosophies end up in the garbage can of socialist utopias.

There is only one hope for salvation. That is that Obama is such a liar that he doesn’t really intend to push Israel back to the 67 borders again. After all, he has lied about everything from accepting public financing for his campaigning to not throwing granny under the bus when stripping Medicare of 500 billion dollars and appointing an extreme rationing czar, Dr. Ronald Berwick, to be the head of Medicare/Medicaid.

As the Renegade Jew, I am tempted to go to temple and pray for Obama to continue his boldfaced lies and undercut his assertion that he wants Israel to return to the 67 borders.

Michael Lee Johnson:
Fly Wings

Black wings
landing on unwanted
space, like the devil
in bad spots that itch-
fly swatter hammers,
summer fly body parts splatter
blood crucifixion red,
blood stains splat against the kitchen wall.
Blood crucifixion red-
Dead? Sacrifice?
Or does Jesus call, resurrect all?
Black wings.


David Lawrence: EMPTY BOXES


Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan of the group Milli Vanilli were crucified for mouthing “The Moment of Truth.” Boo hoo, they had to give their Grammy back. Barack Obama is celebrated for mouthing the words of his speech writers as he reads them from the teleprompter. Why hasn’t he had to give his Presidency back? He is not the artist. He is worse than a lip syncher. A lip sycnher doesn’t emit. Obama actually speaks other people’s words as if they are his own. He feigns sincere, from-the-heart speech while he vacuously plagiarizes and rotes. Congratulations Democrats. You have elected the rock star you boasted Obama was before his election. You elected the new, fabulous Milli Vanilli.


What worries me about Obama’s speech that Israel should return to the 1967 boundaries is that neither he nor his staff realize that the 67 borders are a non-starter. Obama has surrounded himself by some many left wing advisors that he doesn’t even realize that his position is anathema to Israel. His little crew thinks that returning to the 67 borders wouldn’t cause an uproar and wouldn’t be totally unacceptable. The White House crew is so ignorant of the Israeli position that they do not realize that the 67 borders are irrevocably unacceptable as an option for peace. I think Mr. Obama could use a little more variety in his support staff and a little more awareness of the Israeli side rather than the Arab point of view. That way he might not put forth such a ridiculous position as returning to the 67 borders. It’s not only that Obama isn’t open-minded; his speech writers and researchers are out of touch with Israel’s position. Otherwise how could the White House take such an offensive position and Mr. Obama embarrass himself with his naïve, misguided speech.

Geoffrey Jackson:

7. A Fallen Friend

A red flower blooms
In a glass
Behind it, finely formed, green leaves
The memory of a soul mate
Lost in battle

8. To Offer Life

I wait
With your name
On my lips
Knowing the door
Will stay closed
On your offering
Of life
For your country

A Less Perfect Union

David Lawrence :


Politically correct butterfly-vote collector Andrew Cuomo has decided that New York State wants same sex marriage and he rammed it, phallus like, down our throats. He is patting himself on the back. He is pulling his pod in an orgy of self-celebration. He is singing a masturbatory song of himself like Walt Whitman. The big secret is that a lot of homosexuals don’t even like same sex marriage. It is corny and a broken chip off the old status quo. Gays are more floral than that, more flamboyant. They are notoriously the most open cheaters in the world. They want drag queen theatre not the drag of marriage. Besides what is the purpose of marriage? In the heterosexual community it has traditionally been to save the woman from being dumped with her children by the working husband. It protects society from vagrancy and prostitution. This holds true even after female emancipation because women still bear the responsibility of raising the children.

There is no feminine, child-raising role in gay marriage. In fact allowing them to adopt is unfair cruelty to the child who will suffer being teased by other kids who are from heterosexual families. It also deprives children of two fathers or two mothers the psychological advantages of being raised by both sexes. Despite the gay community’s denial of a possible tendency towards pedophilia, it seems natural that a person who would rebound against the natural heterosexual drive is more likely to pervert into the moral-free arena of child sex. So Cuomo and his politically correct dimwits have created same sex marriage in New York, even though it doesn’t make much sense to a lot of gays and it no longer protects society. Who needs a bombastic governor when the governor unravels the fabric of society and creates an ideological concept of fairness instead of a true representation of the aesthetic unevenness of gay marriage.


Andrew, do you really believe that most heterosexuals are sitting around their kitchens celebrating the ratification of same sex marriage? Regardless of politically correct feigned approval of gay marriage, most people feel queasy. Doesn’t Governor Cuomo know the meaning of “no”? He believes that any revolution against historical values should be a “yes.” Rebellion and contrarianism are ipso facto good. Status quo is fuddy-duddy bad. Same sex marriage—“yes.” Why not? It makes milquetoast Cuomo seem progressive and forward-leaning rather than what he really is -- historically ambiguous and disrespectful of past morals and values. The whole history of the world is heterosexual marriage and Mr. Cuomo, with his limited politician’s intellect, choses to scrap it in favor of the ratification of perversion. Not that he would consider perversion perversion. He would consider it hope and change. What’s next Mr. Cuomo? Polygamy and human/sheep nuptials? Give us a break—why upturn the entire history of heterosexual marriage by approving the embarrassing farce of same sex marriage? Quit applauding the gender benders and stop encouraging the farce of twisted drag queens. Gay marriages spite heterosexual unions. They accomplish what Marxism attempted—screwing up the family unit. A perversion replaces the state as ultimate arbiter of education. We learn from what is blithely promulgated rather than from what is right and traditional. We have undermined the integrity of the family structure. Same sex marriage is not freedom. It is sickness – an embarrassment to the children who have to be brought up under these poke-fun-at conditions and a flagrant abridgment of good taste when men or women walk down the street hand and hand and stop to smooch. Governor Cuomo and valueless rich man Bloomberg, you encourage perversion because even perverts vote. Not that you don’t believe in an open society. You do. You are both successful but simple minded. You sacrifice values for the desire to appear generous to deviates. You don’t realize that an open society is a society without the comfortable walls of definable values and distinctions. It is chaos.


David Lawrence :

Female libbers are too angry and stubborn to realize that Marxism is misogynistic. It changes the relationship between men and women so that women are equal and thus have to perform manly tasks. Thus women are no longer treated as Goddesses who are morally superior, empathetic and less violent. They dress, act and talk like ugly men. Their natural beauty is diminished. Female libbers celebrate Marxism without realizing that it diminishes them. At least female liberation still allows women to enjoy their feminine frills and their advantages unlike Marxism which turns them into quasi dykes. Marxism is an immature attempt to go against the grain of natural male-female polarities. Marxism and simplistic female liberation are naïve, self-destructive forms of rebellion that pat themselves on the back for rebelling against the natural grain of human reality. After the fall of females as females, the negative effects of Marxism are to destroy the family unit. It is replaced by the blind, ideological state.


David Lawrence :

Selfish little Greek workers are tearing down their own cities and hurting their fellow citizens. I don’t understand how they counter the problems of unemployment and reduced pensions by creating the larger problems of violence and destruction. The stupidity of damaging a weak economy with millions of dollars of rioting is short-sighted and cruel. Violent protests should be viewed as something more than crimes and should be penalized like hate crimes. Revolution is far worse than personal crimes. The revolutionary does far more than rob the candy store; he burns it down. It is a felony to tear at the fabric of society unless that regime is felonious and Greece certainly isn’t. The protestors deserve no sympathy. They should be doubly penalized.


David Lawrence :


Anthony Weiner is a pervert. Clinton, Edwards, Kennedy, Schwarzenegger and other Lotharios who had affairs were not perverts. They were horny but not sick. They did not flash the raincoats of their internets open to strangers. They did not remotely post their erections on computer screens. They were misguided lovers; not indecent exposers. Weiner’s apology means nothing. He is mentally sick and perverted. There is no cure or excuse for this. It’s not that he cheated on his wife. He cheated on moral decency and was caught in a flagrant act of self-exposure for which he needs psychiatric help or psychotropic drugs. Forgiveness on our part would be a failure to appraise his illness. It is wrong. We do not have the ability to forgive an illness. It is almost 100 per cent incurable. Beware other computer screens. Recidivism is in order.

Chris Mathews and Anthony Weiner

Chris Matthews feels that people are attacking Anthony Weiner because they are uneducated, conservative, Christian, religious hicks.

Hey, you don’t need to be Christian to be disgusted by perversion. I am a Jewish, atheist, pro-abortion American who is nauseated by Weiner. He is a serial self-exposer. He should not only quit his job, he should be put in jail and given sexual therapy for his mental illness. His lying is one thing. His perversion is far more serious. Liberals don’t recognize his indecency because they are afraid to make value judgments. Everything is OK with them because they waffle so much mentally that they can’t even realize that Weiner is different from them. They have their own fear that they themselves are like Weiner.



Greetings Dean: I have been receiving so many requests for audiogrammes to the point that I must protest that the Society fails to appreciate the many difficulties the Mentor faces not only in locating the vanishing breed of pay phones with adequate lighting and safe areas, but also in researching the dreary news of the day and in practicing my delivery so that I might maintain the air of erudition and at the same time provide amusement. Also, the dreary news provides nothing but disenheartening information as the Society plots the course of decline and dissolution that for some reason the Dean revels in.

I did speak of the American manufacturers who closed down their American plants and laid off American workers to re-open in Red China only to find their Chinese partners stole all their ideas. The matter went before the Chinese Courts which liquidated the partnership and ordered its assets sold on the block at fire sale prices to the thriving partner. I can't see why the Dean cheers at such news. Indeed, should we not be constraining the Chinese to dress in business suits and act in a civilized manner? To his credit, President Barack [Hussein] Obama has made strenuous efforts to encourage the Red Chinese to respect American intellectual property.

Yet as much as news like this sends me into the doldrums, my faith was revived when I read the recent item by Bob Dj on the capture of a notorious Serbian war criminal. As you know, I strongly supported President Clinton's bombardment of Yugoslavia to force them to end the genocide and war crimes there. I found Bob Dj's track both informative as well as logical and persuasive by contrast to many of is other writings which even the Dean must regard as fringe material, gibberish at best, perhaps at worst in some obscure code.

I did note that Bob Dj claims to have stored his information in Stanford University. I am suitably impressed. What we may have here is that Bob Dj filled the Internet with drivel and saved the best material at Stanford.

And with the capture of this notorious war criminal, we harvest the fruits of President Clinton's Human Rights War. The Serbians are forced to dress in normal business suits, sit in parliament and act responsibly. There is no prospect of the potential vengeance and reprisal which you see as the mechanisms of international law.

Bob Dj says he hopes to see humanity progress. Indeed in the Human Rights War I see the progress.

But I also detect humanity's progress in the recent visit of Her Majesty to the former British possession of Ireland. Accompanied by league officials, she blessed the Gaelic football field which witnessed one of the many British atrocities in the Irish War for Impendence. While the IRA grumbled about the desecration of consecrated grounds by her presence, most cheered the message of peace and reconciliation.

And of course, there is South Africa which the same in the Society still call Sud Afrika where under the tutelage of Archbishop Tutu a country ravaged by nearly a century of racial civil war has settled down so that the former ANC and the former Afrikaner Nationalists ca dress in business suits, bow to Queen Elizabeth, and sit at the table of brotherly love, and handle their differences through civilized democratic processes.

I take note that the Dean disagrees most vehemently. While he does not doubt the integrity of Bishop Tutu, the Dean says that DeBeer's money, not the spiritual teachings of the venerable Archbishop keep the peace. I believe the Dean is myopic.

My next recommendation of the Democratic way may not please many US liberals; it certainly won't please any conservatives, particularly those of the religious right; it will hardly please the Dean. As I see it, after much reflection, the only peaceable solution to the mid eastern dilemma is a democratic one state solution in which all the current combatants are constrained to peacefully govern themselves through the parliamentary process. If this has resolved the conflict between the Irish and the English and between the Afrikaner and the African, why should it not be imposed there?

I cannot accept the Dean's Social Darwinistic outlook that peaceful democratic resolution by one state or two is impossible, that what we have here is inconsistent species like packs of dogs and coyotes which though they could mate and produce fertile offspring, cannot occupy the same niche in the same ecosystem. The Dean openly rues President Eisenhower's decision in 1956 not to support Britain, France and Israel at Suez in finishing off Arab nationalism and Islamism at the same time. I regard President Eisenhower's decision as one of conscience and the Dean's views as an abomination.

I take note of the Dean's snide comment that the Mentor professes a love of science and nature, except when those laws impose a harsh remedy unpleasing to the Mentor's palate.

I cannot accept that Palestine and Israel are irreconcilable species fated for conflict in their attempt to conquer the same niche. Indeed, I see much commonality in terms of something as basic as cultural, traditions, especially dietary rules.

If Afrikaner and African can meld one state out of several different social traditions, certainly the Israeli and the Palestinian are not so far apart that they cannot accomplish the same.

I reject the Deans' skepticism and I see a message of hope.

On that note I must bid you

A Most Cheery Cheerio, Cheerio

The Mentor of The Society


A Dilemma Of Ending Days

Can we regain the minds of our young
with our old fashioned rough and tumbled wisdom
---a progeny bloated with cyber knowledge?
Should we provide paternal instruction to children
already instructed and disdainful of a morality outdated?

Remember in the beginning when we made corrections
and sent them to their rooms, a place where now
they would rather be? And remember when learning
competed with roller skating, double Dutching,
tree climbing and picking up jacks?

What subject should we start with when there is quiet
and nothing else to talk about? Dare we put into words
the ending of days and the reasons, when they have
reasons and remedies of their own? Truth will be by then
what they have made of it. Will we blame ourselves
before and afterwards? We provided, for profit, the means
and implements to diminish the truth. And remember
when in the Garden we chose to be independent?


This late hour

Life gets sweet as it unravels;
one learns by trial how to live.
When the fiery passions
of youth subside, one comes
slowly and fully
to life's genuine pleasures.

I seek now to listen to the voice
of the child, and, like a Stone Age man,
to worship the sun. I've set aside
the twisted consequences of my life.

ENTENTE Cordialle

John Amendall:
The Chimera of American Independence

Post 2000 historical literature about the War of Independence makes it very clear how close winning our freedom was providing a very different picture presented in earlier accounts. Recent accounts more accurately inform us that there was considerable and vigorous opposition to war with the mother country. Royalist opposition in the Continental Congress ranged from no votes of confidence in Washington’s leadership to actively lobbying against increased taxation or continued support for the war.

Washington deserves more credit for forming and maintaining a continental army than winning any battles. He intuitively sensed that if our forces could persist as a gad fly Britain’s forces would eventually lose public support due to cost and low but unacceptable casualties. If the War of Independence was close, the forgotten War of 1812 was almost sucessfullly concluded by Britain. American armies were defeated in many places. Our Nation’s Capitol was destroyed in a burning city. We recovered some semblance of military presence with the Battle of Tippecanoe and Jackson’s more notable victory against British forces at the Battle of New Orleans.

Surprisingly our Navy fared better against the British Navy than widely recognized. We scrupulously avoided taking on dominant, more powerful British fleets selectively seeking out single British fighting vessels resulting in a number of sucessful engagements. A truce was negotiated in 1815 and eventually signed in Europe in 1816. to show how important it was to resist Britain, here are some of their treaty demands. Occupation of the northeast – basically Maine; control of the Great Lakes Region; access to the uppper Mississippi watershed; and continued practice of impressment. Finally in 1823 President Monroe declared 54 degrees and 40 minutes as the boundary line between the two countries threatening war over it. So much for independence in North america. To this day we deal with a northern neighbor with strong European ties especially with the Province of Quebec with its Gallic culture.

The U. S. was drawn into WW I. When General Pershing arrived in Europe France aggressively advocated assimilating American forces under their command. He wisely resisted prematurely putting American forces into the devastating maw of trench warfare.

America did not unilaterally win WW I. However, our participation tipped the balance in favor of Britain and France resulting in an armistice in 1918. Critics of America’s participation faulted our late arrival. While recognizing the terrible and horrific carnage of Britain’s and France’s armed forces, our casulaties were barely acknowledged. Presumably if more American forces died, we would’ve satisfied their sense of sacrifice. According to them we were only junior members of the team. So how independent of European (Britain, France) influence were we?

Following the war (WW I) to end all wars as Germany moved west France finally came to attention as did Britain. both countries had suffered terribly in WW I but their political leaders had placed them in harms way with a variety of treaties. After the fall of France and Britain’s evacuation at Dunkirk, Churchill actively lobbied for America’s intervention in still another European war. Hitler didn’t want the U. S. to enter the war but its alliance with Japan forced his hand. After Pearl Harbor Germany was obliged to declare war on the U. S. and we responded accordingly. Churchill believed that Britain would not survive without U. S. aid including troops on the ground. Still many of Britain’s war leaders tolerated Eisenhower out of necessity rather than respect for his leadership. His great unappreciated talent resided in his ability to bring together such disparate personalities from Europe and the U. S. working towards a common goal. Keeping Roosevelt, Marshall, Patton, Churchill, Montgomery and de Gaulle in line was a major contribution.

During the Falklands War America once again supported Britain with supllies and services at Ascension Island. Britain was the only other nation to make a significant contribution to the Iraqi War and its participation measurably improved the chances of that war effort. The thrust of this piece briefly reviewed the historical relationship between the U. S. and Britain. the latter was clearly the foe in 1776 and 1812.

In contrast during WW I and II America assumed the role of a valuable ally. This continued on a much smaller scale in the Falklands with Britain assuming a similar role with its help in the Iraqi War. With a common language a high level of interaction is possible and will continue to occur reflecting considerable interdependency. the independence that the U. S. sought so vigorously from Britain has evolved to one of co-dependency at least in military issues. While the focus of this piece has been the complex relationship between Britain and the U. S., America’s international diplomacy has negotiated military alliances. NATO and SEATO come to mind. Hopefully these alliances and interdependencies will not mirror the results of those framed before WW II. Sic transit independence.
4 Don Maurer walldv@genevaonline.com
Dr. Charles Frederickson:

On other side of stonewall
Chipped mortar poison sumac cracks
Envisioning what it must be
like to live without within

Never passive always active empathy
Passionately longing to tip imbalance
Curious about life beyond barricades
Barbed willpower bare survival existence

Barred entry mindsets slammed shut
Yearning to believe in something
Which reshapes prolonged struggle’s purpose

Besides pain suffering despair loss
Crusty loafs vinegary wine miracles
Leavened dough refuses to rise
Lonesome doves spoon-fed leftover crumbs
Scavenger pigeons grounded wingtips clipped

Shriveled sour grapes sun-dried sultanas
Bittersweet revenge scapegoat milk homogenized
Besieged soil stubble olive pits
Muddy hut roof caved in

Blessed depressed nothing to celebrate
Birthday candle wishes snuffed out
Pesky ointment flies hovering swat
Bottleneck terrorist label coming unglued

~ No Holds Bard Dr. Charles Frederickson
William Wright Harris:

the miles
of separation
your petals
are not as tragic as
the stem that
bore them
into this world
destined to be torn
to pieces and scattered in
the breath of autumn

Geoff Jackson:

Poetry 2011-07-10

1. Sunset

A broken arrow
An unstrung bow The warriors are starving, they say
The village at Wounded Knee is dying

2. Blood beat

Blood beats in my ears
Like a drum
War planes fade in the distance
The reverberations of bombs
For God and motherland

3. Falling

Bravery is a frame
Of mind
To step onto water
And sink into death
The world of the soul

4. For country

To die
But one death
Without fear
To sacrifice all
For love of country

5. Like the Greeks Chose

To choose long life
Or short life with honor
To live on
On men’s lips
With the flag
Fluttering one’s memory
On the breeze

6. To Reach as far as Heaven

The sirens sing
Of war
Limitless calling from earth
To sky
One brave leap
Across the divide
And heaven opens up

Dr Charles Fredrickson:

Life is beautiful - enjoy it while you can. You have only one opportunity to get things right, so make the best of it. Smile more, laugh more, don't take yourself too seriously... nobody else does. A positive energy attitude and can do, will do mindset ensure that the best is yet to come.

{<^>} No Holds Bard
Raud Kennedy:

In bed, prolonging the moments
before pushing back the covers.
The voice on NPR, a reporter in Afghanistan,
refers to the spring fighting season
as if he’s announcing the opening
of ski season at Mt. Hood Meadows.

I brush my teeth, minty fresh, extra whitener.
Death tolls from suicide bombings.
Toweling off after showering, it’s total US casualties,
a number that could be the population figure
of a small city. A city of dead young men and women.

The refreshing lather lifts my beard
as my triple bladed razor shaves my face kissable smooth.
Tell me again why we are there while I am here.

Charles Fredrickson:

What might have been won't;
Whatever will still can be!
{<^>} No Holds Bard


Gentle breezes blend harsh voices
Imperfect harmony rhythmic melodic gusts
Tuning fork prongs fix pitch
Restless abrupt blown chances rush

Most beautiful specimens pluckily chosen
Dissonant silent language protests unheard
Severed pride stuck in limbo
Hollow spine vowing cutthroat revenge

Stemming desire turned outside-in
Vainglory soaking up painful pleasure
Windswept switchblade weeds spreading rumors
Thorny crown gossip brow-beaten soil

Honeybees crave passionate sunbeam fixes
Stamens rubbernecking pistils wondrous pollen
Anther secretion filaments stuck together
Unquenchable lusty thirst potent essence

Tangled hybrid roots transplant origins
Colorful petals wild streak tamed
Shriveled veins leafy crinkle blood-let
Stale breathless wither last gasps

Giant jigsaw enigmatic misfit puzzlement
Eternal still-life missing pieces replaced
Nameless crossbreed bouquet identity struggle
Reverting to buds burst seedpods

No Holds Bard Dr. Charles Frederickson

Kufre Udeme:
Oh Rain

Oh rain
Rain rain rain
Bring life to this grain
That our long toiling pain
Will never be in vain
But bring the expected gain.

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