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"I`ll take no bull from your house." ~ Deut.
AGE of cyber-espionAGE outrAGE

In our almost totally interconnected www.com, Washington, DCeit has unlocked Pandora`s tightly sealed safety deposit box in the in-denial extrajudicial accusations against both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Their purported crimes were challenging the hegemony of Uncle Sammy by exposing the operation of the world`s most powerful state-sponsored cyber-espionage in a demoncrazy system that prides itself on prizing individual freedoms. Would you prefer not to know that your government is infringing on your constitutional right to privacy and free expression?

The humiliating abuse of power of abuse has enabled unprecedented top secret surveillance that includes monitoring domestic phone records and examining personal electronic data. The passive U.S. citizenry should be actively hot and bothered by unfair and unconscionable invasive, discriminatory practices and policies implemented under a president who hypocritically vowed transparency and openness. What lessons are we teaching our kids?

What is needed now is for a more equitable and straightforward global balance, based on true facts rather than manipulated fiction, between protecting uncivil wrongs and ensuring valid national security protections. “We the people” citizens must become involved in reviewing the moral and ethical dimensions of technological advances that credibly serve the public interest, restoring confidence in a dysfunctional nation that has lost the moral high ground of its own people and once trusted partners. Brave whistle-blowers have forced us to reflect seriously about wire-tapping, along with the in-development future of the presently unruly cyber-world. Our mutual goal must be sustainable cyber-peace with transparency and reform.

No Holds Bard Dr. Charles Frederickson Bangkok

Ray Gallucci:

Nothing Civil
About the War.
It was filled with
Such blood and gore.

South sought freedom
(Or so they said),
But kept bleeding
Till most were dead.

North claimed slavery
Their noble cause,
Too unsavory ?
Against God?s laws.

No one triumphs
When both sides lose.
Brave men die
Under Greys and Blues.

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07 May 2013
Christopher Twarowski
Long Island Press
575 Underhill Blvd. Ste. 210
Syosset, NY 11791

RE: Rashed Mian, Muslim Americans: Behind the Veil of a Religion Under Attack Long Island Press April 27, 2013 p 20

Dear Christopher Twarowski:

The Gentlemen of the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society bid you greetings. Recently, the Society was discussing the Islamists in America. One of our number raised the timely article about Mouslems in America which appeared on page 20 in your paper of April 27, 2013 (May 2013 edition).

A US White Liberal stands on two pillars: (a) feeling good about oneself and (b) feeling morally superior. Indeed, following publication of this article you and every other White Liberal have every reason to share in the afterglow of the comforting reassurance of complete self-congratulatory self-satisfaction. Since White Liberals have no individuality or capacity to think on your own, this warm feeling should be shared by all other White Liberals in the spirit of the CNN reporter who wept when she found out that the author of the misfortune in Boston was not a white man. Our own White Liberal in residence Dr James Davies prayed for a culprit of the Caucasian race.

It is most regrettable that the most timely article did not appear before the regrettable incident in Boston so that those unfortunate enough to have been in the path of destruction could not have as their limbs sailed down a street awash in blood have uttered as their last testament: "Islam is indeed a religion of peace." Or is that piece? Of course White Liberals may be exceedingly pleased to propose that the dancer who saw her legs blown away be given a spot on Dancing With The Stars. Whether that will really happen does not matter. It`s the thought and the warm afterglow of good feeling from it that really counts. It seems you White Liberals indeed have not done enough for Islam. You only put the culprits in Dartmouth at state expense of course. Maybe you should have put them in Harvard.

Very truly yours,

Jake Acies


Buddhists Christians Hindus Jews Muslims
Believe in compassionate multiversity values
Humility kindness dignity mutual respect
Civilized compromises agreeing to disagree

Same-same yet somehow different
Seen through refocused laser gaze
Cherish our commonalities honor discrepancies
Superiority complexes falling through cracks

Religions teach empathy not enmity
Universal red blood donor brotherhood
Imperfect beings inhabiting peaceful planet
Sacred principles uncovered deep within

Education learning life-altering lessons
One`s enemy the best teacher
Common sense accepting forgiveness as
Rare as quality of mercy

True lie lovers worshipping freedoms
Telescopic visionaries modifying radical approaches
Irrespective of perverse background perspectives
Matter-of-fact conscience conviction not convenience

Acknowledging disowned zero level tolerance
Bent on hateful fear violence
Distorted mirror image shattered stereotypes
Up-tight bigoted assholes prejudicing mindsets


© 2013 CHARLES FREDERICKSON. All Rights Reserved



Rashed Mian is a liar. The title of his piece in the Long Island Press is misleading—“Muslim Americans—Behind the Veil of a Religion under Attack.”

Who is Rashed kidding? The Muslim religion is not under attack. It is constantly attacking other religions and people throughout the world every day. If occasionally we get a little revenge, he can`t possibly say that it is the Muslims who are under attack.

He goes on to say that Islam is “founded upon the universal principles of peace and love.” Right. The religion is known for its honor killings, stoning adulterers, mistreating women, killing apostates and gays. If that`s love and peace, give me hate.

And the Koran is not a book of peace but violence and hatred. Mohammed himself was a pedophile who married a prepubescent girl.

Mian points out that Talat Hamdani lost her son on 9-11-2001 as if that exonerates the Muslims from guilt. It further compounds their guilt by showing they are so kill-hungry that they don`t mind killing their own.

Mian goes on to say that “Islam is a religion founded on the fundamental principles at the core of all major religions: mutual respect.” I suppose not allowing women to be educated or drive in Saudi Arabia are signs of respect. I suppose hiding women behind black robes shows pride in their appearance rather than sexual paranoia.

Mian is further hurting the Muslim religion by pointing out their innocence when their guilt is manifest. He should teach the Muslims to be ashamed of themselves and to improve their behavior. Encouraging their anger for their imagined treatment by Americans will just encourage them to commit more violence.

The Muslim religion is the worst, most violent, dishonest religion in history. It should either be reformed or abolished. Its adherents should leave it for a less violent religion and stop preaching jihad instead of love.

© 2013 Awesome David Lawrence. All Rights Reserved

Michael R. Burch:


Her predatory eye,
the single feral iris,

Her raptor beak,
all jagged sharp-edged thrust,

Her hard talon,
clenched in pinched expectation,

Her clipped wings,
preened against reality,


What is a mountain, but stone?
Or a spire, but a trinket of steel?

Johnny Cash is gone,
black from his hair to his bootheels.
Can a man out-endure mountains’ stone
if his songs lift us closer to heaven?
Can the steel in his voice vibrate on
till his words are our manna and leaven?

Sing, all you mountains of stone,
with the rasp of his voice, and the gravel.
Let the twang of thumbed steel lead us home
through these weary dark ways all men travel.
For what is a mountain, but stone?
Or a spire, but a trinket of steel?

Johnny Cash lives on—
black from his hair to his bootheels.

Geoff Jackson:
dedicated to Max Babi

As the redcoats were picked off one by one, so conspicuous through the trees due to their red plumage (those German mercenaries), so a new theatre of war was opening up. The canons of the War of Independence were ringing out over the tiny settlement of New York (really only a small settlement at the heart of modern day Chinatown (Manhattan) but with other small hamlets thrown in around Long Island, for instance), forcing George Washington`s retreat into the depths of the then-time densely wooded Pennsylvania.

The colonists had learned their lesson. They were as yet no match for the British in pitched battle, where warships and Army manoeuvres could easily be brought to bear to defeat them.

Long years of attrition followed and Washington – Artful Dodger that he was – was forced to look on while his meagre force melted away due to hunger and downright starvation. Finally, the guerrilla war finished and the decisive moment arrived.

Feinting north toward New York as if to re-take it, George Washington marched his entire enemy down to Chesapeake Bay, rolling the dice in one terrible gamble for the whole of the then-time USA, the whole of the East Coast region. Bottled up by the French fleet at the mouth of the bay (they had left their allies, the Spanish in charge of the much more valuable Sugar Islands of the West Indies), Washington struck. And he won. It was the decisive battle of the war. The last one. Cornwallis surrendered. Although there were to be other minor skirmishes, the West (US) was won. George lll would finally concede defeat.

Meanwhile, over in India , the War was faring much better for the English. Actually an extension of the European theatre of War – the first truly global World War – British arms were going from strength to strength.

Gerald Bosacker:


In the middle of a field of high yield corns,
stands a solitary oak. Morose, it mourns
its siblings harvested for oak barn beams,
while it alone survives. The lone oak dreams
of a grove of descendants, shedding seed,
sterile where chemically tilled of weed-
killers making the fertile former wood land
uniquely corn. Does this lone survivor stand
as victor, or only as a token of the past?
For one century this spreading oak cast
cooling shade for explorers, and pioneers.
Now, in it’s heartwood, fresh new rot appears,
hollowing the trunk that dared not bend
to winds that propose a great tree’s end.

Dr. Charles Frederickson:

The United States has for many decades offered political asylum to refugees who suffer severe penalties for criticizing their government, so why the contradictory double standards regarding Edward Snowden, a stateless soul trapped in terminal limbo? The Gimme Shelter asylum seeker reminds us of perverse mass media coverage of Watergate, Iran-Contra and Iraq WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) false accusations. I personally admire courageous whistleblowers such as Daniel Ellsberg, John Dean, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange who I`d label Conscientious Objectors. Likewise, Edward Snowden is facing an overly aggressive barrage of fear, jeer and smear tactics, shifting focus away from the government`s own wrong-doing, untruths and outright lies. Their purported crimes were challenging the hegemony of Uncle Sam by exposing the operation of the world`s most powerful state-sponsored cyber-espionage in a demoncrazy system that supposedly prizes individual freedoms. Would you prefer not to know that your government is infringing on your constitutional right to privacy and self-expression?

Edward Snowden reportedly stepped forward because he realized the U.S. government is engaged in invasions of Americans` privacy on a vast and unprecedented scale. The NSA is contravening the 4th Amendment guarantees against unreasonable searches and seizure as well as safe-guarded Constitutional Freedoms. The abuse of power of abuse has allowed for top secret surveillance that includes monitoring domestic phone records and examining personal electronic data. “We the people” citizens, in a dysfunctional, divisive nation that has largely lost the moral high ground, must become emotionally disturbed, hot and bothered by unfair, unconscionable practices and policies implemented under a president who hypocritically vowed transparency and openness. What lessons are we teaching our kids?

What is necessary now is a more equitable and honest balance between protecting uncivil wrongs and ensuring national security protections, leaving such unanswered question as the relative importance of corporate profit power versus personal data privacy conflicts. Decisions should be based on documented fact rather than manipulated gossip innuendo, in terms of the ethical and moral dimensions related to Information technology advances. Brave whistleblowers have forced us to reflect seriously about crackerjack hackers, illegal wiretapping, Facebook credit card swindles along with the global future of the presently unruly cyber-world. Did the leaks serve or harm public interests and natural justice? Only time will tell.

No Holds Bard Dr. Charles Frederickson Bangkok, Thailand

R.M. Larson:
Cloak and Dagger

The Story of a Conscience

The first lieutenant brought the spy to Captain Martin`s tent.
Martin recognized the spy; his name was Jeremy Kent.
He was once placed in weary, private Martin`s custody,
And when Martin fell asleep, Kent didn`t try to flee.

Sleeping on duty was considered a traitorous crime.
And this event remained constantly on the captain`s mind.
Later, shrewd Jeremy Kent managed to escape somehow.
Now Captain Martin`s guilty conscience was taking a bow.

He told the first lieutenant: "Go to Captain Joseph Graham.
Tell him I`m asking him to take over my command,
And I`m ordering this spy to be shot in the morning."
Soon the Martin and Kent families were in mourning.

Parker Adderson, Philosopher

"Prisoner, what is your name?" asked the general curtly.
"As I am to lose it tomorrow, I`ll not conceal it.
Parker Adderson," replied the spy with feigned dignity.
"Wit now," said the general, "is hardly appropriate."

"If you wait until daybreak, I`ll be as dull as can be,"
Replied Parker Adderson, with a wink of an eye.
After writing a note and handing it to a sentry,
The leader said: "Do you know what I`ve written, Mister Spy?"

"I`m vain enough to think it`s about me," said Adderson.
"Yes," replied the general; it seems you don`t fear death.
Nevertheless, would you like to see an army chaplain?"
The spy: "I`ll have my rest, and he needs his, so save your breath."

The general: "Your eternal rest begins in five minutes."
Adderson screams: " No! Not now! I must be shot a sunrise."
As the general smiled, the shocked spy threw an unholy fit.
Then Parker Adderson, philosopher, cried and died.

© 2013 R.M. Larson: All Rights Reserved

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27 March 2013
John Hillkirk
Editor USA Today
7950 Jones Branch Drive
Tysons Corner, Virginia, 22108


Dear John Hillkirk:

The Gentlemen of the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society bid you greetings.

Recently, the Society was discussing the War in Irak. One of our number raised the point and counterpoint on the war which appeared on page 6 of your newspaper on March 19, 2013.

On one side we saw a typical US attitude: Oh well it didn`t work out like we thought. That opinion cites a statistic of 4,488 casualties in the war. Interestingly enough, the last time US official statistics were released in 2006, the toll stood at 4630. We are pleased to note that there had been no casualties after 2006 and almost 200 resurrections, all without a return visit from Jesus Christ!

On the other side of the page we see the view of a Bush regime fanatic.

The war in Irak may reveal many things, most critically missed was the political skill of the un-elected President Bush. Throughout, he forged an improbable coalition between the rational neo-cons and the ethereal BACs (Born Again Christians). He led the former from their blind side and the latter from their loony side. The latter fully expected to be raptured out into the clouds as Jesus Christ returned with the Army of Righteousness to finish off the Irakis.

In between the two extremes were what I call the US people. A war is sacrifice, but not the war in Irak for this milquetoast lot. The US public was plied with easy credit and liberal bankruptcy. No one was expected to sign up and go over-yonder and no one did. The US public, notice I did not call them Americans, went on a credit funded spending spree. At the front, The Bush kept an Army together by using sailors as sandbox soldiers and recycling those in service on 9-10-01 until their brains turned to mush and they simply stopped showing up. The National Guard proved unreliable. It mutinied. Of course, they were only imitating their leader who had deserted the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, but he did look cute whenever he dolled himself up in a triple X sized Air Force outfit to declare victory in Irak.. And of course not a breath of bad words appeared in the papers about the war. Indeed, the US was denying casualties and President Bush regularly claimed victory, a pity the Irakis didn`t listen to him as they fought off a superior force with homemade bombs. The NY Times did acknowledge that many of its writers were on CIA`s pad. And their service was evident as the Times continued to deny war crimes that the Pentagon had already admitted having occurred. As the Irakis continued to repulse US troops despite the declaration of victories, the papers claimed that as soon as we restored soap operas to the women of Irak, the resistance would subside.

Bush Regime extremist Richard Pearl says in the course of offing a brutal dictator , the US made necessary risks. Of course no neo-con took any risks as they reached with sweaty palms for a share of Halliburton gold. Why remove an Iraki dictator in revenge for the devastating attacks on 9-11 when the likely culprit for the 9-11 attacks was Saudi Arabia and neither Irak nor Afghanistan? The reason is Bush family interests in Saudi Arabia.

The principal outcome of the supposed war on terror was not a spread of democracy to Irak but its disappearance here. The regime and the Obama administration increased surveillance of the American people so that unwanted Mouslem immigrants wouldn`t be singled out. In other words in the name of full equality between Americans and un- assimilitable foreigners, all civil rights vanished.

While the US public could continue to use refinancing of the house as their ATM, no one particularly cared. As soon as the credit bubble burst in 2007, boy did you hear the screams. However the solution was to bail out the incompetent bankers who stoked six years of overindulgence. The Bush leaving office left a farewell speech in which he asked the US public not to hate him so much.

In the end, US troops finally departed Irak not with fanfare and parades but they slithered away under cover of darkness, a testament to a decade of failure.

Very truly yours,

Jake Acies

Ray Gallucci:

When managers get defrocked,
It`s us who are overstocked
With those who no more can do
What once educated to.

For after they`ve smoked the leaves
No longer can they retrieve
What skills maybe once possessed
To function among the rest.

But still, like a dinosaur
They stomp around as before
Just getting into our way
While we earn their overpay.

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27 March 2013
Hugo Lingren
Editor The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

RE: The Historic President, The Due Process Hit List and The Right to Counsel

Dear Hugo Lingren:

The Gentlemen of the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society bid you greetings.

Recently, the Society was discussing THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT`s due process hit list. This matter came up during the confirmation of Mr John O. Brennan, a rather frumpy looking Irish democrat as head of CIA. You may recall Senator Rand Paul used that nomination to challenge THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT`s due process hit list.

Contrary to Senator Paul, The Society observed that THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT had improved the efficiency of government by eliminating the need to expend money on arrests, formal charges, attorneys, proofs, evidence, and cumbersome judicial proceedings. THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT and his all-wise Attorney General Eric Holder have streamlined the process and have adopted the mob hit list method with of course some adaptation of due process considerations. THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT may have eliminated the need for the entire pettifogging legal profession. Since THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT is now a law unto himself, the entire country has devolved into a state of non-law.

Therefore we are surprised when we read you liberals weap that the poor and downtrodden are not getting counsel sufficient to meet the demands of Gideon v Wainright. Said the August Times, the oracle of the haute monde of liberalism in Lincoln Caplan`s GIDEON BADLY BATTERED AT FIFTY on March 9 2013:

The holding in Gideon v. Wainwright enlarged the Constitution`s safeguards of liberty and equality, finding the right to counsel "fundamental." The goal was "fair trials before impartial tribunals in which every defendant stands equal before the law." Even the best-run state programs lack enough money to provide competent lawyers for all indigent defendants who need them *** Contempt for poor defendants is too often the norm*** The powerlessness of poor defendants is *** evident under harsh sentencing schemes **** [C]apital cases are routinely handled by poorly paid, inexperienced lawyers*** [R]arely are inmates *** granted a new trial because of incompetent counsel.

In your defence, we note that the all-wise Attorney General who coined the term "due process hit list" had also in 2009 publically offered his tears for the adequacy of counsel that the poor and downtrodden receive.

In a state of non-law where THE HISTORIC PRESIDENT is a law unto himself there simply is no need for lawyers at all.

We depart from many of the snide comments many offered on Mr Brennan`s taking the oath of office on a copy of the US Constitution in George Washington`s handwriting. We on the other hand observed that the document must have crumbled into dust by his very touch.

Very truly yours,

Jake Acies

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19 July 2013
Dr. Robert Doyle
Professor of History
Franciscan University
1235 University Blvd.
Steubenville, OH 43952

RE: The Prisoner`s Duty

Dear Dr. Robert Doyle:

The Gentlemen of the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society bid you greetings. Recently, the Society discussed your pioneering work A Prisoner`s Duty, a book which the Society read with great interest.

Although your official biography states service in the US Navy with two tours in Vietnam no less, our membership was struck that the structure of the language used did not betray a military background. Perhaps this can be written off to the blue pencil of editors or the assistance of Graduate Assistants in the composition of the book.

In many respects the centerpiece of your narrative comes in the War of 1812 with the prisoner`s parade with a homemade flag bearing the legend COLUMBIA WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. And indeed, the US certainly has.

Nonetheless, your work opens at Annuit cœptis, the Revolution and the ordeal of Dr John Knight (in many accounts his name is rendered McKight) the Continental Army surgeon who escaped after being taken by the hostiles at Blue Licks.

In fiction, James Fennimore Cooper talking of the previous war describes the surrender of Ft Ann as an islet of European civility in a dense, darkened forest of savagery.

In the Revolutionary War, you do mention POW escapes in Britain and Ireland but there were also escapes from the prison ships in Wallabout Bay, some from work parties sent to Long Island, but also a remarkable story of a man who washed up naked ashore on Long Island frightening a passing civilian female.

Your information on the assistance given escaping Americans by dissenting preachers in the British home islands is interesting. The educated British who are willing to talk of such things believe that the dissenting preachers were the main force behind The Revolution.

Interestingly enough according to Hezekiah Niles` compiled Chronicles of the American Revolution , the German brute himself did aid one escapee who ended up working in the Royal gardens.

The war with the Barbary pirates, which still seems to recur these days was what we in the Army call a CLUSTER $ % ^ &, that did achieve a measure of success.

Moving onto the War of 1812, in fiction Kenneth Roberts claimed that American POWS who knew French or enough French phrases to get past English guards were "repatriated" to France after Napoleon`s first abdication. Is there any historical basis for that supposition?

Then we come to the Texas Rebellion, which I suspect was fomented by President Andrew Jackson who possibly banished two former friends who had worn his patience thin (what little Jackson had) to Texas to touch off the Rebellion. The vignette where a wounded Sam Houston leaning against a tree overrules his officers and frees Santa Ana with the remark, "you [or y`all] what vengeance; I want Texas!" expresses the historical view of the US ARMY on POWs: encourage the enemy to quit of their own accord.

The Civil War brought Andersonville and the Swiss adventurer Henry Wirz. The Johnny-Rebs these days have taken to crying about Wirtz` execution but the report to President Andrew Johnson of Wirz` hanging describes watching the hanging as a pleasurable experience.

Regrettably, the High Command`s decision to execute some of the prisoners who participated in the Great Escape of World War II, contrary to the view of the luft-stalag`s German commandant, was a lawful one. An enemy combatant taken behind the lines out of uniform is deemed a spy and subject to execution as such. Just ask Major John Andre from the Revolution.

Your book does not mention the execution at Ft Leavenworth by US authorities of U-boaters who at Ft Hood Texas killed an American citizen forced to serve in the German Army. This decision, indorced by two Presidents, was also protested by some in our Armed Forces. The Chaplain who officiated at the execution refused to wear his uniform and wore clerical garb instead. The ghost of the American who was killed by the U-boaters still haunted the old stockade at Ft Hood as late as 1980.

There is a tendency for White Liberal US people to cry about the treatment of the hostiles and the savage by American forces while the White Liberals forget about US excesses they promoted in a holy liberal cause. I speak of Abu Grave, left out of the book, which was preceded by a most scholarly treatise by Alan Dershowitz on the virtues of torture and the equally erudite memoranda of law authored by US assistant Attorneys General, recommending specific tortures and even requesting to be present and the E-mails from the White House commanding all that was done. Do you really suppose that a female Sp4 dreamt this all up on her own? Please don`t ask me to join such a delusion.

The incident shows a serious character deficiency in White Liberals as a species and deserves more attention and supports the view that White Liberalism is a curious mélange of pretty words laced with utter hypocrisy. And today we have an Attorney General touting the glories of a Due Process Hit List.

When the Boston marathon was visited and White Liberals were in consternation, crying where did this come from?, a reformed White Liberal who has developed an ounce of sense replied, just look where you`re dropping the bombs.

The Vietnam rescue missions were according to most sources betrayed by the Walker Spy family. Perhaps they had assistance high up in the chain of command.

The Code of Conduct which emerged from Vietnam would have found an advocate in Major Andre, though our own General Ethan Allen in captivity recommended a different course of action to fellow prisoners: gain the enemy`s confidence, even enlist in his armed force and wait for the opportunity to ex-filtrate to American lines. I have always regarded the Code of Conduct as a starchy remnant of 18th or 19th century mores unsuitable to the war on men`s minds the Communists fought with the US.

The low intensity conflicts have produced as you say hostage taking that the US is unprepared to deal with. Indeed, activism by families of the hostages has produced an even greater blow to US prestige. Likely, the Rx for hostage taking is the type of "punishment party" once dealt to a different group of savages in a former day. This might cause White Liberals to lose their lunch but on the balance they have engaged in plenty of naughtiness on the own

Most respectfully yours,


Jake Acies

J.R. Graham:

Carry – this weight – with heads high. We must stand tall; unmask countenance. If the
Heavens rain floods that fill valleys between us, may it never wash
Away our courage. If ever we tread below our fears; may the horizon burn a scarlet
Night that shall not misguide us. Forever knowing it shall paint a brushstroke of
Glimmer on the surface of the sea of
Evil. This light will drift us ashore. When gales wisp in pallor, our thirst for bearing will be
Sated only by the solid ground beneath us; together we will share this ground.

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