St Pat`s Edition

Rockaway Park NY, March 17 2011 in the 40th year of the Society
Fullosia Press - St Pat's Day


Awesome David Lawrence: SIRHAN SIRHAN Geoff Jackson: Cogadh na Saoirse Bob Djurdjevic: Preamble to St. Patrick's Day Adventure David Sowards: Treated Like Royalty poetry of Dr. Charles Frederickson Geoff Jackson

Emerald Isle

Geoff Jackson Ireland Today poetry Geoff Jackson Michael Burch Danny O'Brien Charles Fredricksen
Around The Isles

Geoff Jackson: The Easter Rising of 1916, The World of The Keltoi, The Minstral Boy Dr James Davies: March Mentorial: Sic Simper Gloria Munde! poetry Michael Burch Charles Fredrickson Danny O'Brien, Dr Kelly Jean White Matther Rodgers Geoff Jackson Matthew Rodgers QUOTE OF THE DAY Michael Levy

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